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Child: From Clawson, Michigan, you're watching the show with Ze Frank! Ze Frank! Ze Frank! (giggles) Daddy, that's not how ladies talk. WITH ZE FRANK.   Ze Frank: Overlander writes, "...aren't you getting bored with not leaving your house?" I remember getting bored a lot when I was younger, and I remember how focused it made me on detail, counting all the little dots on the ceiling or the individual hairs on the carpet. I miss that about boredom, but boredom is something you kind of let happen to you. It's sort of a helplessness that you manufacture for yourself. When I'm forced to sit through something that I don't find interesting, I think about something else, and I still zone out a lot, but when I do, I don't feel anxious, and when I feel like doing something, I do it. So the answer is no, I'm fine just being here with magic cubby, but it sounds like you're getting restless. Maybe we should go on a field trip.   This weekend I went to an event called Foo Camp. It's basically an event where all sorts of interesting people get together and show each other how not to be bored. For example, these guys built a replica velodrome. I was too scared to ride it, which I kind of regret, but I'm choosing not to beat myself up about it.   Then, a woman named Jennifer Jacobs showed me a program she wrote where you can use code to design paper lamps. This is the code I played with, and this is the pattern it made. Then she cut it out on a laser printer and gave me the shapes. I put them all together and made a lamp. Here's what it looks like. Pretty cool, right?   My friend Elan brought a bunch of inexpensive RC helicopters along, and he attached a short string to the bottom of them. We all flew them around trying to lower our strings into other peoples' helicopter blades.   Someone: What happened?   Ze: Sort of like that video game, Joust.   Then at night, somebody blew up a giant weird balloon which jiggled a lot. But my favorite way not to be bored is getting silly with a friend, because getting silly is focusing on what's around you and what's present and surprising each other in little ways. And since this is a field trip, I'm just gonna show you the two of us getting silly.   Hank Green: Say hi, Ze.   Ze: What's up? Hi, Ze.   Hank: Yeah, you're hilarious.   Someone: You are sitting in a vehicle that I built called The Unnamed Amphibious.   Hank: It's got a name. But not really.   Someone: It is a kinetic bike with six foot spoked wheels that I built, and I raced it in an event in the Petaluma River.   Ze: Okay, so--   Hank: Yeah?   Ze: --the handle doesn't do anything. Alright.   Hank: (Laughs)   Ze: Are you kidding me?   Hank: I kinda wanted you to roll over me.   Ze: You can, right? You can go underneath.   Hank: I could totally. You're good. Action.   Ze: We're gonna go really slow.   Hank: You can go faster, dude. Ohhh sheeeee-- I have a rocket ship.   Ze: What are you going to do with it?   Hank: I don't know. What does it look like it's for? Taking people to Mars? Metaphorically?   Ze: (laughs) Is that what you--what you--when you talk about sex, that's what you say? You say I'm going to take you to Mars?    Hank: I mean, it's whatever the ladies respond to, and they seem to respond to Mars.   Ze: Is that right?   Hank: Yeah. I mean. It's just the kind of girl I ended up with. Don't put that in the video.   Ze: What if you look straight down, what--what--what can you see? If you really, like, commit to it. If you really commit to it.
  Hank: There's a bunch of twigs and stuff.   Ze: Oh, really?   Hank: It smells good.   Ze: What would you call what you're doing right now?   Hank: Um, I don't know, am I humping? You gotta--how do you get out? Can you give me a hand?   Ze: No, I can't, I'm filming.   Hank: I'm not improv.   Ze: So take a second.   Hank: I'm not even close to improv.   Ze: Alright. Tell me, tell me one thing that, the one like, idea or concept, that has interested you in the last like, 24 hours.   Hank: Double sided Velcro. Double sized Velcro.   Ze: But that's existed for forever.   Hank: No, no, it's Velcro, it's both sticky and hooky. It's both fuzzy and hooky.   Ze: Oh, so you can use the same side.   Hank: It's both. Yeah.   Ze: It's not double sided, it's like, double purpose.   Hank: It's like, yeah, I don't know, I don't know what to call it, but I--it changed my life.   Ze: When you, when you describe what this is, can you start with the word 'interestingly'?   Hank: Or I could like, be urinating in it from behind, and be like, interestingly... But if you're in the front, then you can see my penis.   Ze: Well, are you gonna actually show me your penis?   Hank: No, but you could, if I was actually peeing in it.   Ze: Oh, you wanna pretend that you're peeing.   Hank: Yes, I wanna be like--   Ze: Just show--can you do a quick tutorial on pretending you're peeing?   Hank: I was doing--you gotta do it this way.   Ze: That's a--you might wanna put your back towards me, because it's pretty obvious that you're not peeing.   Hank: Well, that's why I thought you should be--but you can't see otherwise.   Ze: I see. So the tutorial begins now. Go ahead. Your tutorial--this is the tutorial of how to pretend you're peeing.   Hank: Can you play like an audio of peeing?   Ze: This is--yes. Pshhhhhh. A tutorial on how to pretend to pee by Hank Green.   Hank: Interestingly, I should not be peeing in this.   Ze: What? That's a tutorial?   Hank: I don't know what we're doing!   Ze: No, I said this is a tutorial. Give me a tutorial. On pretend peeing.   Hank: Oh, you know, you just keep your back, and you like, have your hands sort of like where they would be holding your johnson.

Ze: Do you do anything besides that, is there any like--   Hank: --wiggle a little.   Ze: You wiggle it? That's--(laughs)   Hank: Gotta squeeze the prostate.   Ze: Here's the deal. I want you to create a sculpture using only this object.   (Hank takes a squeeze of soap, slaps it on top of a paper towel dispense, and slaps a piece of paper towel on the bit of soap. The paper towel blows away.)   Very ephemeral, it, like, just lasted for a moment. It was very, should we like slo-mo and reverse that?   (Slo-mo'd and reverse'd that)   Hank: Sorry I got that stuff all over you.   Ze: That's what sh--   Hank: Yep.   Ze: Happy field trip, and ps, we've gotten about five hundred finishing stamps so far, and we need a thousand before we get sorted into gabbles.   Child: Bye, bye, it's the bye-bye song. Bye, bye, it's the bye-bye song.   (Endscreen)