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In which we review some early responses to The Art Assignment Episode 1: Meet in the Middle:

Thanks to all of you who have posted responses! These are not ALL of the responses, and we encourage you to continue meeting in the middle and posting your responses with #theartassignment. There are many more great ones than are excerpted here, and we encourage you to follow us on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram to continue seeing interesting responses.

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Sarah: Hi, I‘m Sarah Urist Green.

John: And I’m John Green. No Art Assignment this week, instead we are going to share with you our favorite responses to the first art assignment ‘Meet in the Middle’.

Sarah: We have been absolutely overwhelmed by your responses. They’re really fantastic, keep them coming.

John: Yeah, thank you so much. There is no deadline for this stuff by the way so keep meeting in the middle, keep stake outing, keep doing that stuff.

Sarah: Or staking out.

John: Or staking out. That is correct.

Sarah: Yeah. Another thing we want you to keep in mind is please don’t break the law.

John: Yeah, and use your best judgment just in general. High five for judgment. Alright, so here’s some of our favorite Art Assignments.

Sarah: Oh, and we have an Instagram.

John: Right, follow us, link below.

(Mash up of videos)

Ally: So my name’s Ally Lucas and this is my best friend Andi Cherry and she is my other half and today we are doing the Art Assignment ‘Meet in the Middle’. There’s her house, there’s my house, here’s the middle.

Chellie: Today we’re endeavouring on an art project.

Chris: Sally, hold on. I’ve got a call.

John: Are we gonna do this meet in the middle thing?

Curtis: Hello people. Today it is the 28th of February.

Dan: Hi. It is currently eight o’clock.

Sumayya: Hi, I’m Sumayya.

Doris: Hi, I’m Doris.

Albus’ Owner: Hey Albus.

Lily: Aye.

Meg: Hi.

(Clips showing people finding the middle)


whimsicalnerd: Alright, vlogging on the street. It’s been a while.

Lauren: Today I’m going on a bit of an adventure.

Caitlin: I wanted to do the Art Assignment ‘Meet in the Middle’.

Curtis: It’s really hot today.

Ryan: It’s wet and, uh, really cold.

Kristee: Another reason, I didn’t think it would be a smart idea to look at the map before I left.

Dan: If I’m late, I’m so sorry. I’ve broken the third rule.

Lex: I think I’m a little bit ahead of time. I think I’m gonna be there early.

Doris: It’s funny when you’re not allowed to actually talk to someone else it’s, yeah. Pretty hard.


Tiffanyboo 1: Did we pass it again?

Tiffanyboo 2: It’s raining. No.

John: God, this is intense. I’m gonna have to get down on my hands and knees.

(Traveling clips)


John: In the middle of the city of Indianapolis, it’s a city of one million people and, like, it’s just forest.

Rosianna: I love London ‘cause it’s such a piecemeal city, I think that's one of my favorite things. (Screaming as they bump into each other)

(Meeting montage)


John: We’ve met in the middle, we’ve had our lunch and now we’re gonna walk out together.


Lex: OK

Rosianna: Hello

Lex: Hi.

Rosianna: We’re back.

Meg: Hi. (Lily gurgles)

(Photo montage)