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Thank you so much to all of the people who made amazing project for awesome videos. This year was such a gigantic success, I can hardly believe it.

And thank you to YouTube for being so supportive of the project, and helping to give us all a reason to think about doing good things this year.


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Hi there YouTube, my name is John Green, I am one half of the vlogbrothers, along with my brother Hank.

[cut to Hank] "Hi, I'm Hank."

[back to John] Hank and I live on opposite sides of the country. Now that YouTube comes in wide screen, I can show you approximately where we live. Hank lives here, and I live here.

[cut to Hank] "Despite living on opposite sides of the country, our offices look really really similar, which I never noticed before. For the past few years, John and I have been bridging that distance by communicating through video blogs on YouTube. But this project hasn't been just about us for a long time now."

[back to John] We're here today to introduce some of our favorite videos from the 2008 Project for Awesome, an annual event in the holiday season when tens of thousands of YouTubers come together to bring attention to charitable organizations throughout the world. What I love about the Project for Awesome is not only that it remind us that the true spirit of this season is giving, but also that it allows me to quickly and efficiently deal with all of my present buying.

For instance, one of the videos that we're featuring today is Heifer International, an organization that allows people like me to buy animals for people like my brother, Hank.

[Hank] "Awesome, I would like a platypus. Or maybe a liger. A liger would be amazing."

[John] Well actually, I'm not buying an animal for YOU, I'm buying an animal FOR you, that goes to someone who needs it.

[Hank] "Yeah...ohhhhkay. I kind of had my heart set on that liger, but this is good too."

[John] And the coolest part is that you don't even need to buy a full animal, you can buy a particular part of an animal. For instance, Hank, this year for Christmas I am going to tell you in advance that I got you five llama butts. Now, admittedly for the price of five llama butts I could have gotten you a llama, but I didn't want to get you a llama. I wanted you to get a lot of llama butt.

[Hank stares in disbelief] Anyway, YouTube was extremely extremely extremely extremely kind this year to allow us to become guest editors of the front page for a day. We took this responsibility extremely seriously, we haven't put any of our own videos up like Oprah did that one time, and we haven't just chosen people who are our best friends- though our parents made a video and I- uh, we included that one. I mean, they're our parents, we owe them a lot. But rest assured the decision was extremely difficult and I feel very guilty about not putting some of the really amazing Project for Awesome videos on the front page that I could have put on the front page. So you should probably just search around for Project for Awesome videos, because there are lots that are really amazing that didn't get featured on the front page.

[John] I'd like to thank all of the people, who we know as nerdfighters, who helped make this project such a success. And I want to say thanks to everyone who is watching us inside this box for watching a video that is not about Turkish soccer or water-skiing squirrels.

[Hank] "But most of all, we want to thank you for checking out the Project for Awesome videos, and for considering to give your time and money to people and organizations who do things just because they are the right things to do. This is Hank Green for the vlogbrothers, don't forget to be awesome.