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Hank and John Green sign off the VidCon 2011 live stream.
John Green: Hey, we want to say to the internet, uh, thanks for watching our live show, sorry you can't come to the concert tonight. And we want to say to the people who are in this room, congratulations. So, uh, we're gonna kick you out of here pretty quickly, uh, so we can try to get ready for this concert, get it started as soon as possible. Rootberry signing in the district lines booth. You can go to the Pacific Palisades room watch uh College...

Hank Green: Watch College Musical.

JG: College Musical.

HG: Kurt Hugo Schneider's new movie.

JG: And we're gonna bring everybody out right now, and we're gonna thank you because you guys have been amazing. 

HG: Thank you all so much. 

JG: Thank you so so much for coming to VidCon. 

HG: Thank you. 

Charlie McDonnell: Thank you!

HG: Oh my goodness. 

JG: It was glorious.

HG: I didn't know we were going to have a dance party now. 

JG: No dancing. Thank you guys!

HG: Woo!

JG: We'll see you tonight!

CM: Sorry for showing my bumcrack.