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In which Hank talks about VidCon and his trip to LA. LOTS OF LINKS BELOW!


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Hank: Good morning, John. (Driftless Pony Club music plays over a VidCon montage) Shay Carl: Alrighty, we're headed to the convention center. Interviewer: We're backstage at VidCon still. Jenna Marbles: This year, is a little bit more intense. Freddie Wong: I think it's like, almost three times larger than last year, right? Terry Crews: Every time I'm excited, they just kinda pop, perk up. Charlie McDonnell: I really like to meet people who watch my videos. The Gregory Brothers: It's our favorite, favorite show to play, ever. Chad Vader: I'm having the best time I've had all week. Felicia Day: If you love YouTube personalities or YouTube shows, definitely this is the con to make the time for. Kevin Smith: At first, it was like, oh wow, look what the kids are doing. And then you start going, look what the adults are doing. And then, they're like, why aren't I doing this? Ze Frank: I can't imagine, like, a better community of people to be around. Interviewer: You just had an article in Forbes, um, what? Harley Morenstein: Boss baller. (music continues over montage) John Green: Let's just do this again. Interviewer: Let's do it. John: Let's do it. With more. Interviewer: One more day of VidCon. Let's just do it. Let's just do it tomorrow. John: No, no, maybe, maybe next year. Next year. Hank: I was in LA this week for like, 36 hours, it was freaking nuts, mostly planning for VidCon. I'm in the bathroom of the Universal Talent Agency right now, not because I'm talent, it's a VidCon thing. The wallpaper is knitted and there's Scope, so that everybody's breath can smell fresh when they have their meetings. And I got to hangout at the new YouTube creator's space, which is so crazy that I think that it may be literally insane. And I got to hang out and film a My Drunk Kitchen with Hannah Hart and Mamrie Hart, who are not related at all, so dailygrace Helbig was there. Grace: This dog loves it! Feed this dog these wiener wraps, this dog will die forever. Hank: For those of you who don't know what VidCon is, it's a gathering that John and I started every year for people who love online video whether you do it professionally or it's a hobby or you just really like it. The creators and the communities and also the people who enable it, like the ad sales people and YouTube employees and people who run networks and all that. All of it. All of it. It's an all ages show, though you should note that the state of California doesn't let you check into a hotel if you're under 18, so plan for that. We have two tracks, as we always have. There's the very expensive industry track for people who do this for a living in order to subsidize the community track, which still is pretty expensive, because throwing something like this is very expensive. The community track tickets are $100, right now, anyway, the price goes up as the conference gets closer. A quick example of the difference between the community track and the industry track: A panel on how to use a green screen or a session on the intricacies of the jump cut– that would be community track. Whereas a talk on the disadvantages and advantages of consolidation of channels into multi-channel networks- that would be an industry talk. Hopefully that clears things up. Stuff about how to make better videos, that doesn't go in the industry track. There's a specific industry day on Thursday August 1st, and then the 2nd and 3rd is when the conference opens up to everyone. Then on the 4th we have Disney day, where online video takes over Disney, pretty much. We have a listing of who so far is confirmed coming to the conference but of course that list is going to get longer. And as for what goes on at Vidcon, lots of things go on: signings and meet-ups and Q-and-As and discussions and talks and concerts and performances and there's a ball pit– has been previously, I'm not 100% on the ball pit yet. VidCon planning is going very well. We've already sold like a third of the tickets, so that's crazy. And for people who can't get to Anaheim don't worry, it's not the end of the world if you don't get to come to VidCon and maybe there will be gatherings that will be coming to your neck of the world sometime soon, especially if your neck of the world is in the United Kingdom. That's all I can say right now. There's a frequently asked questions page at right now that's also where you can buy tickets and find out more about the conference generally. John, I'll see you on Tuesday.