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Good morning, John, it's Pizzamas, everybody that you know wants a piece of this, and if you miss the fun, we're gonna have, I'll rub your face in it.  Vlogbrothers videos every day, except for weekends, 'cause we need a break, a mistake that I made was doing this at all, because Hank Green rapping is always, always, always a bad idea.  Haven't I learned this by now?!

You know, John, I'm actually getting a little worried that we're gonna acquire so many traditions here on vlogbrothers, that eventually every day will be prescribed.  It will have something from the history of Nerdfighteria to do that day.  This is the Pisa John.  He's crooked.  I think all of our traditions and inside knowledge are wonderful, but it can be intimidating for people who are new.  

Pizzamas is just a two week period where John and I make videos every day, like we used to back when we first started doing this in 2007.  Brotherhood 2.0 is what that was called.  I honestly don't even know where Pizzamas came from.  I did a video last year on the history of Pizza John, which is this shirt.  If you're confused about that, please watch that video.  I worked hard on it and I think it's good.  Also, during Pizzamas, as you may have noticed, we do Pizza Johns in various styles.  These are only available during Pizzamas, they're for pre-order during this two week period, and then they'll never happen again.  I don't even have any of mine, 'cause I tend to give them away during the Project for Awesome, which is another thing!

The Project for Awesome, if you are not aware, is a thing that John and I have been doing since 2007, since the very first year of vlogbrothers.  Basically, it's saying, hey, instead of uploading whatever video you're gonna upload on this day, instead, upload a video about a charity that you like that you think does good work, a little bit of promotion for that.  In addition to that, we also do a 48 hour livestream, we have lots of guests and we do lots of weird things and we have lots of fun, lots of memes are created, new traditions, it's great.

So the ways you can participate in the Project for Awesome are: You can make a video promoting a charity, you can donate money through the Indiegogo campaign, which is a thing that we will have for about a week, and a bunch of cool stuff that you can get through that campaign, we're getting stuff from YouTubers and other internet people all over to donate.  You can watch the livestream, tell people to come watch the livestream, watch Project for Awesome videos, promote the just general idea of the Project for Awesome, and you can vote on the Project for Awesome videos that you like the most.  

During the first half of the Project for Awesome, all the money raised is going to be split between Save the Children and the UN High Council on Refugees.  During the second half of the Project for Awesome, the money is going to be distributed to the charities featured in the videos that get the most votes from the community.  So by voting, you get to influence where this pot of money is going to go, and in the last few years, it's been more than a million dollars.  Those videos, if you're gonna make one, are gonna be uploaded at midnight on December 11th, that's right when it becomes December 11th.  I just spent all weekend watching the Extra Life livestreams that the gaming community on YouTube and Twitch do, and it's just got me super jazzed for the Project for Awesome.  

So if you want to make a Project for Awesome video, start thinking about that now.  I will also link to a video where I explain what I think makes a good Project for Awesome video, if you wanna take some of that advice.  This one feels funny.  It's really soft on the inside, though.  Oh, and I should say, this one costs extra and all of the proceeds from it will go to the Point Foundation, which is an LGBTQ scholarship fund.  John, I am excited to see you tomorrow, and also on Thursday and then Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of next week, it's PIZZAMAS, I'll see you on Tuesday.

These shirts are, again, available on and will never be available again, they got tear off tags so you don't have to worry about the tags getting in your way, I love this, it's also just satisfying.  I think this one is my favorite.  I don't know, it's just exceptionally funny to me.  I wore it all day today.  Also during Pizzamas, we've got a Pizza John ornament, a snapback, a window cling, some stickers, and a travel mug, which, only available now and then never again.  Never again.