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Um... I don't know. So I brought, like, I brought face paint and stuff. But I think we're gonna be doing... um... we sure can. Julie? Is there a way we could bring the comments up over here? Um... Aunicorn says "Why is the video quality so bad? We are streaming from a laptop.

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And it's not bad. It's unique. It's artistic. Yes. It's lo-fi, which is super retro. Throwback?! Flashback. Flashback Friday. Um.

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S: And I bought these amazing boots and I'm so happy with them and I know I never stop talking about them.

M: You gotta have good shoes if you live somewhere like we do.

S: For a while, I've been hearing that klunk, klunk, klunk upstairs.  That's me and I bought a coat that covers my butt and it's incredible so I'm ready for winter.  

N: That's important.  A coat that covers your butt.  

M: Yeah, Missoula's a great place, as long as you're dressed for it and I guess like, (?~4:25) based in LA, so when I'm in LA, I can't stand the traffic but Nicole and I were just talking about this, where every single place always has something about it that makes you a stronger person.

N: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

M: And I think for Missoula, it's the cold.  

A: Yeah, and the darkness.  It's so dark.

M: As long as you can survive that.

N: Yeah, it's like a badge of honor, just like, you, you know, I can handle that.  

M: Exactly.  Any other questions that we have?

N: The boots are Sorel.  

S: This is not sponsored by them.

N: Hashtag notspon.  But if Sorel wants to send something.

M: (?~5:07)

N: Money for charity.

S: I got them on Black Friday and I've been walking around in them ever since because I now live in them.  I sleep in them, too.  Yeah, don't worry.  

M: Do we have any other tips for surviving the cold, Luke asks.  

S: Get a coat that covers the butt.

M: Yep.  

S: And a hat.  Wear a hat, because--

M: Multiple pants.

S: --all the heat, just right out of your head.  What?  Those are my suggestions.

N: I'm just laughing (?~5:39)  Tony with Cheryl Blossom.  Obviously.  Tony and Cheryl Blossom.  

M: Oh, Teresa (?~5:44) is here!  Hi Teresa!  

S: (?~5:47) like my cat, because my cat likes (?~5:49).  Yes she does.

M: What kind of crazy makeup will I be doing this time?  You'll just have to wait and see.

N: Yeah, so do we want to start goals and?

M: Yep!  We could--we have 15 minutes before John gets again, so is that enough time?  

N: Okay.

M: We could kinda just do, like, some simple eyeliner stuff?  

N: Okay.

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M: But like, 'cause we were thinking that if we set some goals, we could add a different feature.

N: Mustache.

M: Like a mustache, yeah.  

A: Ah, that's good.

N: With big bushy eyebrows.

M: With like (?~6:11)

A: What is hangman?  I love it.  

M: I know.  I'm like--I need to structure that better, and we're doing it in the moment, but do you guys want to do that?

Everyone: Yeah.

S: Yeah, we could do it.

M: Okay.  

S: I have to go to the grocery store so that'll look great at night.  

A: That's what P4A's about.

S: 'Cause I gotta bake for you late night crew tonight.

M: So let's make Silvia go to the grocery store with a mustache on her face.  Can we do it?  If we, okay, so right now we're at $1,035,449 so what should our goal set? 

?: 15 minutes.

M: 15 minutes.  

N: What is a good goal for 15 minutes?

M: Ooh, it's just going to so fast.  $2000?  Okay.  

S: Where's--how would we do $2000?  Oh, 37, at 37--like  $1,037,000.

M: So, yep, when we get to--

Offscreen: Do the Indiegogo.

S: Oh, Indiegogo.

M: Okay, Indiegogo, yeah, yeah, yeah.  So we're gonna go to the Indiegogo and watch the in-time donations.

S: So $2,033,000.

N: Well, but wait, if, I mean, we need to start the face painting like, now.  

M: So we need it to be smaller.

N: So it can be an ongoing, yeah.

M: Okay.  

N: Every....every, I don't know, $100, you add to the face paint?

M: Sure.  That sounds good.  That sounds like a lot of donations.

N: Does that make sense?  I don't know.

M: Let's get it.

S: My face is a canvas.

N: I don't know how numbers work.

?: Our faces will be canvas.  

?: I need some sort of water activator, though, so, if it's full on face paint.

S: That would be funny, oh, they were saying center the camera.  Well, it is centered when Megan is here.

N: Yeah, it was centered towards Megan and then--waaaaaa.

S: Oh, no, no, no.

M: How's that?  How's that?  Is that better?

N: Complexly is the company that makes Crash Course and SciShow and Sexplanations and Animal Wonders, The Financial Diet, 100 Days, How to Adult, Art Assignment, mental_floss, um, oh, uh, Healthcare Triage, lots of, yeah.  That's it.  

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I'm sorry if I forgot any of my coworkers.

M: That was like, everything.

N: I'm very sorry.  You're all great.  

M: Okay, so.


M: So how do we watch this and make sure it goes to every 100?  Is this live?

S: Um you keep refreshing.  I'll just--I'll put it on my phone.

M: Okay, so I think we're just gonna get started.  I'm like, this has gotta be fast, so should we just do it with eyeliner?  

A: Yeah, probably.

M: Let's just pretend like our faces are, you know, we're just gonna doodle.  Doodle paint.  


S: Where can I donate, you ask.  Oh.  Great question.  


S: We're already at $231,000 and we've gotta go up to $233, so we're like--

M: We're doing it.  Okay, so, I'm gonna start with--who wants to go first?

S: Oh, we already went up another $100.  This is very fast.

N: Me.  Do it.  

M: Okay, what should we do?

N: I don't know.  It's your--I trust your vision, Megan.  Okay, so this is face hangman with no real words that we're guessing.  We're just doing it to raise money.  Okay, so we're gonna start with a nice little mustache, just like one half of it, though.

A: One half of a mustache.

S: Alright, you get the other half at $231,500.  We're at $231,301.  So $200 for a second half of a mustache.  Don't let Nicole go out into the wild with only half a mustache.  

M: How embarrassing would that be?  That's just not--

S: She needs full mustache.  

M: Oh wow.  This is--this is some sorta stache.  Everyone's gonna get a different one.

S: Whoa!  $231,346.  

N: I feel like we should be, like, thanking people as they--as people are getting us there.

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