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M: Um... I don't know. So I brought, like, I brought face paint and stuff. But I think we're gonna be doing... um... we sure can. Julie? Is there a way that we could bring the comments up over here? Um... Aunicorn says "Why is the video quality so bad? We are streaming from a laptop. And it's not bad

A: It's (?) though.

M: It's um

S: It's unique and its artistic.

M: Yeah, its low-fi, which is super in

S: It's retro

A: Throwback?

S: Flashback Friday

N: Flashback, yeah flashback

S: Flashback, it's flashback.

M: Side-note

N: Oh, yeah. It's Jacqueline. Hi, Jacqueline.

M: [garbled] what's your [garbled] going to be next year?

N: Oh.

M: Do you not know?

N: I do. 

M: Oh.

N: Uh, its--

S: I know, I think

N: Ignite.

M: Ignite? [gasps] Ignite is the word of 2018. I'm going to give you an old high five.

N: I was going back and forth between that and spark, and I decided on spark. And then I wrote down ignite in all the places I was writing, and afterwards I was like, oh, well. I guess that's what I picked.

M: That's funny.

N: (1:18) (?) It's cute.

Nick: Happy Holidays everybody.

Everyone: Bye.

M: Um, MoistCaps says who are these people? Hi, I'm Megan, again. Hello. Nicole, Ash--

N: Yeah, hi, I'm Nicole. Yeah, Megan (?) (1:34). I work on Crash Course.

A: I work for VidCon.

N: You can't see her, but Sylvia also works for VidCon.

M: Um--

S: Oh yeah, that's the stuff.

M: Who else is going to be on later, and can I watch this entire thing later? You sure can. After all of this is done, the 48 hour stream, which started today, so we're going to go through tomorrow, and when is the end? Do you guys know? Is it

N:10... 10 A.M....

S: Mountain time

N: Mountain time on Sunday, noon eastern on Sunday.

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And it's not bad. It's unique. It's artistic. Yes. It's lo-fi, which is super retro. Throwback?! Flashback. Flashback Friday. Um.

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S: And I bought these amazing boots and I'm so happy with them and I know I never stop talking about them.

M: You gotta have good shoes if you live somewhere like we do.

S: For a while, I've been hearing that klunk, klunk, klunk upstairs.  That's me and I bought a coat that covers my butt and it's incredible so I'm ready for winter.  

N: That's important.  A coat that covers your butt.  

M: Yeah, Missoula's a great place, as long as you're dressed for it and I guess like, (?~4:25) based in LA, so when I'm in LA, I can't stand the traffic but Nicole and I were just talking about this, where every single place always has something about it that makes you a stronger person.

N: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

M: And I think for Missoula, it's the cold.  

A: Yeah, and the darkness.  It's so dark.

M: As long as you can survive that.

N: Yeah, it's like a badge of honor, just like, you, you know, I can handle that.  

M: Exactly.  Any other questions that we have?

N: The boots are Sorel.  

S: This is not sponsored by them.

N: Hashtag notspon.  But if Sorel wants to send something.

M: (?~5:07)

N: Money for charity.

S: I got them on Black Friday and I've been walking around in them ever since because I now live in them.  I sleep in them, too.  Yeah, don't worry.  

M: Do we have any other tips for surviving the cold, Luke asks.  

S: Get a coat that covers the butt.

M: Yep.  

S: And a hat.  Wear a hat, because--

M: Multiple pants.

S: --all the heat, just right out of your head.  What?  Those are my suggestions.

N: I'm just laughing (?~5:39)  Tony with Cheryl Blossom.  Obviously.  Tony and Cheryl Blossom.  

M: Oh, Teresa (?~5:44) is here!  Hi Teresa!  

S: (?~5:47) like my cat, because my cat likes (?~5:49).  Yes she does.

M: What kind of crazy makeup will I be doing this time?  You'll just have to wait and see.

N: Yeah, so do we want to start goals and?

M: Yep!  We could--we have 15 minutes before John gets again, so is that enough time?  

N: Okay.

M: We could kinda just do, like, some simple eyeliner stuff?  

N: Okay.

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M: But like, 'cause we were thinking that if we set some goals, we could add a different feature.

N: Mustache.

M: Like a mustache, yeah.  

A: Ah, that's good.

N: With big bushy eyebrows.

M: With like (?~6:11)

A: What is hangman?  I love it.  

M: I know.  I'm like--I need to structure that better, and we're doing it in the moment, but do you guys want to do that?

Everyone: Yeah.

S: Yeah, we could do it.

M: Okay.  

S: I have to go to the grocery store so that'll look great at night.  

A: That's what P4A's about.

S: 'Cause I gotta bake for you late night crew tonight.

M: So let's make Silvia go to the grocery store with a mustache on her face.  Can we do it?  If we, okay, so right now we're at $1,035,449 so what should our goal set? 

?: 15 minutes.

M: 15 minutes.  

N: What is a good goal for 15 minutes?

M: Ooh, it's just going to so fast.  $2000?  Okay.  

S: Where's--how would we do $2000?  Oh, 37, at 37--like  $1,037,000.

M: So, yep, when we get to--

Offscreen: Do the Indiegogo.

S: Oh, Indiegogo.

M: Okay, Indiegogo, yeah, yeah, yeah.  So we're gonna go to the Indiegogo and watch the in-time donations.

S: So $2,033,000.

N: Well, but wait, if, I mean, we need to start the face painting like, now.  

M: So we need it to be smaller.

N: So it can be an ongoing, yeah.

M: Okay.  

N: Every....every, I don't know, $100, you add to the face paint?

M: Sure.  That sounds good.  That sounds like a lot of donations.

N: Does that make sense?  I don't know.

M: Let's get it.

S: My face is a canvas.

N: I don't know how numbers work.

?: Our faces will be canvas.  

?: I need some sort of water activator, though, so, if it's full on face paint.

S: That would be funny, oh, they were saying center the camera.  Well, it is centered when Megan is here.

N: Yeah, it was centered towards Megan and then--waaaaaa.

S: Oh, no, no, no.

M: How's that?  How's that?  Is that better?

N: Complexly is the company that makes Crash Course and SciShow and Sexplanations and Animal Wonders, The Financial Diet, 100 Days, How to Adult, Art Assignment, mental_floss, um, oh, uh, Healthcare Triage, lots of, yeah.  That's it.  

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I'm sorry if I forgot any of my coworkers.

M: That was like, everything.

N: I'm very sorry.  You're all great.  

M: Okay, so.


M: So how do we watch this and make sure it goes to every 100?  Is this live?

S: Um you keep refreshing.  I'll just--I'll put it on my phone.

M: Okay, so I think we're just gonna get started.  I'm like, this has gotta be fast, so should we just do it with eyeliner?  

A: Yeah, probably.

M: Let's just pretend like our faces are, you know, we're just gonna doodle.  Doodle paint.  


S: Where can I donate, you ask.  Oh.  Great question.  


S: We're already at $231,000 and we've gotta go up to $233, so we're like--

M: We're doing it.  Okay, so, I'm gonna start with--who wants to go first?

S: Oh, we already went up another $100.  This is very fast.

N: Me.  Do it.  

M: Okay, what should we do?

N: I don't know.  It's your--I trust your vision, Megan.  Okay, so this is face hangman with no real words that we're guessing.  We're just doing it to raise money.  Okay, so we're gonna start with a nice little mustache, just like one half of it, though.

A: One half of a mustache.

S: Alright, you get the other half at $231,500.  We're at $231,301.  So $200 for a second half of a mustache.  Don't let Nicole go out into the wild with only half a mustache.  

M: How embarrassing would that be?  That's just not--

S: She needs full mustache.  

M: Oh wow.  This is--this is some sorta stache.  Everyone's gonna get a different one.

S: Whoa!  $231,346.  

N: I feel like we should be, like, thanking people as they--as people are getting us there.

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 John Green

Hey everybody. Uhh I can't tell if I'm live, story of my life. Hey look who I've brought- its my puppy! It's my puppy. It's my little puppy Willy. Willy can you say hi? Can you say hi to all of the people? Can you say hi? Aw you need a haircut buddy. You need a haircut. Ugh.

Some of you may remember last year's Project 4 Awesome, Willy. Uh, I, Willy has cancer, he's had cancer since uh October of last year. So yeah (?) (21.48) last years Project 4 Awesome, I kind of thought it would be our last Project 4 Awesome with Willy and it wasn't! Um, he's done really really well- he still has cancer, he's going to have cancer for the rest of his life, but um he's doing great! And, uh, except he has to wear a diaper, other than that he's doing great, but he doesnt seem to mind it much, he gets it you know, he, uh, he understands, sort of. I mean I dont think he actually does, uh, understand, um why but yeah anyway. 


Thanks to Eli who just got the 2018 P4A Vlogbrothers calendar


I wanna talk a little bit before we get started here at 7 o'clock hour, first thanks everybody for being here, hope that um hope that you're enjoying your Project 4 Awesome. I'm having a good P4A so far. I wanna just talk to you about a couple things um here at the start of the 7 o'clock hour- 7 hours in to the 48 hour livestream, only 41 hours to go. Um. But first is the organisations that we're supporting, I don't know if y'all, most of you, most of you probably weren't here earlier when Hank spoke to (?)(22.49) from Save the Children and I thought, spoke to Raj (?)(22.51) from uh Last Mile Health, but I wanna talk a little bit about the work that they do and why uh we think its so important, there's a huge empathy gap between uh people in 

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