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M: Um... I don't know. So I brought, like, I brought face paint and stuff. But I think we're gonna be doing... um... we sure can. Julie? Is there a way that we could bring the comments up over here? Um... Aunicorn says "Why is the video quality so bad? We are streaming from a laptop. And it's not bad

A: It's (?) though.

M: It's um

S: It's unique and its artistic.

M: Yeah, its low-fi, which is super in

S: It's retro

A: Throwback?

S: Flashback Friday

N: Flashback, yeah flashback

S: Flashback, it's flashback.

M: Side-note

N: Oh, yeah. It's Jacqueline. Hi, Jacqueline.

M: [garbled] what's your [garbled] going to be next year?

N: Oh.

M: Do you not know?

N: I do. 

M: Oh.

N: Uh, its--

S: I know, I think

N: Ignite.

M: Ignite? [gasps] Ignite is the word of 2018. I'm going to give you an old high five.

N: I was going back and forth between that and spark, and I decided on spark. And then I wrote down ignite in all the places I was writing, and afterwards I was like, oh, well. I guess that's what I picked.

M: That's funny.

N: (1:18) (?) It's cute.

Nick: Happy Holidays everybody.

Everyone: Bye.

M: Um, MoistCaps says who are these people? Hi, I'm Megan, again. Hello. Nicole, Ash--

N: Yeah, hi, I'm Nicole. Yeah, Megan (?) (1:34). I work on Crash Course.

A: I work for VidCon.

N: You can't see her, but Sylvia also works for VidCon.

M: Um--

S: Oh yeah, that's the stuff.

M: Who else is going to be on later, and can I watch this entire thing later? You sure can. After all of this is done, the 48 hour stream, which started today, so we're going to go through tomorrow, and when is the end? Do you guys know? Is it

N:10... 10 A.M....

S: Mountain time

N: Mountain time on Sunday, noon eastern on Sunday.

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S: 9 A.M. Pacific


N: Sylvia works customer service.

S: 11 A.M. Central.

M: And then, after that, um, it will be, there will be playlists on the Vlogbrother's channel that you can just, you know, what the 48 hours over and over and over again. You'll never get sick of it, I promise.

N: All of the things that aren't John reading protected things and whatever will be there.

M: Who's... someone said who's the one sitting too close to the camera. Am I, am I too close?

N: Is that me?

M: I can get closer. Oh my gosh. How are you guys today?

A: So good.

N: This is good.

M: You good?

S: We just got back from, well I just got back from PodCon.

M: Oh, from PodCon. That's right. 

N: Taylor wants us to talk about Riverdale, which i could talk about forever, but I think it's, it's actually probably better to not. Solely because I, like, I'll get carried away.

M: You just can't. Let's not even open that.

N: I can't have like a succinct conversation about Riverdale. It's a problem. So...

S: That's how I feel about Grey's Anatomy. 


M: Totally.

S: I guess Harry Potter. Victoria looked at me expecting me to say Harry Potter, I feel like, and then I said Grey's Anatomy and she looked away so disappointed.


S: I just, I just really love Grey's Anatomy so much. It's like my favorite television show. I watch it every Thursday. Thank you! Me too, (?~3:40). I understand you.

M: ForTheLoveOfLDS says how do you guys like living in Missoula?

A: Oh, it just started snowing, so..

M: Yeah!

N:Oh, it did?

A: It's getting all winter wonderland outside. It's good.

S: I bought... ok, I've lived here for a year, and this year I finally decided I was going to become a full winter woman. 

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S: And I bought these amazing boots and I'm so happy with them and I know I never stop talking about them.

M: You gotta have good shoes if you live somewhere like we do.

S: For a while, I've been hearing that klunk, klunk, klunk upstairs.  That's me and I bought a coat that covers my butt and it's incredible so I'm ready for winter.  

N: That's important.  A coat that covers your butt.  

M: Yeah, Missoula's a great place, as long as you're dressed for it and I guess like, (?~4:25) based in LA, so when I'm in LA, I can't stand the traffic but Nicole and I were just talking about this, where every single place always has something about it that makes you a stronger person.

N: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

M: And I think for Missoula, it's the cold.  

A: Yeah, and the darkness.  It's so dark.

M: As long as you can survive that.

N: Yeah, it's like a badge of honor, just like, you, you know, I can handle that.  

M: Exactly.  Any other questions that we have?

N: The boots are Sorel.  

S: This is not sponsored by them.

N: Hashtag notspon.  But if Sorel wants to send something.

M: (?~5:07)

N: Money for charity.

S: I got them on Black Friday and I've been walking around in them ever since because I now live in them.  I sleep in them, too.  Yeah, don't worry.  

M: Do we have any other tips for surviving the cold, Luke asks.  

S: Get a coat that covers the butt.

M: Yep.  

S: And a hat.  Wear a hat, because--

M: Multiple pants.

S: --all the heat, just right out of your head.  What?  Those are my suggestions.

N: I'm just laughing (?~5:39)  Tony with Cheryl Blossom.  Obviously.  Tony and Cheryl Blossom.  

M: Oh, Teresa (?~5:44) is here!  Hi Teresa!  

S: (?~5:47) like my cat, because my cat likes (?~5:49).  Yes she does.

M: What kind of crazy makeup will I be doing this time?  You'll just have to wait and see.

N: Yeah, so do we want to start goals and?

M: Yep!  We could--we have 15 minutes before John gets again, so is that enough time?  

N: Okay.

M: We could kinda just do, like, some simple eyeliner stuff?  

N: Okay.

 (06:00) to (08:00)

M: But like, 'cause we were thinking that if we set some goals, we could add a different feature.

N: Mustache.

M: Like a mustache, yeah.  

A: Ah, that's good.

N: With big bushy eyebrows.

M: With like (?~6:11)

A: What is hangman?  I love it.  

M: I know.  I'm like--I need to structure that better, and we're doing it in the moment, but do you guys want to do that?

Everyone: Yeah.

S: Yeah, we could do it.

M: Okay.  

S: I have to go to the grocery store so that'll look great at night.  

A: That's what P4A's about.

S: 'Cause I gotta bake for you late night crew tonight.

M: So let's make Silvia go to the grocery store with a mustache on her face.  Can we do it?  If we, okay, so right now we're at $1,035,449 so what should our goal set? 

?: 15 minutes.

M: 15 minutes.  

N: What is a good goal for 15 minutes?

M: Ooh, it's just going to so fast.  $2000?  Okay.  

S: Where's--how would we do $2000?  Oh, 37, at 37--like  $1,037,000.

M: So, yep, when we get to--

Offscreen: Do the Indiegogo.

S: Oh, Indiegogo.

M: Okay, Indiegogo, yeah, yeah, yeah.  So we're gonna go to the Indiegogo and watch the in-time donations.

S: So $2,033,000.

N: Well, but wait, if, I mean, we need to start the face painting like, now.  

M: So we need it to be smaller.

N: So it can be an ongoing, yeah.

M: Okay.  

N: Every....every, I don't know, $100, you add to the face paint?

M: Sure.  That sounds good.  That sounds like a lot of donations.

N: Does that make sense?  I don't know.

M: Let's get it.

S: My face is a canvas.

N: I don't know how numbers work.

?: Our faces will be canvas.  

?: I need some sort of water activator, though, so, if it's full on face paint.

S: That would be funny, oh, they were saying center the camera.  Well, it is centered when Megan is here.

N: Yeah, it was centered towards Megan and then--waaaaaa.

S: Oh, no, no, no.

M: How's that?  How's that?  Is that better?

N: Complexly is the company that makes Crash Course and SciShow and Sexplanations and Animal Wonders, The Financial Diet, 100 Days, How to Adult, Art Assignment, mental_floss, um, oh, uh, Healthcare Triage, lots of, yeah.  That's it.  

 (08:00) to (10:00)

I'm sorry if I forgot any of my coworkers.

M: That was like, everything.

N: I'm very sorry.  You're all great.  

M: Okay, so.


M: So how do we watch this and make sure it goes to every 100?  Is this live?

S: Um you keep refreshing.  I'll just--I'll put it on my phone.

M: Okay, so I think we're just gonna get started.  I'm like, this has gotta be fast, so should we just do it with eyeliner?  

A: Yeah, probably.

M: Let's just pretend like our faces are, you know, we're just gonna doodle.  Doodle paint.  


S: Where can I donate, you ask.  Oh.  Great question.  


S: We're already at $231,000 and we've gotta go up to $233, so we're like--

M: We're doing it.  Okay, so, I'm gonna start with--who wants to go first?

S: Oh, we already went up another $100.  This is very fast.

N: Me.  Do it.  

M: Okay, what should we do?

N: I don't know.  It's your--I trust your vision, Megan.  Okay, so this is face hangman with no real words that we're guessing.  We're just doing it to raise money.  Okay, so we're gonna start with a nice little mustache, just like one half of it, though.

A: One half of a mustache.

S: Alright, you get the other half at $231,500.  We're at $231,301.  So $200 for a second half of a mustache.  Don't let Nicole go out into the wild with only half a mustache.  

M: How embarrassing would that be?  That's just not--

S: She needs full mustache.  

M: Oh wow.  This is--this is some sorta stache.  Everyone's gonna get a different one.

S: Whoa!  $231,346.  

N: I feel like we should be, like, thanking people as they--as people are getting us there.

 (10:00) to (12:00)

M: Yeah, thanking--yeah, so--

A: Hi, (?~10:01)

N: I especially wanna thank whoever's getting me the second half of my mustache.  

M: Okay, so we've had--

N: I can't see anything though.  

M: Oh, you can't.  It looks really nice.  Yeah, show, show your face.  So we have one half of a mustache on Nicole and we wanna finish that mustache.  

S: Yeah, we're at $231,361.

M: As well as get everybody a mustache.  

N: Yeah, mustaches all the way down.

S: We need 150 more dollars for half a mustache.  

N: That's the one.

S: You got this.  I believe in you.  Have mustache.  

N: I guess (?~10:32) mustache, I can put my glasses back on.

M: Yeah.

S: I mustache you a question.  Will you donate 150 more dollars?  

M: That's appropriate--that's an appropriate pun.  

S: Okay, we're at 381.  C'mon, people.  120 more bucks.  

M: Candy--

S: It's for charity.  Ooh, 436!  Wow, we really jumped up.  

M: Oh, wow, so we're ready?

S: No.  

A: No.  We can do it.

N: I'm ready.

S: 481.  20 more dollars.  $541!  Other half of mustache!

M: Alright, other half of the mustache.  

S: Okay, so go ahead and do half a mustache on Ashe as well.  We're going to have to go ahead and set a goal for the second half of the mustache, 'cause we'll shave the second half for later.

A: Oh, that's just too much.

S: C'mon guys, laugh at my (?~11:20) please.

M: This is a harder angle to do.

A: Just switch it--switch your hands, you know?  

M: Oh, sure, Ashe.

A: Be ambidextrous.

M: Just come on, Megan, just be ambidextrous.  Should I leave the gap there?  I think that the gap is nice.

A: I think it's nice.

S: It's an art piece so you should do what you think feels right.

A: It kind of matches your eyeliner in a really nice way.  Really ties the face together.

M: Very good.

A: Oh my gosh!

S: Okay.

M: (?~11:47)

Thank you so much, Nicole.  

S: Okay, so let's do other half of mustache on Ashe.  


 (12:00) to (14:00)


M: Who wants to see an awesome must-ashe?  Her name's Ashe, get it?

S: Okay, so right now, we're at $231,750.  Ohh, $232, so maybe at $232,500, we'll give you a second half of your mustache, so in $450?  

A: I love half a mustache.  

N: Thanks to Ren and Katherine March and Erin E. and--

S: Anonymous.  McKenzie.

N: Bi--but I don't know, I saw--yeah, McKenzie, Hannah Hoefer...Hoffer, not sure.  

S: Emily.

N: Dan Anderson.  Thanks, guys!  

M: So what's our next goal, Sylvia?

S: So at $232,500, but well, first, to get the first, let's put the first half of the mustache  on Ashe.

M: Okay.  

A: So you get the first half and then you have to earn the second.

S: Please, please help us earn the second.

A: No mustaches for--?

M: I feel like you should have a swirly one.  

A: Yeah, let's do it.

S: Oh, shoot, we're already almost at--okay, maybe I'm gonna up to this.

N: Yeah, you gotta be more ambitious.

S: Yeah, I'm gonna be a little more ambitious, sorry to let y'all down.  So what if we do $232,750?  Holy crap, (?~13:04)

N: You're off-work, tell you what to do, what you should do is go to and get a cool perk.  There's lots of really exciting perks.  What's the featured perk right now?  Oh, the exclusive snarled shirt?  That's exciting.

M: Oh yeah, and I also have some illustrations for perks as well.  

N: Colored in monster brain art?

S: I have to let you know that you need to do the second half now, immediately, because we're at $232, (?~13:25)

M: Ohh!

N: Oh man!  

S: You guys are doing too well.

N: You guys really appreciate mustaches.  

S: Mustache game is strong.(?~13:38)

 (14:00) to (16:00)

S: Suppose that you would do like, half a mustache and then like, half of an eyebrow.

N: Yeaaah.

S: To like, make someone look as goofy as possible, and that's the motivator. 
N: like alternating

S: okay I follow, well I guess I'll be that canvas

M: Pretty good right?

N: Other cool you guys can get, uh road to Nerdfighters that’s, the audio is part of the digital download bundle. Yes? that's the best thing to get, is the digital download bundle, I get it every year

Ashe; what do you guys think?

N: its great… such a good value

M: like? Do we like this? Leave a comment below

N: I think its beautiful

Someone; I think it’s very

A: I think it’s me

M: Its classic

N: Yeah, I feel like im really seeing you for the first time

A: same

S: I have a semi important meeting to go to, so like

M: oh!

S: no this is good,

M: okay

S: you can make me look silly for it

M: yes! Oh, we only have 6 minutes left! So, I gotta get you a… what kind of mustache should sylvia get?

N: what kind of mustache should sylvia get real quick, let us know

M: we should do umm

S: you decide

A: I don’t want to decide

S: okay were at 233 (?~15:09)

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 John Green

Hey everybody. Uhh I can't tell if I'm live, story of my life. Hey look who I've brought- its my puppy! It's my puppy. It's my little puppy Willy. Willy can you say hi? Can you say hi to all of the people? Can you say hi? Aw you need a haircut buddy. You need a haircut. Ugh.

Some of you may remember last year's Project 4 Awesome, Willy. Uh, I, Willy has cancer, he's had cancer since uh October of last year. So yeah (?) (21.48) last years Project 4 Awesome, I kind of thought it would be our last Project 4 Awesome with Willy and it wasn't! Um, he's done really really well- he still has cancer, he's going to have cancer for the rest of his life, but um he's doing great! And, uh, except he has to wear a diaper, other than that he's doing great, but he doesnt seem to mind it much, he gets it you know, he, uh, he understands, sort of. I mean I dont think he actually does, uh, understand, um why but yeah anyway. 


Thanks to Eli who just got the 2018 P4A Vlogbrothers calendar


I wanna talk a little bit before we get started here at 7 o'clock hour, first thanks everybody for being here, hope that um hope that you're enjoying your Project 4 Awesome. I'm having a good P4A so far. I wanna just talk to you about a couple things um here at the start of the 7 o'clock hour- 7 hours in to the 48 hour livestream, only 41 hours to go. Um. But first is the organisations that we're supporting, I don't know if y'all, most of you, most of you probably weren't here earlier when Hank spoke to (?)(22.49) from Save the Children and I thought, spoke to Raj (?)(22.51) from uh Last Mile Health, but I wanna talk a little bit about the work that they do and why uh we think its so important, there's a huge empathy gap between uh people in

 (24:00) to (26:00)

John Green: Hi, I'm back! Uhh, I don't know what just happened I guess -- the show ended, no one knows why. Uhh, these things are confusing. So, I'm gonna give things a little, uh, a couple minutes to pop -- repopulate, because I, I know all of you were just kicked out of the livestream -- which I'm sorry about -- um, but we're getting back. We're putting everything back together. Umm

 (26:00) to (28:00)

John Green: Uh, one great example is the -- the video series that Rosianna has been doing from, uh, Columbia -- -- where we get to hear directly from, uh, the voices of, of people who are affected by, you know, decades, the decades of, uh, violence, and political instability, uhh, in Columbia, and getting to hear directly from those voices is so rare, I think. And, uh, and it's really, um, exciting. And there, but there are lots of other, uh, examples of it. I thought earlier today, when we were speaking to Raj from Last Mile Health and he talked about, uh, the community healthcare workers who, not only provide healthcare outcome, you know, much better healthcare outcomes for moms who are giving, uh, giving birth; for babies who are born; for little kids who might be malnourished. I mean, uh, giving, you know, life-saving, really inexpensive interventions like, you know, this sort of, like, fancied-up peanut butter paste that's super cheap and is really effective against malnutrition, um -- that, that it, uhh, it can be -- it can be difficult unless we are listening for those stories, to hear hear them. And, so, I want to thank you for listening to them on this first day of Project for Awesome, and, uh, paying attention to them, and, uh and, and celebrating these charities that are doing, uh, really important work, that maybe...maybe doesn't get, uh, as much attention, um, as, uh, as some other really important causes, because, uh, the work feels distant from us, or, or, the people, um, feel distant from us. And, so, I'm hoping that the first day of Project for Awesome, we can start to close that empathy gap, and, uh, realize that everybody's love is as real and as important as our own, and everybody's pain is as real and as important as our own, and nobody, uh, certainly no kid deserves, uh, to, um, to die from malnutrition or diarrheal diseases. We don't have to live in a world where that's the case, and, um, I believe that, someday, we won't, and I believe that, um, organizations like Last Mile Health and Save the Children are part of how we're gonna get there, as a species.

 (28:00) to (30:00)

John Green: Um, so, I want to thank you for everybody who supported the Project for Awesome; whether you've been able to donate or not, thank you for supporting this year's P4A. Um, it really, uh, it really is, is incredibly exciting to, to see, uh, the donations coming in so fast, and if you go to Project for Awesome dot com slash donate right now, there are so many great perks that you can also get, uh, from the, uh, digital download bundle, which is $60, and your donations will be matched, um, so, that they'll have even more impact to, uh, all kinds of great perks for a $60 donation. You can get a signed copy of my book Turtles All the Way Down, if you, somehow, were one of the six people who weren't able to aquire a signed one previously, or if you want to give one as a gift, or whatever. Umm, for $100 donation, you can get one of these! One of these! There are, uhh, look! These are the actual Tuatara coins that I will be sending out. Umm, they are the things themselves. So, uhh, this is a, here, umm...are, uh, these. They're New Zealand nickels. It's, it's the New Zealand five cent piece. They, they all come from different years, but none of them come from after 2003, because, uh, New Zealand stopped making them. This is one is from 1987; uhh, this one -- oh, that's a beautiful -- it's, just, they've got the most beautiful Tuatara on them. I don't know if you can see that, but it is a really high-quality Tuatara minting. This one is from, uhh, 2002, one of the last New Zealand nickels ever printed. They don't call them "nickels" in New Zealand, and they are deeply offended by my calling them "nickels," but whatever. That's what we call our five cent coins. So, umm, if you make a $100 donation, you can get one of these New Zealand nickels, uh, along with, um, a signed letter from me about why I think the New Zealand five cent piece is a sign of hope, and, uh, a cause for celebration, in, in difficult, and, and scary times. I keep a New Zealand nickel in my wallet at all times, to remind me that, uh, that people are good, and, um, that, uhh, that, that caring, and, uhh, thoughtfulness

 (30:00) to (32:00)

and kindness, uhh, reach in places that we don't necessarily fully understand, umm, in a minute-by-minute ba-basis, especially when, umm, you know, our brain is maybe lying to us about, about the world. So, uhh, I also want to say, umm, one other thing, before we get into, uhh, regular Projects for Awesome, umm, and, I, I'll take your suggestions for crazy things that I can do, umm, to, to, uhh, make you give me money. Uhhhm, I, uh, whatever. Whatever you want to do, you can, you can make your suggestions in the comments, but, um, I want to talk a little bit about my friend Esther, who, uh, who, uhh, was such an important part of the early years of the Project for Awesome. Esther and her friends at Cattitude really ran the behind-the-scenes portion of the Project for Awesome, along with Rosianna and a few other people, and, um, and it would have been completely impossible without their, uhm, their support and supportive, uh, people, who worked for the Harry Potter Alliance, um, and just a wonderful group of Nerdfighters of whom Astra was a r-really important member, and, for those of you who don't know, Esther, umm, was a Nerdfighter who died of Cancer in 2010 when she was 16, and my book The Fault in Our Stars is dedicated to her. She has her own book, um, that came out a couple years later called This Star Won't Go Out, which is this beautiful book. Uhh, really, just, uhh, just looks, just a wonderful memoir, and rare to see a memoir from, you know, a teenager, um, that's so great. And, uhh, e-every year during the Project for Awesome, I think about Esther. Earlier this year at Nerd-Nerdcon Nerdfighteria in Boston, I had the chance to, uh, go with Esther's parents, and her, one of her sisters to, uhh, to Esther's grave, and to see her grave in Massachusetts, and to see all the ways that, um, Nerdfighters in our community, umm, even seven years after her death, continue to visit her grave, uhh, take care of it

 (32:00) to (34:00)

keep it up, leave gifts, and it means a lot to her family. It means a lot to me as well, uhh, but I think the, the most important legacy that Esther left us with is the legacy of This Star Won't Go Out, the organization that her parents founded in her memory. It's a really wonderful organization that, um, it gives -- provides, like, direct financal support to families of kids with Cancer, because -- it can be such a devastating thing, especially in the US, where we don't have universal healthcare and a lot of times parents have to continue working to continue getting, uh, health insurance, umm, and so it can be financially devastating on many levels, to have to, to have to have a kid who's really, uh, really sick, and, of course, that, umm, it goes alongside the, uhh, emotional and psychological devastation of having to manage that in your family, and in your life. Um, and This Star Won't Go Out has done a great job, umm, giving direct financial support to families and kids with Cancer. So, we're gonna feature the video that, um, that, that This Star Won't Go Out made about Esther bracelets. I have to get a new Esther bracelet; mine broke, but it's a really great video, and we're gonna watch that video together, and, just to give you a little bit of background...if, uh, you go to Project for Awesome dot com, you can vote for your favorite charities: the charities that you want to receive the, um, the funds that we raise during the second half of the Project for Awesome, but can vote now, and, in fact, more than 27,000 votes have already been cast. So, we can watch this video together at Project for Awesome dot com. Uh, it's the featured right now, um, and we can watch it together, and, uh, if you want to say that This Star Won't Go Out should receive some of the Project For Awesome Funds, right there at Project for Awesome dot com, there is a little -- click, uh, the little button that says "vote." Sometimes, you have to click a CAPTCHA that says that you're not a robot. You can click that and vote, and, um, then, uhh, that will be a vote for that organization.

 (34:00) to (36:00)

John Green: You can do that for anything of the Project for Awesome videos. We're gonna watch this video. Umm, it's the featured video right now at Project for Awesome dot com. We're gonna watch it together...umm, uhh, about This Star Won't Go Out, and Esther, and her legacy, and her family. 

 (36:00) to (38:00)

John Green: Alright, I'm ready. Okay! So, that, uh was a beautiful video, uh, meade by the Earle family, um, about Esther's, uh, legacy, and the This Star Won't Go Out wristband, which you can still get at DFTBA. All the proceeds go to This Star Won't Go Out. Um, and, um, yeah. I think it's just, it's a, it's really beautiful

 (38:00) to (40:00)

John Green: what, uh, what Wayne and Laurie, uhh, and, and the team who work on This Star Won't Go Out have, have built and, uh, I'm very grateful for it. I'm very grateful that they continue to, um, let us be part of, uh, part of their story, and, and the trasformative work that they're doing. We had a perk-up that was, uh, some, some signed coloring books. Umm...some, some This Star Won't Go Out coloring books, so it's sold out before I could mention it. So, um, that's why you always got to be checking Project for Awesome dot com slash donate, I guess! Uhm, but yeah, we'll, um, yeah. Uh, so, again, if you want, at Project for Awesome dot com, you can, uhh, you can, you can go and vote for that video, or any video, and a vote is basically a way of endorsing that charity, so the money we raise, we raise during the second half of the Project for Awesome, um, will be donated to the organizations that you choose: the organizations that you vote for. Um, so, thank you for voting! Uh, even if you can't donate to the 2017 Project for Awesome, those votes, uh, and carefully watching as many Project for Awesome videos as you can, make such a huge difference, because you are basically -- we are entrusting this money to you; we are saying, uh, "As, as a community, uh, let's be good stewards of the money that we're raising together during the second half of the P4A. So, um, I want to, uhh, I want to give you an update, but also, uhh, read some of your comments. Here's the situation, guys! We've raised two hundred and, uhh, thirty seven thousand dollars on the IndieGoGo, but, because of matching donations, and the money that we brought into the 2017 Project for Awesome, because of vlogbrothers ad revenue, and other revenue that came in, we're at one point zero six three million dollars. Um, total, that's gonna be split between, um, Save the Children and Last Mile Health. That is a lot of money, by, reallyANY measure. Umm, I think it would buy the nicest house in Indianapolis! Maybe not, but a very -- one of the five nicest! Umm, and, uhh, yeah. So, we're really -- this is really exciting to, to be still in the first day of the P4A and have rasied

 (40:00) to (42:00)

over a million dollars for these two great organizations.  I'm so excited.  There are some perks that are about to sell out over at, so I feel like I should let you know about them.  Um, there is a three poster, This Star Won't Go Out, three poster pack.  You can get three beautiful posters featuring quotes from Esther and a great This Star Won't Go Out poster for a $40 donation to The Project for Awesome.  Those--there's only two of those, so they might sell out soon.  You can buy a Tweet from me.  It's basically--I will, I'll Tweet for--I'll Tweet you at some point during the next few months.  You don't know when and you don't know what it will be, but I'll respond with something that you said probably, unless, you know, your Twitter feed is just like, relentless trolling in which case, I'll encourage you to, you know, toward positivity.  But that seems unlikely!  

For a $55 donation, my favorite, every year, the one thing that like, I stop everything to buy, is an original MinutePhysics drawing.  So if you've ever watched the show MinutePhysics, it's one of my favorite educational shows on YouTube, they--Henry Reisch, who started MinutePhysics, makes beautiful illustrations of really complicated ideas in physics and then he takes some of those and he signs them, and they become yours, and they're so frameable and they're only $55--I mean, only--$55 is a big donation, I know, but because of matching donations, that counts as $220 to Save the Children and Last Mile Health.  Every year, it's my favorite thing.  I have them framed from over the years, it's very cool, it's like a pretty thing in my office that always makes me super happy.  There's still about 70 copies of Turtles All The Way Down with a spiral or a Yeti available for a $60.  There's nine of these Tuatara coins left, although we might be able to find more, I got a bunch, and there's a bunch of other--there's like, only one Philip deFranco mug left and there's only one of my t-shirts left.  

 (42:00) to (44:00)

I'd like to sell those--I'd like to sell out the t-shirt perk before Hank sells out his t-shirt perk.  I don't like competition between brothers except when we're trying to raise money for charity, and then you can also choose the phrase of the week for Dear Hank and John, our podcast, or get a personalized message--if you want to use our podcast as a platform to proclaim your love for someone or to tell your friend that they're awesome or to encourage everyone to check out your website or whatever, you can make a $200 donation to Dear Hank and John and reach 100,000 weekly listeners or something, I don't know.  I don't really--I'm not really a stats guy, but I think that's about how many people listen to Dear Hank and John every week, so, uh, and thank you, by the way, to all the people who do this. 

So right now, we've raised $238,624 at the Indiegogo.  I just wanna thank a few of our recent backers.  There have been more than 5,700 of you.  Lucie and Jason and somebody just got the--somebody just got the enamel pin and reports, "I'm putting this on my med school white coat, DFTBA."  So it's cool, person who identified themselves as putting this pin on my med school white coat, DFTBA, it's really cool that healthcare providers are helping healthcare providers in this case.  Your $20 donation, and I know that you're in med school and so you're probably--have debt, and I appreciate your $20 donation.  Your $20 donation is helping healthcare workers in Liberia with--through Last Mile Health and also helping community health workers globally through the work that Save the Children is doing, so that's pretty cool, and also Betsy and Unai or Unei, it's--very bad at names.  And also Kristina and also Emma who just donated to get the digital perk bundle, which is all the digital perks in one so you get all the exclusive podcasts, Dear Sarah and Katherine, our wives are doing a special one-off version of Dear Hank and John.

 (44:00) to (46:00)

There's also an exclusive version of Dear Hank and John, and also, tons of other digital perks, including deleted scenes from my book, Turtles All the Way Down, which some people just suggested that I read from.  Ahh, I mean, it's very bad, guys, I'm not sure that I'm really--I'm not sure that I'm--it's not really for public consumptions, it's more for donors.  I figured donors are already on my side.  We're already at $239,000.  We're almost at $240,000, which means overall we've raised, geez louise, in a second, it'll be over--we'll be nearing $1.1 million.  

I also wanna thank Emma and Shannon and Sheila and Elizabeth.  So many people are donating, we really appreciate everybody who's donated at, but also we know that many of you can't, and that's okay.  We're not--nobody's mad.  For one thing, lots of people don't have credit cards.  A gymnast of some kind just donated, judging from their email address.  Maybe somebody who just loves gymnastics.  Kaitlyn and Lauren, Anonymous, who's been crushing it this whole time.  Anonymous has to be the star of the Project for Awesome so far, as well as Mandy and Brooke, and we just added 10 more personalized self-care bunnies?  Oh man. 

So you know Rosianna?  Oh, I have one in the background, perfect.  Lucky me.  Hold on.  Ah, you know what?  I'm not gonna take it down because it's just--it's tacked up there just so.  So I'm just gonna--what I'm gonna do--you see that up there?  I know that there's that big empty blue spot.  I apologize for that.  That is where the Woody Guthrie photo goes and I've--it's--it's--it's on the ground.  I'm gonna level with you, it's on the ground next to my childhood rocking horse.  Oh, I just totally realized a good stretch goal.  

(Laughter in the background)

Maybe.  If you're good.  Maybe.  Maybe.  Maybe.  So up there is self-care bunny.  It says "Take a minute to breathe."  Rosianna draws these beautiful self-care bunnies.  They're incredibly helpful and she'll make a personalized self-care bunny for you.  A self-care bunny that's just, that's your self-care bunny.  Your specific self-care bunny.  I--these sell out incredibly fast and Rosianna kindly agrees to keep doing them.

 (46:00) to (48:00)

I don't know how long that's gonna last, though, guys.  This might be the last of the self-care bunnies.  We might see some more on Sunday when Rosianna's hosting the Project for Awesome livestream, but no promises.  And then if you wanna make a huge donation to the Project for Awesome, I've got a--I've got some ideas for you.  First off, you can get a personalized self-care bunny.  You can get animated into an episode of Crash Course.  If you've always wanted to be part of the Thought Bubble in Crash Course, you can make that happen, and it's so cool.  It's you.  It's a little--I mean, I'm lucky, I get to see myself in Crash Course Thought Bubbles pretty often, and I'll tell you, it's a pure delight. 

You can also get--there's two Wimbly Wombly videos left.  I might put some up later, but there's two for now.  Basically, what that is, is, I'm starting a new FIFA series where I play FIFA, which is this videogame I play.  It's a little bit complicated, but I play soccer as a third tier English soccer team and then the ad-revenue from me playing soccer goes to the actual third-tier English soccer team so that we can have our logo on the back of their shorts so that when I play the FIFA game in FIFA, I can see my own logo on the back of the shorts of the imaginary players.  It's like a--it's like a cycle of weird (?~47:28).  Anyway, I'm restarting the AFC Wimbledon Wimbly-Wombly videos in 2018 with a new approach, which is called John Green Solves Your Problems.  So basically, if you make a $200 donation, you can tell me what problem you want me to solve, like, it has to be a real problem of yours.  I can't solve, like, I don't know, like, I'm not gonna solve the national debt, but if you have a problem, I am going to discuss your problem and then I will come to some kind of resolution.  You may not like the way I solve it.  You may not like my solution.  You probably won't, but by the end of the video, I will have solved--I will have offered a solution to your problem, and you can get that if you donate right now.

 (48:00) to (50:00)

That's a nice gift.  That's a nice--that's a nice something to put under the Christmas tree.  As I think is the--as I think is um, you know, one of my t-shirts.  It won't arrive before Christmas, but I'm just really anxious to sell out those t-shirts, so we've, I just--just while I was talking, which I know, I know, I never shut up, we've just passed $240,000 and so I'm gonna do the--I'm gonna--this one's gonna work.  Ready?  I'm gonna do this.  This is gonna go right into the camera.  Oh!  Oh, it did!  Oh, it--that was very good!  Willy is like, what the frick?  That was ver--I don't like to brag, but that was excellent.  Truly excellent. 

I'll tell you guys right now, I know, I know, I know my childhood rocking chair is right there, and I had it when I was a little baby and then my parents, when they came for Christmas a couple years ago, they were like, do you want this rocking chair?  And I, of course, said no, because you know, my children, a rocking chair, they're not gonna play with a rocking chair, you know, like, my kids--they'll barely play with, you know, any of my childhood toys.  Maybe a Hot Wheel, if I'm lucky, anyway.  They, my parents, were like, do you want this thing?  And I said, you know, no, and then my parents said, well, then, we're gonna throw it away, and then I was like, well, you can't throw away Horsie!  So now, it's in my house, and I will.  I will, you know what, I will.  I will.  Yeah, I will get, I will ride my childhood, probably for the last time, it'll probably break, but um, let's say if we get to, I don't wanna make it easy, I don't wanna make it easy, if we get to $1.2 million while I'm still here, I will ri--just so you have a visual.  

 (50:00) to (52:00)

Everybody, if you're not in the livestream, just so you have a visual, that--there it is.  That's my childhood rocking horse.  I don't know if you have a context for how I big I am, so it might be helpful--this is me.  So like, it's gonna be--it's gonna be awkward.  Alright, but maybe we won't get there and I'll save myself the trouble.  We're almost to--we're at $1.08 million raised and Alisha just got the digital download bundle.  That's worth celebrating.  Now I feel like, very confident that I can do this every time.  Oh, wow, I almost took you guys out.  Alright, I gotta get a little, gotta get a little more arc.  I'm sorry about that, by the way, that was upsetting.  A little more arc and then--(explodey sound).  

Anonymous just claimed the Dear Katherine and Sarah perk.  Anonymous, once again, crushing it during the 2017 Project for Awesome.  Tasha got the Vlogbrothers calendar.  The calendar's great, it's um, it's just my brother and me really like we are in real life, where Hank is--oh, Willy!  Oh, it's okay.  I forgot, he's wearing a diaper, he's wearing a diaper.  So, it's part of it--part of it is that he pees.  Oh boy.  Ah jeez, he got bladder cancer, for those who don't know, so.  Oh, Willy, you okay, buddy?  Mm, okay.  I can hear it going into the diaper.  Okay.  I'm just not gonna worry about it.  That's why we're wearing the diaper, right, Wils?  Ah jeez, oh gosh, okay.  Anyway.  He's not in pain most of the time, but there is this peeing--it takes him a long time to pee.  He's an old man, he's got old man problems, ah, so, anyways, a sweet dog, and we've got those personalized self-care bunnies, the This Star Won't Go Out poster pack sold out, thank you to the people who got that.  Thanks to Sophie who just got the digital download bundle, and Occupy Mars 2023 just got the P4A 2017 commemorative coin.  I do not like your username at all.

 (52:00) to (54:00)

Tim just got a mystery perk.  I do not like that username.  Occupy Mars 2028.  Fully in favor of that.  I've long argued that we should go to Mars in 2028.  By the way, you can also get one of my Sharpies.  This is one of them, one of the Sharpies that I used to sign 200,000 copies of my new book Turtles All the Way Down.  I think it's just a $23 donation and it comes--doesn't it come with a little card that I signed?  It comes with a little card that certifies that this Sharpie was used in the signing of the 200,000 copies. 

This particular one, this pink one, I didn't actually use, but Alice used.  This was Alice's Sharpie when she was making Alice art, which was usually just a circle around my name.  I don't want to brag about my kids, becuase I find it really annoying when people do that, but Alice like, when I signed those 200,000 books, all Alice could do with a Sharpie was like, draw a circle and now she can like, I find her self-portraits, ah jeez, I gotta go let Willy out--can you let Willy out?  Yep.  I find her self-portraits to be as visually compelling as any artwork that any human being has ever made.  Maybe I'll show you one later if I can find one.  Her self-portraits are incredible.  Oh, it's Scott who just got the 'I'm wearing--I'm getting the decrease worldsuck pin and wearing it on my medical school white coat in clinic', which everybody's gonna appreciate, Scott.  

Okay, alright, so I'm gonna talk a little bit about--I'm gonna talk a little bit more about--Alice is better than John, it's true, Alice is better than me.  By the way, the kids are out, or I'm sure they would be like, trying to barge into the Project for Awesome.  I'm sure they'll come eventually.  Alice is not here right now, though, nor is Sarah.  It's a very quiet house.  Only Rosianna, me, and um, Willy.  

 (54:00) to (56:00)

HowWeGotAnts, one of my all time favorite usernames, and also one of my all time favorite YouTube and Twitter commenters, says, "Is the card notarized?  If it's not notarized, how can I believe it?"  Well, let me tell you, HowWeGotAnts, it's a great question.  The card is not notarized because the cost of the notary would be more than the cost of the actual perk, which is $23.  The card is not notarized and the reason that you can believe it is that I have seen so many people try to mimic my very simple signature, like, you would be astonished given how hard I have worked to completely eliminate the market value of my signature, you'd be astonished how many fake signatures show up on like, eBay and stuff and they're so obvious, it's so obviously fake!  Like, my signature, even when like Rosianna fakes my signature, which she would, you know, never do on any kind of uh, like Project for Awesome stuff, but might do on like, checks and you know, boring crap like that, I--it's like, so obvious!  Don't take that personally.   It--yeah, I can totally tell.  I can totally tell the difference.

Um, yeah, so, that's how you know.  You know because you can't fake it.  Self-care Unicorn will be commenting a lot less after this stream.  Oh, look, there's a unicorn.  And LeonMuss4Earth is here.  My all-time favorite Leon Muss.  Rosianna, you doing good?

R: Yes.

J: Is Willy alright?  What's wrong?  Oh, it's cold.  He likes it, though.  That's why we haven't given him a haircut in like, 17 months.  Can we say hi to Rosianna?  Sure, she's right here.  

R: Hello.

J: Yup, there you go.  Alice is, so, just to give you a little bit of context about my children because I don't talk about them a lot, a lot of people are asking about Alice and Henry.  Alice is 4.  She's actually 4 and a half, but like, she's very--she feels very strongly about still being 4, so she's 4 and Henry is about to turn 8, he turns 8 in January, so my kids are getting huge.  Compared to Henry, I mean, compared to Hank and Katherine's kids, my kids are like, full-grown adults.  

 (56:00) to (58:00)

Like, I was hanging out with Orin during PodCon and, I mean, obviously like, you know, like, he's just--he--I mean, my kids can do all kinds of things that Orin can't do, like talking, walking, Alice can do a forward roll.  She's good on the balance beam.  I don't think Orin can walk on a balance beam to save his life, literally to save his life, so, you know, it's obviously, it's not a competition but my kids are crushing it, but yes, my--they do grow up fast.  The weird thing about children is that they age like one year per year, but their years are amazing, you know, like, when I hung out with Orin a year ago, he couldn't crawl.  He couldn't do anything.  He couldn't even roll over, I don't think, a year ago, and now he's like, you know, basically in college, and the same is true of my kids, like, my kids are like, they're basically grown-ups now.  I kind of think that they could like, they could be okay on their own.  Sometimes when Alice and I are walking in the woods, she'll turn to me and she'll say, I'm a jungle girl, and I'll be like, what is that?  And she'll be like, I'm a jungle girl, I live alone in the jungle, and I'm like, okay, alright, so, she certainly thinks she's ready.  

Let me give you an update to the 2017 Project for Awesome.  We're very close, oh my God, we're very close to $1.1 million. When did I say I was going to do this ridiculous hobby horse thing, $1.2?  I under--I might have underestimated the generosity of Nerdfighteria.  (?~57:38) gonna be a bad .gif, possibly .gif depending on your worldview.  It's gonna be, it's gonna be bad for the proverbial brand.  I might get a call from Penguin on Monday. 

Um, uh, so uh, there was some question about the digital bundle, whether the digital bundle--so like, the digital bundles not only include all of the current digital perks, they also include all of the future digital perks, so if there's any unlimited digital perk that comes out at any point, oh, we're at $1.1 million!

 (58:00) to (1:00:00)

Hold on, I think I have--I think I--oh, you know what I have from last year, and I didn't use it...this guy!  I didn't use this guy last year because like, it was a great Project for Awesome and everything, but I never felt like it got to the point where I wanted to spend like, six hours cleaning up confetti, you know?  But like, this is a, I mean, this is a cannon.  This thing says, by the way, is the link to donate.  You can get lots of good perks.  Um, uh, and you--all the money that you donate goes to Save the Children and Last Mile Health and your donations are matched by Hank and me and a group of Nerdfighters who I'll thank in a minute, and so you can really just have an incredible impact with even a small donation, plus you can get great perks at  

So the thing about this thing is that it says here on the bottom, "Caution: is not a toy" and I just always thought that was funny because like, of course caution is not a toy, but at the same time, I'm a little concerned that if I let this go, you know, like, there's no coming back from it, where I'm gonna be cleaning confetti--I'm gonna do it.  Alright.  Everybody, okay, here we go.  $1.1 million, here we go, last year's confetti cannon, you've gotta use it someday.  By the way, if this disappoints, I'm gonna be devastated.  Alright.  3...2...1...aahhhh!  Ohhooohhhooo!  That did not disappoint!  Wow!  I mean, I burst my earbud, which is a bummer.  My eardrums.  Earbuds.  I can't hear myself talk so.  It's a little bit louder than I'd anticipated, but still really good.  Really good.  $1.1 million.  

 (1:00:00) to (1:02:00)

That is gonna be a significant amount(?~1:60:10) toy.  It's true, it's true, caution is just a virtue.  Um, gosh that was loud.  It was louder--I think it was louder than anybody had anticipated.  Oh, it is a really good boomerang.  Man, can you post that to my Instagram?  Thanks.  Yeah, whenever there's a really good boomerang, I'm suddenly like, hey, I have an Instagram story, don't I?  But it's true, guys, just remember, if you take anything away from the 2017 Project for Awesome, let it be that caution is not a toy, you know, it's a virtue.  I think caution is--caution and stability, the two most underappreciated things in a human life.  That was really impressive.  I mean, my expectations were exceeded.  At some point, Sarah is gonna come down here and she's gonna be like, what the heck happened, and the kids are gonna come down here and they're gonna be like, yaaaahooo!  

By the way, I know that we haven't--I haven't been raising my hands everytime somebody donates $100.  I probably would have--Hank is probably better at raising money because of his hand-raising, but we're now over $1.1 million.  If we can make it to $1.2 by 8:00--no, by--before I leave, when do I leave, 10:00?  Oh, there's a great Kazakh novel, The Day Lasts Longer Than A Thousand Years.  It's a really good book.  Before 10:00 Eastern Time, I will, I will ride that tiny--that tiny horse.  There's no other way to say it.  Thanks to Rachel who just got the digital download bundle.  $60 and because it's all digital, that's $60 minus IndieGoGo fees that go straight to Last Mile Health and Save the Children.  Yeah, that was very satisfying, as (?~1:61:50) just pointed out.  It was very satisfying.  I see that SillyPixie is still keeping the lemon joke going, which is impressive.

 (1:02:00) to (1:04:00)

I had almost forgotten the lemon joke, but earlier, I tried--there's a great moment in this movie In the Loop--is that what it's called?--In The Loop, where somebody says that something is "easy peasy lemon squeezy" and somebody else replies, the sort of hero of the novel, who I think might not be the hero of the novel, I mean, the movie, he might just be the person I relate to the most, he says, "It's not easy peasy lemon squeezy, it's difficult, difficult, lemon, difficult" and Alic--Alice.  Sarah and I often say back and forth to each other that something is difficult, difficult, lemon difficult when things are hard, so um, earlier, I made a lemon joke, I said difficult difficult lemon difficult, lots of people really picked up on it, and I don't know, now lemons are a thing.  I'm probably gonna have to send out some signed plastic lemons before this is all over.  

Oh, my shirts are sold out!  Thank you to the last person to buy my shirt!  Oh my gosh, guys, there's confetti.  There's--so I got this part--can you see the confetti up there?  Yeah, it's, oh, I just covered it with my head.  There's confetti up on the ceiling.  Oh man, ah jeez, this is a pretty serious confetti situation.  Thank you to the last person to buy my shirt.  I know that you did--I know that you made a $150 donation to the Project for Awesome not because you wanted one of my shirts, but because you wanted that perk to go away, and I--you and I are on the same page, my friend, but enjoy my t-shirt.  I hope you get a good Pizza John one from years past.  

Thanks to Valerie and Hannah.  Hannah just got a signed copy of Turtles All The Way Down, with either a hand-drawn spiral from me or a Yeti from my wife.  I'll show you what the spirals look like, in case that motivates you.  Well, I can't promise that this will be a good one.  Ohh.  It's the first chapter of Turtles All the Way Down that I read, you know, like, before the book came out during--it was a very--I don't know if it was the most stressful period of my time--my life, but it was certainly a very stressful period and I was so scared about what everybody would think of it.  So the spiral kinda looks--well, that's not a very good one.

 (1:04:00) to (1:06:00)

But who knows, you could get one like that, or you could get one like this.  Well, now that looks like the eyes of Dr. TJ Eckleburg.  The spirals look like this, and that like, the cover of the book is, you know, the spirals look like this.  These are like, the page proofs.  The spirals look like that, and that's Rodrigo Corral, the brilliant designer who designed the cover and designed the cover of The Fault in our Stars as well.  That's like, the spiral from the side, I guess, but this is the spiral from above and there's this Raymond Pettibon painting that is in Turtles All the Way Down and the way, this is my attempt to recreate that spiral because I saw that painting, that Raymond Pettibon painting at an art show in Miami and it looked--it was the first time in my whole life when I felt like I saw what my thoughts looked like and I saw what like, I guess what my disordered thoughts look like, and it was an incredibly powerful moment in my life.  I like, like, stood in front of that painting and felt like, not alone, felt like my thought patterns had been given some kind of like, direct form instead of just metaphorical form and yeah, so this is my attempt to recreate that, and you'll either get one of these or you'll get an adorable Yeti created by my wife and you can get that for a $60 donation to the Project for Awesome at or you can get the Project for Awesome vlogbrothers calendar--oh, Rosianna just featured the book perk, thanks, Rosianna.  

Oleksandr just got the digital bundle, and Hello from Sweden! just got the lapel pin.  Hello back.  We do ship worldwide, so yeah, we're gonna--Rosianna's gonna go let Willy inside.  He's probably ready.  You can bring him--I'll reapply the diaper.  That's kind of an owner-specific thing.  

 (1:06:00) to (1:07:37)

Oh man, we're at almost at $1.11 million raised for Last Mile Health and Save the Children, and almost $250,000 at the Project for Awesome IndieGoGo.  Thanks again to everybody who's donated.  We've had a really good hour here with the Project for Awesome and we've got lots of great perks that are still available.  Some stuff is sold out, sorry about everybody who was looking for one of my t-shirts, no longer available, but you can get--there's still about 70--60 copies of Turtles All The Way Down with one of these spirals or with the Yeti available for a $60 donation, which, because your money is matched by Hank and me and also by donors to Last Mile Health and Save the Children, would be a $240 donation to those organizaitons, so that's good, and Claire just got the Tuatara coin.  Claire, I promise you--did he wanna come in or no?  Is he not ready?  Oh, here he is, hello, buddy.  Hello.  Oh thank you.  Hold on, I gotta reapply a diaper to this dog.  (?~1:67:27) You'd be surprised, I mean, I think he gets it.  I mean, I'm not sure that he gets it.  

R: He's like, it's gonna happen.  

J: Yeah, it's more like, it seems to have achieved some level of--