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I can't believe that it's September (for me, I'm a day ahead of my normal self)! So my book is coming out in 25 days!? WHAT?!

Nervous and excited and trying to stay focused on the sequel! Melbourne is great and I'm still jet-lagged and confused, but at least all of these people are very nice.

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Good morning John,
I'm in Melbourne Australia, that's the convention centre where VidCon is currently happening as of the release of this video but not quite yet as of the recording of it. While I'm in the city of my Australian publisher Hachette has asked me to answer some questions about my book and since it's coming out in less than 30 days I'm gonna do that. I'm doing it with the help of some Australian voices because I love that accent. "What's your writing routine like?" guitar(?~0:26) trying to be so Australian "What's your writing routine like?" I open my laptop unless it's already open and then I type. "Why did you name your protagonist April, is there some kind of metaphor here?" Oh wow these a lot of water on the lens, I'm a pretty on the page kind of writer like there's not a lot of subtext honestly, I like to be pretty explicit ,but that being said I mean there is reasons they not really metaphorical but you don't know them. "How does writing a book change the way you experience other books?" I can tell you that it definitely does change it I wouldn't say it's better or worse, first of all it's harder to not compare myself to good writers and be like oh I'm bad at this, and second like yeah you see more of the process you see more of how it works (?~1:08)