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In which John sings the theme song from Blossom, eats a teaspoon of horseradish at 8 in the morning (not recommended), and discusses various opinionations.


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A Bunny
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(outside) Good morning, Hank. It's Friday, February 25th. I'm extremely tired, it's extremely early, and I'm on my way to go to the grocery store to buy horseradish. (at home) Friday, February 25th? Jesus, I must be really tired. Either that, or I've traveled forward in time to the year 2011. It's Tuesday, February 27th. Hank, if you're wondering why I'm so tired, it's because I stayed up way past my bedtime last night. Why was I up so late? Because I was cataloguing my books on! (does Nerdfighters sign) Nerdfighters! Hank, before I start my challenge, I want to give you one. The challenge I want to give you is to do something awesome with Nerdfighters. (does Nerdfighters sign) Nerdfighters! Our viewers have had some excellent ideas for how to do this. Oh, by the way, Sarah doesn't own any hats except for baseball caps, so I'm not going to be wearing a hat. However, I will show you a special treat. (Shows his little tuft of hair)(singing the theme song to "Blossom") Don't fight the feeling; you know you want to have a good time! And in my opinionation, the sun is gonna surely shine. Do you mean the sun will shine eventually? Because that's not just your opinionation; that's also a reasonable assumption. I mean, in my opinionation, the sun will surely rise and set...and give off heat. Hank, I have here one teaspoon of horseradish. I've never eaten this stuff before, but Sarah says that it's gonna be pretty hard. (smells and coughs) That'll wake you up in the morning. (Talking to the Yeti) Should I try to do it all at once, or should I just try to just do it in little bites? The Yeti: All at once. John: No, I'm gonna try little bites first. You're trying to trick me! It looks like mayonnaise. I hate mayonnaise. (Licks and coughs) It's really bad! It's. Alright. (Licks and coughs, then licks and pounds leg, repeats and groans) I just have to do this. I have to do this. I have to... (licks) This is the worst. This is worse...this is...this is like waxing your chin, only longer. (scoops the rest with his first two fingers) I have this much left. (stares at it) Do it. (quickly licks from fingers, has trouble swallowing, The Yeti laughs) Aaaahhh! (pounds leg with fist) Oww! (drinks a large gulp of water) That was horrible. But I did it; I did it! I did it! (clutches stomach) Oh, my stomach hurts so bad! Oh, my God. Hank, I'll see you tomorrow.