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Michael Toad narrates his life. Obviously.
(Intro- I'm so bad at game!)

Michael: My flower is up there. (Katherine: Yours is up there.)

Now I can shoot fire!

We just built a bridge!

We did it! 

Oh its a little bit dark in here guys.

Careful guys the ground is slippery. It appears to be covered in, ah, ice.

You froze it!

Oh, its a haunty house.

Oh there's flames!
Oh I did not get it in time. (Hank: You died.)

(Katherine: Hooray!) A key!

I love rainbows.

I'm big!

I'm huge!

Oh that's a big one!

That's a big urchin!

No big urchin!

The A button is a thing.

Oh a thing.

Oh look a door!

Oh a door!

I'm in the door.

I'm Batman.

I'm sweaty.

Ooh I'm Tarzan!

I got a goomba in the mouth!

I got the flag!

A flag!

Oh its got the caterpillars!

Giant caterpillars attacking me!

Wow... that's a caterpillar.

That was terrifying!

I'm a mushroom.

I am a mushroom.

I'm a mushroom.

I'm a fungus.

I'm a mushroom.

I'm a mushroom.

I'm a mushroom.

I'm a mushroom.

I'm a mushroom.

I'm a penguin!

Oh no... I'm a dead penguin.

I am not a penguin I am a mushroom.