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We drove out to Indiana to get a closer look at The Wall of Magic in John Green's salon. Art director Danica Johnson shows off some of her favorite hidden gems and explains how she built the set.
Jason English: Hi, I'm Jason English, editor of mental_floss.  Over the past six months, we've gotten hundreds of emails from people asking "What is the deal with this wall?", where can they build one, where can they find the things on it, well, what is that?  So, I drove all the way out to Indianapolis from our New York office to ask the creator of the wall, Danica Johnson, if she would explain exactly what's happening.

Danica: The gallery wall itself, I feel like it could be its own separate feature.  There's so much amazing artwork and incredibly talented artists.  What I like to do with the wall whenever possible is to find artists doing really interesting work.  It's nice to be able to go through that and curate it and find the things that really are pretty much totally awesome.  

You've got the Hank and John felties, John book cover robots...

Jason: Robot book covers, we have the miniature book covers of the other books that--

Danica: Here's the fan, the fan...

Jason: Slightly larger....

Danica: Yes. And it is a absolute representation... I think it's just like the first chapter... but like somebody put in time to make this thing, and it's gorgeous! It's just this little experiment in polyclay. It's a very, sort of masculine wall, so I like the idea of adding in a little something... Ornaments, out of lids from the Internet. So of course cats. Stuffed animal specimen jars, one of absolute favorites; we've got Yoshi, and this meerkat is from Meredith's personal collection.

Jason: So a lot of these actual figures came from Stan's personal collection, then?

Danica: My personal collection, Stan's personal collection is all over the place, including your Captain Picard... where's Captain Stubing?

Jason: Oh, he's over here.

Danica: Yeah.

Jason: They answered our trivia question...

Danica: Who... what sort of kid has a Captain Stubing action figure? I'm not too really sure who all is on there, but Johnny Bench is the one who's like, "Whoa, there's a baseball signed by Johnny Bench! I'd better put that up there!" Because, while there's so much geekery involved in the wall, there are not a lot of sports.

Jason: So tell us about the building of the actual wall itself.

Danica: The plan is based on a sketched-out idea on graph paper. I knew I wanted it to be balanced, but also very segmented, which... takes some time. Lots and lots of original design.

Jason: So you just need a little graph paper and a pencil, and you too can have one of these. Would it be okay if I add something to the wall?

Danica: I would love for you to add something to the wall.

Jason: This is a Edgar the Dinosaur from the mental_floss board game Split Decision. I could... you're the expert here. I don't know where it would be comfortable...

(puts Edgar by the top)

Thank you so much for walking us through the wall, and for building the wall in the first place.

Danica: My pleasure.