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This week's questions:
1:49 I know you've said that vitamins essentially make expensive pee, but what if you can't afford to get nutritious food often and are mostly eating carbs because you're super poor? Would vitamins help?
4:08 What do you recommend for weaning babies? Whole milk has been the traditional drink but what is the better alternative?
5:56 What are your thoughts of the new laws in California and a few other states that allow women to have access to birth control without seeing a doctor?
7:22 How/why does granular scar tissue form? If you have had issues with it once, what are the chances of having it happen again, particularly when it occurred postpartum? And why is it so darn painful?
9:13 Have you read any books or poetry about being a doctor? Any favorites or recommendations?
12:30 Have you seen the silly promotional video for the Squatty Potty? Is there truth to any of its health claims?
14:24 Other than rest, ice, compression, and elevation, is there anything else I should be doing for a calf strain? I'm on day 3.
15:16 Was wondering what the research says about how effective EPA and DHA fish-oil supplements are for treating depression? Particularly interested in how they can be used for treating depression in those with a history of being clinically underweight due to illness.
16:36 Due to the humidity, sometimes I just hate wearing my glasses (it feels icky). My mom said it will make my vision worse. Is that true? Does regularly not wearing prescriptions to correct vision problems have any long term cumulative effects?
19:08 I was diagnosed as a type I diabetic 20 years ago. Back then they said I'd probably be cured of it by now. What kind of realistic expectations should I set for the next 20 years?
22:43 How have EMRs affected physicians approaches to care? Helpful? Harmful? Burnout?
26:57 Can we as citizens do anything to lower healthcare costs?
27:26 Thoughts on Rogue One Trailer?
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