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Today's episode is sponsored by, an online streaming platform where you can find the largest and most diverse range of ethically made, produced, and distributed adult cinema. In preparation for this video, I did some research. In the name of science and education I watched porn, and I read books and I talked to people who make it.

I've been curious. What is ethical porn? What separates it from other porn and why does the distinction matter? Here's the criteria for ethical porn. Performers are 18 years old. Their judgment is not impaired by drugs or alcohol. They're informed about the industry, what it means to be an adult performer, and how it will affect their goals. 

There's consent from all parties about the scene and acts involved. Often this is negotiated to be mutually beneficial, like asking them who they want to work with and what fantasies they want to carry out. Everyone is paid a fair wage and it's decided upfront. No bargaining, no exploitation. Boundaries and personal limits are respected. No one is pressured or coerced into doing anything they don't want to do, and people can change their minds.

The environment is health controlled, and the working conditions are safe for both the performers and the crew. Safety first. STI testing, best bondage practices, food, water, and regular breaks. Ethical porn is more likely to include diverse body types, racialized groups, genders, and themes; and it doesn't usually categorize content like other porn does. This infographic by Jon Millward shows the most common female roles that appear in mainstream porn.

1,966 titles in the teen category, 954 MILF, 499 wife, then you have cheerleader, nurse, daughter, and at number 15 runaway. Stereotyping the performers like this contributes to social inequalities. It takes the focus away from people experiencing pleasure and reduces them their size, age, and/or ethnicity. Watching people have sex can be awkward. It's taboo, but when you add doubts about whether or not it's consensual, or enjoyable, if it's playing up questionable stereotypes and emphasizing specific bodies over others, it's easy to get turned off by what you were using to get turned on. 

So why would anyone produce porn that isn't ethical? The response I was given is that abuse and exploitation exist in every single industry, people smuggle weapons, they sell illegal drugs, cheat, lie, cut corners, etc because they care about the short term gain and the profit. If they can get away with not paying performers well, or at all, manipulating them into things they think will get views even though there isn't consent.

Then they will get the prestige, or the money, and their behavior is reinforced. I bet you want porn for free. You want to access it quickly, and you've probably reasoned out in your head that what you're watching is okay. It can't be doing any real harm, so you continue downloading it from wherever and you cross your fingers that it's really not that bad as you rub one out. 

Scene: from the man's perspective. There's a lot of body parts, gazing, thrusting, bashing. You can't tell if the other person is enjoying it. I mean, they're acting like they are it's porn that's what happens. But if there is a female character her satisfaction is rarely the objective. More often she's being used to satisfy others as a prop of sorts. Right up until the cum shot which ends the scene. 

Imagine this instead: the woman tells her fantasy to a producer, who she wants to have sex with, where and in what ways. This becomes the basis for the film. Snuggling? Okay. Dance scenes? Sure. Fucking and coming and licking and petting in a boat? Yes! There's a lot of the same things that mainstream porn offers, but you know that the performers are being compensated fairly and they're enjoying the work.

I love the quotation from ethical porn producer Erika Lust, "Sex can be dirty but the values have to be clean." Porn has its value. It can be an amazing way to learn about sexuality, bodies, and physiology. It can help partners communicate what they do and don't want, help them explore fantasies, help people get turned on. 

But if I were to watch something someone was willing to do but didn't want to do, if there was even the slightest doubt that the sex acts or the scene wasn't pleasurable, this would turn me off. Thank goodness I don't have to. I actually have an incredible ability to shape the industry so that everything from the casting decisions to the distribution is ethical and I can ethically and effectively consume it. 

How? The first way is to find it. Do some research. Learn which production companies are driven by ethics and aren't just compliant. How are the performers treated? How do employees feel about the production company? Who are the directors and what are their values?  

I've saved you a little time here. only distributes ethical porn in ethical ways, which means there's going to be a cost. Pay for your porn. It makes sure that performers are appreciated, that producers are validated, and it reinforces ethical standards. If there's money in doing the right thing, more people will do the right thing. 

Lastly, promote ethical porn. Make it a part of sex education. Enlighten others around you. Write about it, talk about it, and stay curious. made this episode possible. They shared their insight with me. They gave me access to their films, and they have a special gift for those of you who are 18 plus. is the first pay per film online streaming platform that features only ethically made adult cinema. It's a place of beauty, realism, and sex positivity. All the good things I've talked about. No nasty pop-ups or wanting to hide your internet history.

EroticFilms lets you browse by genre, but not the typical offensive categories. Instead there's videos by female directors, sex education with guides to cunnilingus and prostate massage, queer, lesbian, and gay cinema, romantic comedy, and a fun crowd sourcing option, XConfessions. All these films of real fantasies brought to life ethically. To find out more, you can see the ethos of the company and the real people behind it on their page, "How we make our films." 

Then if you're old enough and you want to check it out for yourself use the promotional code "Sexplanations" to get one film in your shopping cart at no cost to you. There's more information in the description.