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Edited By Tim Thomas


Hank: Welcome to Games with Hank.  I'm Hank, this is games with me.  It's also focaccia with Katherine.  It's Wii Wednesday, the day when we and my wife, Katherine, play a Wii game.  So far, we've only played Super Mario 3D World, because there's a lot of Super Mario 3D World to play, and hopefully you enjoy it.

We just conquered an underwater-y level, and now there's this pipe that we might go into. 

Katherine: I don't know if I'd say we conquered it.

Hank: Well, we--

Katherine: We completed it.

Hank: We completed it and got no stars, so that's somethin' else.

Katherine: We did not really 'complete' it.

Hank: Yeah, it was--it was a little embarrassing.  Oh, John's calling me.

Now we're going--just finished talkin' to my brother--

 World 3-6 Mount Must Dash (0:46)

Katherine: Did you see, it's Mount Must Dash?

Hank: Mount Must Dash! 

Katherine: Must Dash.

Hank: Dang!  That's hilarious!

Katherine: I gots a mustache.

Hank: I made a mistake. You gotta bounce hard, Katherine, or you'll be left behind. 

Katherine: I will.

Hank: I lost my crown.  I can't believe you're still alive. 

Katherine: Well. Somebody bubbled. 

Hank: Well, I mean, that was fun.  For me.  Come on, you gotta go.  I'm going down a thing!  You got--it's called Mount Must Dash!  You gotta dash!

Katherine: I hate you right now.  Just FYI.

Hank: Daaaaash!

Katherine: I hope you die.

Hank: Well, I'm not going to, 'cause I'm too talented.

Katherine: (?) (1:43)

Hank: It wouldn't be the first time.  Ohhh, I missed the star. 

Katherine: (?) (1:53)

Hank: We're so fast, Katherine, look how fast we are! 

Katherine: Too soon. I jumped too soon. 

Hank: You jumped too soon.  I mean, we should play that level again just Cuz it was fun.

Katherine: Yeah, it was super fun.  I had a great time.

Hank: What happened? What's wrong?

Katherine: So fun. 

Hank: A BUNNY! Must Dash. I really liked that. 

Katherine: Super fun. That's what happens when you spend the whole level in a bubble.

Hank: I don't understand what that has anything to do with cold.

Katherine: It doesn't.  There's just--it's lip service here.

Hank: We didn't get any of the stars.  Let's go try to get some stars. 

Katherine: Rrr.

Hank: Rrr.

Katherine: Well then.

Katherine: Let's see who leaves who behind this time. Shoot on a cracker. Oh my God, where am I going?  Wow, that was weird, it's like I couldn't stop.  Okay, well, thanks for not waiting for me, again. 

Hank: It's hard to stop!

Katherine: Yeah, but you could have waited for me.  See what I'm saying?

Hank: Thank you for sacrificing yourself for the star.  It's very fast.  Fast moving.  We're gonna lose our facecam, we're running out of--ohhh, hey hey hey, oh, where you goin'?  We're trying to get the stars.

Katherine: Hmm, I don't know what you're talking about.  Where are they?

Hank: I don't know.  We've gotta look around.

Katherine: Oh my God, I couldn't stop. 

Hank: I know! 

Katherine: I couldn't stop running. 

Hank: Oh God! 

Katherine: Oh my God, I jumped into the-- you missed a question mark back there.

Hank: I believe it.  I also jumped off the edge and died.

Katherine: Me too.  So. 

Hank: Where you goin' so fast?  Why are you so fast?

Katherine: There it is.  Right there.  There it is again.

Hank: What?  Oh that one.  Yeah.  Oh.  Yeah.  Good job, I didn't see it. 

Katherine: No, I know.

Hank: Oh, it's a bunny! 

Katherine: Get off my head.

Hank: You--I do not do that to you.  Yeah.  Why can't we get it?  It's too fast.  Oh my God!  We--

(gasps & mutual yelling/frustration)

Hank: WHAT!  We were going too fast to get the star!  Frickin...

Katherine: You can't get back there!

Hank: I know we can't get back there.  It's terrible.  I killed myself 'cause I hate--hate the world too much. 

Katherine: Okay.  Well then.  This is a lot of not being very good at things.

Hank: Awww.  Bouncy (?) (5:01)  Alright.  Come over here.  Come here.  Oh, he stopped, ahhh.  I can't turn around.

Katherine: I know, that's the thing.

Hank: What the frick!  Graaahhh, I don't like the bunny. 

Katherine: Nope. (?) (5:20) I give up. I don't even. I don't wanna try that again.

Hank: What am I gonna--how do I try again? 

Katherine: Well, you can't do it now. 

Hank: Well, I didn't know how to do it anyway. 

Katherine: Pheeewwww.

Hank: We got one star.

Katherine: Why'd you go in that, why didn't you go in the--

Hank: There was a thing?

Katherine: to get the star?

Hank: There was no way up there. You have to jump up there.

Katherine: Well, how do you do it?

Hank: Wow, I almost overshot it.

Katherine: It's a ral fun to not--

Hank: I was just tryna get the level over with because we couldn't get any more stars. Could kill myself.

Katherine: (laughs) Could. It was an option.

Hank: I decided against that.

Katherine: Yeah, u-huh, a whole zero points is what I got.

Both: Kitty.

Katherine: Kitty. Meaow.

Hank: That wasn't worth it.

Katherine: We gotta get the uh... we gotta get that batteries pack for this thing.

Hank: Yeah I know.

Katherine: I hate... uhm

Hank: I'm sorry.

Katherine: I hated that.

Hank: uhm. OK. I hear you.

Katherine: That was really not a lot of fun for me.

Hank: I don't-- I'm sorry. You're tiny.

Katherine: I'm tiny again.

Hank: One, two, three jump.

Katherine: (laughs)

Hank: I was gonna correct.

Katherine: (laughing) Oh, ok.

Hank: One, two, three jump. We got 100. Thanks for all the stars. I mean coins. 

Katherine: (singing) meow, meow, me- me- me meow.

Hank: (mimics Katherine) meow, meow, me- me- me meow.

Katherine: I'd rather be a kitty. Like, make me a kitty. Lives are useless.

Hank: Lives are useless.

Katherine: make us--

Hank: Make me a kitty.

 World 3-7 Switchboard Falls (7:16)

Katherine: --and just let us come back anyway.

Hank: Switchboard Falls. It's sometimes hard not to throw you into oblivion, love.

Katherine: Why?

Hank: I don't know why.

Katherine: I wasn't doing anything.

Hank: No, I don't mean like, cuz I want to, I just like-- it's sometimes hard.  (nervous riding the thing noises)

Katherine: See how I did that, I slowed us down.

Hank: You did.

Katherine: (exerted noises) let me up!

Hank: Bees! Bees. Bees.

Katherine: I'm tiny. I'm stuck. Stuck in here. 

Hank: I'm always stuck. You have to go over to this thing. (the music goes muffled underwater, they laugh) Good sound design.

Katherine: Cute.

Hank: Where are we going? Over there? OK, if you say so lady. Careful, there's a giant electrocuting... thing, there.

Katherine: If I get on this thing, then I can get up there.

Hank: Good.

Katherine: Yeah, that's right.

Hank: yeah, yeah, you got nothing on me! oh geez. Aw, shoot. aw shoot this is ext-- more time consuming than I was expecting for it to be.

Katherine: (laughs) Come back over here and shot this thing cuz it's annoying to me. Okay.

Hank: It's annoying to me as well. I feel like I should be able to go into this waterfall. I can't.

Katherine: Jerkin' around with these bees over her, so I can die.

Hank: (laughs) "Jerkin' around with these bees" Get out of the thing!

Katherine: God, god.

Hank: Sorry I should've been there for you, brother.

Katherine: I fell in again. I'm stuck. Oh, yeah, hell yeah. Alright.

Hank: WHAAAAT? I was firing balls at you like crazy!

Katherine: That's mine!

Hank: We get to share it. (sings) Working at the car wash! Whoa-oh-oh-oh.

Katherine: Yeah, we needed that.

Hank: Weeeeeee. (singing) whoa-oh, sing it with me car wash yeah. Working at the weeeee.. Nice.

Katherine: I'm even nervous.

Hank: uh-oh. This makes me nervous

Katherine: Agreed. Agreed. Agreed.

Hank: whee (gibberish)

Katherine: Squaws)

Hank: Yes! Gah! (they both squawk)

Katherine: Shoot the coins... uh skirt.

Hank: Shoot the coin skirt? (panic noises) My crown! I died. I died! You go the prune po the prune.

Katherine: Nice. awww. 

Hank: (more gibberish)

Katherine: (imitates Hank) Huh. whoa. What? (panting/panicking) aww, man! I fell in the hole!

Hank: (laughs) I was occupied.

Katherine: Yeah, you were doing a great job

Hank: oh come on! I fired a fire ball at you how are you alive!? uhh, careful, Oh my what the word!? Oh my what the word!? Oh my what the word.
Katherine: Our computer stopped recording.

Hank: I know. I know, thanks for watching--

Katherine: Nobody got to see you make that horrible face

Hank: --this episode of Hank and Katherine play Super Mario--

Katherine: Hank.

Hank: Hank and Katherine. Hankekathrin. kankehathrine. HEW World 3D. You-- Thanks for watching this episode of Games with hank. We've been Hank, and you've been the game.

Katherine: Sweet

Hank: DFTBA.