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In which John and Hank drink some of your suggested pizza cocktails. Congratulations to Lindsey Thompson on suggesting our favorite of the Pizzamas cocktails.

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J: Good morning Hank it's Wednesday. Guess what we're doing.

H: I know. The pizza cocktails.

J: We're making some pizza cocktails! We're using my Pizza John shot glass and then this glass from the hotel because Hank forgot his Pizza John shot glass.

H: I did.

J: Okay Hank first I need some V8 Juice, some vodka, a mozzarella stick and pepperoni. The super modern take on the Bloody Mary.

H: I hate Bloody Mary's by the way.

J: No me too

H: One of my least favourite cocktails. You like tear it like this and then put it on the rim of the glass

J: The mozzarella stick and the pepperoni i think are mostly for garnish

H: But you can stir with the mozzarella stick as well.

J: U-huh

H: That's bad

J: That did not taste good

H: Chaser

J: Mozzarella's pretty good though. All the stuff you don't want goes in there. Boy that looks exactly like puke.

H: Hahahahahaha

J: Alright our next cocktail is called the tipsy John Green. Hank I need some diet Dr Pepper and Vodka

H: Oh

J: so easy-peasy

H: Dink

J: That's good

H: That is good. That's the best diet Dr. Pepper I've ever had. Ahh

J: That's the best vodka I've ever had. The old school Vlogbrothers joke. It's equal parts champagne, Dr. Pepper Strawberry Hill but they didn't have Strawberry Hill so we're going with Mike's Hard lemonade. here's to the species continuing into 2018.

H: boop

J: Small pleasures. Really good!

H: Amazing

J: Oh My god!

H: one of the best champagnes I've ever had

J: A plus plus! 

H Thats like the best way to hae diet Dr. Pepper, the best way to have Mike's strawberry lemonade and the best way to have champagne.

J: Sorry you'll excuse me while I pour myself another one. How do you make Ovaltine? Yes. Hank our next cocktail is called The Hank. One part Strawberry Hill which in this case is Mike's Hard Lemondae, one part vodka and one part Ovaltine because you made an Ovaltine joke in the previous video so you, you're the reason we're in this problem.

H: Maybe I made a mistake. Beautiful like striations in John's. Look how pretty it is. 

J: Show it with the Pizza John out so people know that there's value in that the 

H: OOOH The remote control! Cheers to Calzones!

J: Calzones. Not good. It's a very good one. It's keep it simple and it's just a shot of bubbly water. Pour yourself a double. Hey cheers, here's to Willis Carrier.

H: Willis Carrier.

J: Long may he live. Mmmmmm. Ah that might be my favourite of the night. 

H: Wisconsin!

J: Hank we are down to our last drink of the 2017.

H: I feel like I'm flying like a G6.

J: The guy who created the Periodic table also created Vodka?

H: He defined vodka.

J: Seriously?

H: So yeah he was Russian and uh he created the definition of what vodka was.

J: Hank we've gotta get to our last drink of tonight which is, it's called the Vlogbrothers Classic

H: Okay

J: It's Strawberry Hill with a peep on top.

H: What flavour do you want? Do you want Marshmallow ghosts or do you want spooky cats? 

J: Just for future reference Peeps don't have flavour they just have shape. We don't have Srawberry Hill but we have Mike's Hard Strawberry Lemonade. If you weren't completely incapacitated by the 2 1/2 units of alcohol you've had you would understand the incredible importance of pitching DFTBA merch during Pizzamas.

H: We don't have to it's such high quality stuff people will get it whether we talk about it or not.

J: Oh, I mean that was almost my favourite drink of the night. Hank, get a hold of yourself for God's sake's. the winner and the person who's gonna receive all the Pizzamas merch is the old school Vlogbrothers joke, equal parts Strawberry Hill, champagne and diet Dr. Pepper.

H: It wa good!

J: It was delicious.

H: I want to fll up bottles with it and sell it on the black market.

J: I wouldn't go that far. Hank thank you for being here, get some rest and I will see you tomorrow.