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Buying your first vibrator or a new one can be confusing. The sex toy industry puts out so many playthings to keep people entertained and keeps making them cooler and cooler. This video is intended to be a short, helpful guide to picking a vibrator you'll really enjoy.

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I'm Dr.

Lindsey Doe, a clinical sexologist and the host of this sex curious show Sexplanations. Today's Vibrator Guide is sponsored by

And you can get all the toys we're featuring in this video on their site. [WHIP CRACKING, COUGH]. I'm going to imagine that you're a first-timer. You know what vibrators are and you may have even seen a few but there's some confusion about how to invest in one (or what to buy someone else).

This confusion is reasonable. Vibrators are the most sought after sex toy in a 25 billion dollar industry. There's incredible diversity in what you can choose from, the quality of products, and their values.

Of course it's going to be daunting. This guide is exactly where I want you to start. It'll help understand what's what and what's right for you, or your loved one.

Vibrators can be categorized in many different ways:. By material By function. By cost Brand.

And performance -- how sophisticated is the toy at getting you off? If you're shopping for a first-time vibe, you can go all out on something like the Regal vibe. It pulses, vibrates, and escalates at multiple settings.

It's penetrative parts are body-friendly silicone and it's tapered for comfort. But maybe you want to try a few other options before deciding which kind of luxury you want to save up for. These vibrators are just a handful of unique designs that serve specific purposes and may or may not be the right fit for you.

This one is called a bullet vibe and it's actually the power source for a lot of other toys. Like this playset with three different sleeves to change an egg-shape to and angled one. Or these anal beads.

Wands like these are plugged in for their power source. They can be used for massaging your shoulders or for really direct stimulation of external erogenous zones like the clit and perineum. For internal stimulation there are vibes with a more phallic shape.

This one is curved to create a very strong ripple on what some call the g-spot. Then there's rabbit vibes -- anything that has this general shape....originally a phallus and like this one, a rabbit with ears that would vibrate on either side of a clitoris. This vibrator has ears!

Now they're made to be ambiguous, sleek, or playful with other species for clit stimulation. This one warms up as you use it. This one swivels.

This one thrusts in and out and it's clit vibe is a cuddlefish!!! Which is a whole new level of technology than my first vibe. Since we're trying to be smart my suggestion would be to organize design qualities into lists of what you want, you're willing to go with but isn't ideal, and your won'ts --.

I won't put that anywhere near my body! I'll list them some vibe characteristics and simulate moving them into these columns, the way I want you to, for yourself. Firm, rigid, realistic, body-friendly, purple.

Made from non-toxic materials like medical grade silicone, glass, metal. Phthalate-free. Rechargeable, battery operated, hands-free, big, small, discreet, showy.

Warming. It swivels, thrusts, beckons, talks back. Remote operated.

Strap-on compatible. Wide base for anal. Textured.

Waterproof. Has five star reviews. Some of the characteristics I listed you might not understand or know whether or not you care about them.

That unknowing is your customer research summary. What you need to find out. Maybe something like escalation.

What does that mean? Escalation means the vibrations start slow and low, then build over time to faster more fervent vibrations. Do you want escalation in your new vibe?

Maybe there are some things you don't know. With your want/will/won't list in hand (or on your phone) head to a sex toy store and find out. Pick up display models, turn them on, and then run them across your body.

You have clothes on! What feels so good you wish you could just snap your fingers and be at home to experience more? The goal is to be seduced by the sensation not the appearance, so I want you to reference your list -- I don't want you get distracted by all the pretty shapes and colors.

Focus on the feels. Now if you've found the one, great. I'm a huge fan of supporting local business and immediate gratification - it won't hurt my feelings if you buy it on the spot and ignore the rest of this guide.

If you can hold off though, finance gurus recommend doing price comparisons. Shopping around to find the same toy for less. Maybe half price?

Any time you want to buy a new toy for your repertoire you can use the discount code D-O-E, my last name, DOE at They'll give you 50% off an eligible item in your shopping cart plus free shipping on orders to the US and Canada. While you're on the site, teach yourself some things.

What's available for vibrating nipples? What toys are recommended for partners? What's the latest technology in panty vibrators?

And which toys have the best reviews? I'm actually a huge fan of doing this with friends or partners. Going to the store or home in pajamas at the computer, scrolling through potential playthings and getting real time feedback on what the other person thinks.

Vibrators are to pleasure as showers are to singing. You don't need them, but they can make the experience much more powerful and can boost your self-confidence pretty quickly. That's a gift!

Stay curious. And don't forget to use the code DOE at for half off, half off an eligible item and free shipping to the US and Canada.