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In which Hank tours the fabulous new Christmas-themed Nerdcrafteria Spawn and discusses the future of HankGames...and then has a little snowball fight.
Hello and welcome to Hank Green Plays Nerdcrafteria and gives you Hankgames news because there is much news to be had in Hankgames.

First, look at how beautiful spawn is. Isn't it beautiful? There's a beautiful Christmas Tree with Christmas presents and while I'd sort of give you a tour of spawn and maybe a little bit of Nerdville which is the main town here in Nerdcrafteria, I'm going to tell you some things that are going on at Hankgames that you need to know about.

First, John is indeed going to upgrade to FIFA 13, just in time for FIFA 14 to come out. 

Second, we, Katherine and I, and some people will be disappointed to hear this. Apparently, plugin broken. Oh no. Creative Mode is dead for the moment - I apologize for that. Katherine and I are indeed going to stop playing Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7 because, mostly because its a terrible game. I don't know if you guys noticed that but I really don't like it and I just can't bring myself to play it more.

So we're climbing up a tree here, right now, through a light beam and you can actually climb up a bit into the tree here and if you go this way, you sort of have a path to go way up the tree and hopefully I wont fall. And, sorry this is taking more concentration than I expected so I'm just going to jump and fly away. So isn't this a beautiful tree. Beautiful tree. Well done people. So there's Frosty the Snowman here and there's John and Me over here. Let's go check me out. 

And so, yes, we're going to stop playing that game because its not very good and I apologize for everybody who wants to see us play it but we're stopping because we don't enjoy it that much and also because no one else seems to that much and also, because we're going to be playing Super Mario Bros Wii U.  The new, new Super Mario Brothers and that's very exciting for us.

I'm standing on top of my head now and I'm just going to look out over Nerdville here. Oh, by the way, Nerdville does have plots available now for people who, there are some folks who joined up and never used their plots, so those plots are re-available now. This one's sold but there are many that are available all over Nerdville so check it out if you're interested in a plot in Nerdville.

So, yeah, but we have not been able to start playing Super Mario Brothers Wii U yet. We have actually played it - Katherine and I have - but we haven't been able to capture it. 1. Because the capture card I had, I wasn't able to use it because its only HDMI and I want to be able to capture in HD and I'm not going to not capture in HD because its the freaking Wii U and that's part of the whole point. Second, we, so that didn't work so I got a new capture card, the HDPVR2 but I got a defective one and it wasn't able to capture all 3 of the color channels so I only got 2 of them and everything was pink and you didn't want to watch me play pink HD Super Mario Brothers. Maybe you did, I don't know. Maybe you did but I didn't want to do that so then I got a thing that instead of getting a new capture card, this was a cheaper option. I just got a converter box that took the HDMI and turned it into component so I could use my old capture box and that worked except it doesn't work for the Wii U. It works in the video channels but not in the audio ones so there's no audio. So that was extra annoying.

Now, I'm telling you all this so you won't be mad at me for not playing Super Mario Brothers Wii U yet but we're going to go through the whole story so that's where we're at now. I'm.... so I guess what I have to do, my current course of action if no one in the comments has any better suggestions, is to just get another HDPVR2, this one will hopefully be not defective so I'll have to go through the tech support thing. That's going to be annoying and its... it always loads so slowly here in Nerdcrafteria. So that's my current course of action. If anybody has any better suggestions for courses of actions, please let me know.

What does this say? "UGR" That's what is says just "UGR". There's the robot arms there. So there are plots available all over the place, things are going well in here in Nerdcrafteria.

Things are going well in HankGames and I apologize that 1 we are not going to be playing anymore Lego Harry Potter, for the people who are fans of that series. And 2 that we haven't been able to upload any Super Mario Brothers Wii yet. We will soon and it'll be very fun and maybe Michael and some of maybe my other friends will be able to come over and play with us. It is a very very fun game.  It is very well designed, unlike Lego Harry Potter. In the meantime, hopefully you'll be satisfied with occasional Minecraft videos, John playing Swoodilypoopers. upgrading to FIFA 13 and of course Hank Playing Assassins Creed.

So yes, we apologize and that is the news from Nerdcrafteria and Hankgames and I will see you. No I won't... you will not see me and I will not see you, but you will hear me next time. Goodbye.

Hello and welcome back. I just wanted to share this with everyone. I'm just going to tack this onto the end of this HankGames news.

I left my Minecraft open whilst I went to export that video. I was just sort of hanging out here like flying in the middle of the air next to my head where I ended that episode and I suddenly started to hear weird noises coming out of Minecraft so I went and checked it out and indeed, people had climbed up to the top of my head and started throwing snowballs at me. Now there is an epic snowball fight going on.

So we're just having an epic snowball fight. I have a lot of snowballs because people keep throwing them at me and I think you get snowballs when people throw them at you. Take that Xircspheroth and raychaser and also themagster you know, its just another winter day in Nerdcrafteria. That's all I'm saying. Just a snowball fight that you wish you were here for but you weren't because you were doing something like homework or being productive or being a productive citizen. Something like that, something terrible like that. Spawn snowball party.

Jump and shoot. Jump and shoot. How many fricking snowballs do I have? I have an infinite supply that's for sure. I can't type in seanthekid866 right now. Don't be ridiculous. So many people. Hi everybody. Hi, hey, hey, what's up, what's going on, I'm going to throw snowballs at you. Ahhhh, snowballs.

Okay, I just wanted to share that, I just wanted to share this, I just wanted to share general snowball fight. You know, here in Nerdcrafteria. Take it. What? What is that? What is that? You're fishing. You're fishing off the side of my head. I don't even know how you're standing right there, I guess you're flying. Take that Spence.

Anyway, okay, goodbye. For real this time.