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In which Hank discusses Ze Frank's final day, his Mom's birthday, and buying stock in individuals


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(singing) Happy Birthday, Dear Mom. Happy Birthday to you. Good morning John. It's Friday, March 16th. Today is an important day for Brotherhood 2.0 for more than one reason. Of significant importance to Brotherhood 2.0 is ZeFrank who likely inspired an awful lot of what we're doing here. Maybe even a little bit more than we realize sometimes. ZeFrank has made a hilarious video every weekday for the past year. And by doing this he has garnered international attention, and publication in the New York Times, and the viewership of hundreds of thousands. We would like to be as popular as ZeFrank, but we will never be, because we aren't anywhere near as cool as ZeFrank. But starting today, that doesn't matter anymore. ZeFrank viewers won't be able to watch ZeFrank anymore. Thus, I think ZeFrank viewers, maybe should come check out the Brotherhood. Welcome ZeFrank viewers! Any of you out there? Isn't it gonna be a horrible life without having ZeFrank to procrastinate with? You can procrastinate with us. I mean, we blink. ZeFrank doesn't blink. We write songs though, but they're not as good as ZeFrank's songs. And we have projects that our viewers can participate in with us, but none of them are anywhere near as cool as making the entire world a sandwich. The second reason that this is a very important day for Brotherhood 2.0, is because there is only one person who is vital to the creation of the Brotherhood, and that is our mom. Actually, today isn't Mom's birthday, tomorrow is Mom's birthday, but tomorrow is a Saturday. So there won't be any Brotherhood 2.0-ing tomorrow. So I'm taking the opportunity to celebrate Mom's birthday a day early on Brotherhood 2.0. Now there really is no one who's more important to Brotherhood 2.0 than our Mom. I mean, we both came out of her. And I really and truly want to thank her for that. I know it must not have been very fun. I have a pretty big head. And I guess it didn't really get all that much easier for you. I mean, that first day was bad, and then there were probably some bad days pretty soon after that. I know there were some bad days a few years after that. And then high school was like all bad days. And then I went to college, and I just never called you. Ugh. Happy Birthday Mom. Having kids kinda sucks, but I hope you know that they appreciate you. Your support has been vital. This might seem a little bit stupid, or callous or maybe even inhuman, but I think you should be able to own stock in people. So for example, when a child is born, the parents have a minority stake in the interests of the child. Whereas the child would own a full 51% of itself, the parents would only own 49. The child could never sell its majority stake, but the parents could sell their minority stake to different people. Like when the kid goes off to college, the parents could sell like 10% of the kid to the college and that way the college can get something back from the kid for what it gives to the kid. And then later the kid might want to buy back some of his stock back from you. So he'll have more than a 51% stake in his self. Knowing my mom, she'd probably just give me that 49% and I'd own 100% of myself. But it seems somehow wrong that people can put so much energy into a person, and then that person gets to take all that energy and do whatever they want with it. Mom, shouldn't you be getting something back? You invested a lot of time and effort and worry, and discomfort in me. And I feel bad that I just have all that stuff that you gave me and I can do whatever I want with it. I guess what I'm trying to say is, Moms are great. And they do it all for nothing. I'll see you on Monday. (Brotherhood 2.0 logo) (singing) And if the world were a sandwich, we could all be one. Sandwich.