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Kerbal Space Program, Part 2: Today Hank Green creates something AWESOME in Kerbal Space Program. The birth of something truly great is in progress!
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Game Played:
Hello, and welcome to Games with Hank. That's me, I'm Hank. This is Games! With me!

Kerbal Space Program is a space flight simulator. I was messing around, trying to somehow convert rotational velocity to upward velocity, and I did okay. After a lot of work, I managed to get some lift before immediately exploding, so I proved that it was possible. I have some ideas about how to do that better. Let's get to it.

(to workshop) All right, here we are in our assembly building, we're going to start out the same way we started out last time - I'm going to put this on as well - which is, uh, with this structural fuselage, which doesn't, just doesn't do anything. And on top of that, I'm going to stick a space pod with a Kerbal inside of it. I'm not even going to put a parachute on, because I don't care about his life.

Just going to do this - this is purely for structure, so I'm- I'm creating some structure here so that this thing doesn't wobble over as soon as I build it. These things are extremely light, so basically, there's no reason not to use them.

This is probably a bad idea... but you never know until you try. Uh, let's try- try and stick three of these - ah! Come on! Fine! Structural fuselage! Let's do three on the outside. This looks dangerous already, but let's do three on the outside again, and we're going to have a beautiful snowflake!

Okay, that looks promising to me. So now we'll be able to put three wings on. Alright, yes! Excellent! So we got to flatten those out. And then, give them a little bit of lift. So now I've got a three-bladed helicopter here, let's just keep extending these blades out. Extendo! Extendo blades! Let's do another one! So the- the faster- the farther out these go, the more lift they're going to generate, because at the edges they're going to be spinning much faster than they are at the insides, so that- that seems good to me.

Uh, I'm going to throw on some solid rocket boosters here, because that's the easiest way to generate - that was the wrong button - because that's the easiest way to generate lift. Now, to ensure that I'm not, uh - like I don't want to be generating lift - okay, good. I don't want to be generating lift because the- the engines are tilted. I only want to be generating lift because, uh - come on - because of the shape of the wings. So if I did this, and I like, uh, I like angled these upward, then that would be generating lift just because the engines were pointing down, so I'm going to be going straight across.

And my goal here is I- I think I want to get like - um, I don't know - a thousand feet in the air without crashing, in only using the blades of the device. See, with these on the outside, they're going to be pushing this thing round in a circle much faster, and also because I've used the symmetry tools, uh, theoretically things will, uh, be balanced, and it will not wobble. But I don't know if that's going to work! We're going to find out! That's my plan!

(to launchpad) Oh, wow, that's really close - this, this is, they're actually on the ground, so I'm gong to hit the space bar and it's going to explode immediately. (explodes immediately) Yup, I was right. But it's okay, Bob Kerman is alright. Uh, no one had to die in- in this test flight.

(to workshop) Let's give us a little bit more height here, let's add one at the bottom here - yeah! And then we're going to do this, and add a bunch of them down here - yeah, that looks stable! Alright! I should probably have done a decoupler in here - I can still do that. So let's add a decoupler. Just so we don't have to carry all that weight with us once we start to get some height. All right! Let's see what we got!

(to launchpad) Look at it bounce! Oh my God! Okay... here we go... oh, yeah! Taking - whoa oh, that doesn't look good! What the heck's going on here!? There's some kind of in - like, atomic force holding this thing together! (explodes) Well, I gotta say, that was a success.

(to workshop) Since we've come back to the, the assembly building, let's swap out these, since that was way too powerful. We were getting lift, and it was awesome, but it was too powerful, so let's move - let's do some liquid boosters instead. Should I use these? Yeah, let's use these, these have lots of fuel in them. I don't know if these will be too heavy, but we will find out!

Ah - and then I need an engine on it. So now I've got, I've got those, I've got three liquid boosters on them, and I will be able to adjust the thrust! Adjust the thrust!

(to launchpad) Nooo... that's hea- those are heavy! Those are heavier! Oh man, okay, let's put the thrust down a little bit, and then... (engines on) see what happens here.

Uh, I already fired - okay. Oh jeez, oh jeez, oh jeez! Aaah, I don't want you! Yes! Okay, turn it down, turn it way down, way down, way down! Oh yeah, this is terrible. Oh, but, but beautiful! But beautiful, look at this go! Alright. I did not mean to ha-, to decouple immediately, but it actually worked out pretty well. Uh, I'm going to need some structural supporting here. I'm going to need some structural supports for real - oh my God! This- I don't- I love how this is just being torn apart - like, the stress is being shown by actual gaps, as if nothing is holding this thing together! Okay, let's, let's just increase it until we explode here.

We're going nine meters per second upward now. That's really good, nine meters per second, we're at 300 feet. Uh, ten meters per second. Let's increase our throttle even more - oh my God, this is amazing! YES! Alright. This is beautiful - oh! (torn apart) There it goes! Tore itself apart eventually - oh man, Bob Kerman. Bob Kerman, you are in trouble... let's see what happens. You want to do an EVA? (engines explode) How do I do an EVA? Oh gosh, oh gosh... (lands) OOHHHHH! Bob Kerbal lives! Bob Kerman is okay, he is fine!

(to workshop) Let's add some... some structure to this craft, because that is needed badly, apparently. That looks promising, now... let's try and bind together our wings - there, that looks good. Um, if we could - it will not, ohhh... that's as far as they'll str-... well, it wouldn't even let me do that. So that's as far as that will stretch, that's as far as I can get, um, the struts to go. Which is too bad!

Alright, and let's add a stage here so that we can decouple these at the right time, instead of at the beginning, which seemed very dangerous. Okay. So now this is a little bit more sturdy. I think?

(to launchpad) Alright, we got all our struts added, we got a lot more stability here, at least I hope. Um, I'm starting to think I should have added some here, but, uh, we'll see, we'll see how it goes! (engines on) Alright... moving... we're movin'... and... decouple! Oh, that was awesome! That was officially awesome!

Okay, we've got quite a lot of stretch still happening here. Um, we are going pretty straight up, which I like a lot. Um, but I think we got less stretch than we had last time? We still have a lot, there's still a lot of movement between these parts. The middle looks a lot more secure, so that seemed good. But it's the individual wing pieces that are definitely causing some problems. But beautiful! This is absolutely gorgeous! I am loving it, it's totally, totally awesome!

I have a question, which is - will this, would this be better with more wings, or is it good with three? That is a question I- we're, we're trucking, man! Let's give it a little more energy! Alright, we've now got twelve meters per second, thirteen meters per second. We are moving! Look at how fast- fifteen meters per second, you guys! We're at 500, 550 feet... 600 feet... seventeen meters per second... this is a nice craft! It's headed straight up, no tilt in any direction! It's absolutely beautiful. It is really managing quite well, I am- I am impressed by this peculiar piece of technology I have created.

And Bob... WHOA! (torn apart) Bob Kerman, I did not create a stage for him to... what, when did we break off? I was not paying attention... but we got to a thousand feet. We got to a thousand feet! That was my initial goal, I did it! I got to, wow! Okay. Uh, EVA. And... is that safer, or less safe? I don't know. He's fine! Well, it was better! (craft explodes) It was officially better for him to not be in the craft. So, how do you feel there, Bob?

Bob: It was very spinny! My head... a lot of spin!

Hank: Sorry about that. Could have gone better. Revert flight to the assembly building!

(to workshop) Well, if I add more wings, I can have more struts between them. Because the struts don't go long enough, so that would be good. So let's add some more wings, you guys! Alright, here's our craft now, it's looking pretty amazing. Oh, I - well, maybe it won't matter because there's not as much weight on the end of them, but I forgot to add any struts to those wings I just added.

(to launchpad) Uh, but there won't be these huge lumps of mass on the end of them, yanking them out, so maybe it won't matter so much. So we- I didn't add new engines, I feel like I've got plenty of power right now; in fact, I maybe have more power than I need. I just need more lifting surfaces, so let's see how this treats us.

(engines on) Alright, getting our speed, we're going to detach from our - oh, I love that so much! That's great. Alright, uh, I am correct in that, uh, the wings that do not have engines on them do not seem to need extra support. We are- I feel like we're moving faster this time than we were moving last time; we're already at nine meters per second at 200 feet. Um, so I guess the question is, are we going to get to 1000 feet?

Uh, I'm going to throttle down some, because it's already, it's tearing us apart here. Bob Kerban, Bob Kerman is, uh, is spinning very fast, though he's, he's spun faster, I've seen him... ooh, it looks awfully wobbly that close up, but it doesn't look wobbly when... yeah, I don't know. It looks fine. It looks fine!

So we've got now one of those gigantic spinning ceiling fan things. Um... I love it! Absolutely 100% love it. Um, and it's, it's - we're at ten meters per second, staying even there, which I like, because the faster rotation was seeming very dangerous; it was sort of ripping our craft apart. Um, and yeah! Let's see- I want to- okay, so my new goal is to get to 3000 feet on a single tank of gas. I don't know if it's possible, uh, I don't know if anyone's ever done anything like this in Kerbal Space Program. I know that, of course, you can't get to outer space like this, because there's not atmosphere there, and we're- we're using atmosphere here. We're using... uh, the necessary the bits of...

Okay, I've just- I've just throttled way up, just to- to increase our speed a little bit. We're now at sixteen meters per second. And we're going very fast, and I'm worried about the craft ripping itself apart, very worried about that. You know what I could do? I could probably, we're going fast enough, that I bet I could- I could put a rocket in the middle of this thing, and launch a rocket from this, like, spinning, awesome, amazing platform. I could totally do that! That would be amazing. I'm not going to do that this episode, though. I might do that in a future episode, that sounds complicated.

Alright, we're almost out of fuel, so let's spin all the way up here... (torn apart) Uh, we got to... 18,000- 1800 feet. So we got to 1800 feet, and now... Bob Kerman is, uh, is attached to and unable to leave his rotating snowflake of death. Um, he is going... (laughs) he's going to hit the ground pretty hard. But, with these spinning blades, you never know if he's going to survive... so I kind of want to let this play out, and see if Mr. Kerman is able to survive this, this final descent... (explodes) uh, he is not. He was not able to survive the - a fair, a fair amount of the craft did survive, just not the part that had the living being in it.

Thank you for watching this episode of Games with Hank! I'm Hank, this has been Games with Me, playing Kerbal Space Program! My rotating snowflake of death!