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In which John provides an update on the team and the season.

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Hello and welcome to a very special episode of the AFC Wimbledon Wimbly Womblys. We're here in the 2016-2017 season. You may remember that we've had an annus mirabilis here in 2017. We haven't lost a game except for one game against Wolfsburg that we then dominated them in the next game.

But we are in a very interesting position. As you can see right here, this is the table, 36 games played, 2 games left. We have a slightly better goal difference than Liverpool, one goal better, but we are one point behind for that last Champions League spot, you've got to finish in the top four. So we need Liverpool to slip up. Unfortunately we don't play them again. We need them to draw or lose one of their two remaining games. And then if we were to draw and they were to lose, if we draw one of our games then it will come down to goal difference because we'd be on the same number of points and then we'd just need to make sure that we win by more than Liverpool wins in the last game.

It's very complicated but basically what it comes down to as you can see right here, we're currently in fifth with two games to play because we lost to Arsenal, it's infuriating. We didn't lose, we drew with Arsenal. Um, yeah. But you can see that we have a chance but right now we aren't there. Manchester United is going to win the league, Chelsea is almost definitely gonna finish second but who is going to finish third? 'Cause you can see that Manchester City is also on 68 points so they could also slip up, but they have a better goal difference than us. So we need, to have any chance realistically, we need to at least draw and win and get four points out of our last six. Probably we need to get all six points and just hope that Manchester City or Liverpool lose.

That's the update. It's nervous times here. I really, really, really want to go to the Champions League, I think it would be an amazing experience. Down there at the bottom of the table you can see that Sunderland, Stoke City and Crystal Palace are all looking pretty doomed. We play, I believe that our remaining games are against Fulham and Nottingham Forest. I think Nottingham Forest will be safe, I think they are safe, so they shouldn't be nervous. They should just be, you know, thinking about their vacation at the beach that's coming up. Hopefully that'll help us. Fulham comfortably mid-table, they don't have anything to play for. Hopefully that'll help us. Hopefully we can win those last two games and either Liverpool or Manchester City slip up and we can inch our way into the top four, but boy. Oh God! It's nervous making.

So that's the update. I just want you guys to know what's going on going into the last two games of the Premier League season. Thank you for your support this season and every season. Remember that your, every time you watch an ad, the money from that ad goes to support the actual AFC Wimbledon who wear DFTBA on their shorts. So thanks for that and thanks for supporting both the real life Wimbledon and the pixelated version that I care so much about. You guys are awesome. Best wishes.