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Hi everyone!

We’re here at Animal Wonders and I  am hanging out with one of our newest rescues,   this wonderful little hedgehog who only has one  eye. Right now, we are celebrating Project For   Awesome!

Project For Awesome is an event  where people from all over the world come   together to raise funds for charities that  are making a positive impact in our world. We’ve been part of Project for Awesome every year   for the last 9 years and we’re  asking for you to join us too! One of the easiest ways to participate is by  voting on videos made by charities that you   want to support.

And the charities with the  most votes get a portion of the funds raised. Ahh, he's just so cute. I can't get over it.

Look at this guy. Oh my goodness. Bubba.

You're adorable. Look at you. Look at him!

I wanna cry, he's so cute. Animal Wonders focuses on rescuing displaced  exotic animals, like this little guy, but also,   Mimi the marmoset. Mimi was illegally purchased  to be a pet and then abandoned when she became   too difficult to care for.

We also give a  home to animals like Huckleberry the beaver,   who are non-releasable wildlife and  they can’t survive on their own in   the wild and they need a safe  place to live out their lives. We have a lot of big plans, but the one  we’re focusing on right now is building   a visitor center so anyone who wants to meet  the animals in person, can come and visit them. Along with this comes the opportunity for us to  share our experience and knowledge by inviting   school groups, camps, special private  groups, families, anyone and everyone,   to learn about wildlife, behavior, training  and anything else that we can share.

We also have plans to include housing  for interns so we can break income   barriers for those who want to gain skills  in animal care but are financially limited. Right now, we’re in the beginning stage of  preparing the space for our visitor center.   Bringing water and electricity is the first step  so we are raising funds for our Water Project. And this is where the visitor center is going  to live!

Right on the edge of the forest,   overlooking a meadow, with mountains  within hiking distance. Of course,   it’s winter right now so everything is  currently covered in a blanket of snow. But that’s part of the beauty of this space,  we fully experience every season completely.

So whether it's winter, or  spring, or summer, or fall,   I can’t wait to share this space with everyone! And you can help us! You can simply click the link  in the description and vote for our video.

And,   you can share this video, or the link, with your  family and friends asking for them to join in. And, if you’re able, you can donate directly   to Animal Wonders. I've put that  link in the description as well.

Thank you for watching, and do hope you  join in all the silly shenanigans that   is Project For Awesome. And if you want  to go on more animal adventures with us,   you can go to our YouTube channel. And  I'll see you real soon.

Bye! Thanks!