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In which Hank talks about how cool and weird the things we are able to do are, how he still feels insecure and sad anyway, and how overwhelming decisions have been freaking him out, and that a simple solution suggested itself (was suggested by his brother.)


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Good morning John. My new office is set up over here. We have the Games with Hank, and over here, we have Vlogbrothers, and over here is my actual desk where I sit. This is just a picture of you. Oh it's your puff is a bird. I'll put it full screen, so everybody can see it.   Okay John, it's kind of easy to forget how cool the things we get to do are. I get to have a channel where I just play video games. You get to have a fictional soccer team... that helps fund a real soccer team.    We get to work in a new medium that, despite what people who work in it say, no one understands or knows what to do with. Crash Course is now being used as a tool in literally thousands of schools.    You got to hang out with Bill Gates, a guy who would be the richest person in the world if he hadn't given so much of his money away... and just talk about the complexities of market forces on rural agriculture in Ethiopia. What?   And in the last, like, four days, this community has raised $260,000 to help people who don't have access to clean water, get access to clean water.   I spent some time this week watching those donations come in, and the most common thing people say -- they get to leave a comment if they want to -- is "I'm sorry I couldn't give more."    And I don't spend enough time thinking about how amazing this is -- just the weird and wonderful position that has been granted to us by two things:    One: pure, dumb luck, and two: the people who are watching this right now.   Just like I kinda get used to how I get to do cool stuff now, people who are a part of things or watch things forget that they're the reason that the thing exists. By spending time watching this video, you are granting me power.    And it's kinda weird to me that in a world of infinite content, where there's 30 Rock and Breaking Bad and PewDiePie and cat videos, that you choose to watch this. What-what-why? Your time is a gift, and I am honored that you give it to me.   But let's also have a little bit of real talk here. I am still insecure. I still, like, get sad sometimes. And I don't struggle with depression, I don't think; I just have a normal amount of sadness, and sometimes I don't want to do stuff and feel unmotivated and undeserving of the things that I have.   And I think that's rational, like, I don't -- there's nothing special about me that means that people should be watching me on the internet. I don't deserve it, but the thing that I don't want to feel is that I'm faking it somehow.   Feeling like you don't deserve success, being sad sometimes -- those are normal, but they're not really socially acceptable to talk about, so I figured bleeehh.   More socially acceptable is saying, "I"m so overworked, I work all the time and I'm overwhelmed!" which I AM!    There's a lot of things we could be doing with our time and resources... but I don't know what to do. That decision is really hard.   It occurred to me today -- that's a lie, it didn't occur to me; John actually said it to me on the phone when we were talking -- that I should just ask. You're the reason all of this exists; what do you think we should do?   So I made a survey. You can rank different things that we might want to do in order of how much you think we should do them, and then add if you have other ideas for what we should do with the power of this community. That's, like, why didn't, like, what's wrong with me that I didn't think of that before?!   I have an amazing community that's supporting all of the things we're doing, why don't I ask them -- let you make the decision? I don't want to! That sounds hard!   So yeah, I was feeling a little down yesterday. That happens, I think, to everyone... I'm feeling better now. On the list of things that I am grateful for because of this thing, that's pretty high up there. This is always there for me, to be a thing that I need to do to motivate me, to get out of bed, to make a thing, to be a part of something... thanks.   John, I'll see you on Tuesday.   And sometimes giant balls just appear! It's a whole new, like, space-time thing. Oh my god, that was a big ball!    [Hank singing] Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me, I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed. Ahhhahahaha...   Did you like that? You like Smash Mouth? Is that better? So have you ever seen the movie E.T.?