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In which Hank starts to plan out John's punishment as well.


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A Bunny
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Good morning, John, it's Tuesday, July 10th.

Ohhhhh, the goth picture. I knew the goth picture was going to come back. And it's back. Mmmmnnnn.

John, since we made a simultaneous infraction, more or less, I have been thinking that it would be great to do a simultaneous punishment, like a punishment that played off itself. Each of us does a similar punishment. Which is why I was excited about me getting a mohawk and you getting an inverse mohawk, so together we would have one normal haircut.

But I understand that the Yeti doesn't want a husband with an inverse mohawk. I understand that. For now. But watch out. Because it might happen. And I am in favor of it happening.

But since you settled on my punishment already, I have to make your punishment play off my punishment. And the only way I could do that is if I had a [picture] really [picture] embarrassing [picture] picture of you. Oh. I do. Apparently I have several really embarrassing pictures of you. How did that happen?

Let's spend some time with each of these pictures. They seem to all be from high school, which makes a good parallel with my embarrassing picture, because it is also from high school. Now, it's pretty embarrassing that two of these seem to be from [picture] academic decathlon [picture] meets. Academic decathlon meets in which you had a maroon buzz cut. [mouths] Wow.

Additionally they're academic decathlon meets in which you seem to have [picture] done very well. [pinging noise as the medal glints]

[picture] Another of them is just you shirtless in pants that are obviously falling off, doing what looks to be a version of your happy dance. Now, I certainly wouldn't mind seeing you recreate that picture. [picture] Nnnnnerdfighters! Just make the video black and white, ah, put on some really big pants, ah, take off your shirt, and do your happy dance. I really do want these punishments to match up, so I'm just gonna take one of these academic decathlon pictures, and I'm gonna match it with my embarrassing picture.

So let's look at them as a whole. [picture] Here's my embarrassing picture. It is very embarrassing. [picture] Here's your picture. It is very embarrassing. Now, I think we should figure out what the most embarrassing part of each of these pictures is.

In my picture, I think we can agree that the most embarrassing part of the picture iiiiis myyyy [close up] face, because of all of my goth make up, but in your picture, I think we can agree that the most embarrassing part iiis your [close up] face, because of your cute little face, and your cute gigantic glasses, and your amazing maroon buzz cut.

Now I think that we should discuss the most embarrassing non-facial part of each of these pictures. For me, I think it's my [picture] limp wrist, and for you I'm gonna go with [picture] your adorable shiny golden bow tie.

And finally, I think we should discuss our left eyes. [picture] Here's mine, and [picture] here's yours. Wow.

So, John, my punishment to you (unless you add something onto mine) is to recreate one of those two pictures, either the one with the golden bow tie, or the one where you're doing that dance, and I'm only giving you the option because I'm not entirely sure you're gonna be able to find a golden bow tie, and it's just not gonna work without the golden bow tie.

So hopefully by Friday I'm gonna see [picture] this guy, or possibly [picture] this guy, but I will see you tomorrow.