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Hello friend. This is the Project for Awesome's 2015 Indiegogo page. It's a place where you can go to give money and also get stuff, cool stuff that you're gonna like. But before we talk about what you're gonna get for your money, let's talk about what's gonna get done with your money.

For the first half of the Project for Awesome, we're going to be raising money for Save the Children and the UN Refugee Agency. Both of these organizations are extremely efficient in the use of money to help the people who have the least and to help people who have lost nearly everything due to conflicts or disasters in the places where they live. During this first half, we've managed to get multiple matching donations, so everything up to the first $250,000 donated will be doubled.

But now's where it gets even more interesting. For the second part of the Project for Awesome starting at noon on Saturday, all of the money raised from then until the end of the Project for Awesome will go to charities that are voted for at People all over the world have been spending time making videos promoting their favorite charities and then all of us can go to and vote on the charities that we want to see supported and the charities promoted in the videos that get the most votes will get a portion of that money we raise, and it's usually tens of thousands of dollars per charity. We have no overhead here at the Project for Awesome. All of the money we receive goes straight out to the charities that are being supported through the project. And I have to say thank you to all of the volunteers who help make that happen.

Now on to what you might get. There are lots of digital perks this year, exclusive content that you cannot get any other way. A dance battle between me and Rhett and Link, a secret John Green poetry podcast, movie commentaries featuring John and his wife, Sarah, a movie commentary featuring me and my wife, Katherine, a cooking video with Emily Graslie, Dubsmashes from Akilah Hughes. And there's more than that and I mentioned all of them because if you want to just get all of them you can for one low price. It's actually not that low, it's $51 but it's for charity.

And we've also got lots of stuff that you can get now and only now through the Project for Awesome that will never be available again. We're once again smashing pennies in our penny smashing machines with new designs for the 2015 Project for Awesome, and we've got a little booklet thing for your smashed penny collection 'cause pennies! We've got wristbands and a beanie and socks - I love my Project for Awesome socks - and we've got a poster designed specifically for this year's Project for Awesome.

As the project goes on we'll be adding more perks, both things that we've already planned and we just don't want to announce yet and also stuff that just comes up and it's always very exciting when we come up with cool ideas for perks during the live stream. I am also signing 500 potatoes. I will never do this again so it's definitely your only chance to get a signed potato. They're fake potatoes by the way, they're not real potatoes, there's all kinds of restrictions on shipping agricultural products internationally so they have to be fake potatoes but they look exactly like potatoes.

The way that Indiegogo works is you have to go through the process multiple times if you want multiple perks, you can't just, like, push a bunch of stuff into your cart. So you just have to type in your information over and over again, sorry about that. And if you want to donate and don't want a perk, that's fantastic, you can do that too.

I hope to see you in our 48 hour long live stream that starts noon Eastern on Friday. It'll be on and also on where you can find great charities to vote for and your vote will count as an opportunity for them to get supported by the Project for Awesome. Ever since we started the Project for Awesome in 2007 I have been astounded by how giving and caring and wonderful this community is. Thank you for being a part of that and don't forget to be awesome.