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We've made more improvements for the snakes and lizards in the Reptile Room! Daisy, Leonard, and Freya got new digs. We introduce Loki our new water dragon and show off his mansion! Thank you to our patrons on Patreon for helping us continue to improve the lives of the animals in our care.

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Hi guys.  Welcome back to Animal Wonders.  We are in the reptile room and this is a renovated reptile room and I want to talk about that.  


When I'm taking care of so many animals, I want to make sure that I'm constantly thinking about how I can improve their lives and we renovated the reptile room for a couple major reasons.  Several of our animals needed larger spaces and so we had to reconfigure the reptile room to accommodate them.  You can see this huge new enclosure here.  It's kind of like a big wardrobe and who's in here is one of the driving forces for us to make this change.

Daisy, our red tailed boa, or boa constrictor, is getting bigger.  These guys can get up to 12 feet and she's nearing on nine feet now and she needed a bigger space.  We previously housed her in a two foot by four foot space and that's what they would house them in in breeding situations, but we felt like she needed a much bigger space, especially to climb and use her amazing muscles, so we put in a few branches and we have a shelf over in the corner so she can start using her muscles and explore her new space and as she gets familiar with it, we'll make changes and improvements as needed, but to fit this in meant that we needed to make changes to the layout in the rest of the room, so we bought two new shelving units to maximize our space.

This also meant that we could make improvements and expand other animals' enclosures as well.  When we moved Daisy, this was her old enclosure and it was now open, so Freya, our Northern pine snake, also got an upgrade.  She went from 18"x36" to 24"x48" and it's been really fun seeing her explore her new space.

The next big improvement we were able to make was Loki the water dragon.  He got just a big mansion and I'm so excited to see him enjoying his new space.  I want to take a moment to say thank you to everyone that has made this renovation possible.  All our Patrons on Patreon have been a huge help in helping us give these guys new spaces and have a better life.  

Okay, another improvement.  Down here, we have Leonard, the Russian legless lizard and he's hiding right now, but he might come out as we make some movements out here.  Leonard was living in a smaller space and it didn't have as much depth to it, so it's really nice to be able to fill his enclosure up with a lot more substrate because these guys are burrowers.  You can see he's made some pathways here, and as he packs it down, we'll just add some more.  

We also have this space down here which the tortoises think is a pretty cool cave, and our other new shelving unit, ohh, it's just so nice.  It houses all of these enclosures just right.  They're really heavy, so it needed to be industrial strength and the space has actually allowed us to have a couple open enclosures so we can rescue an animal that might need help.

Everyone's still here.  Everyone's settled into their new spaces and I'm gonna say hello to Freckles, because she's come out to say hello.  Here she is.  It's been so nice making all these improvements and just giving the animals the life that they deserve.  Thank you for all of your support and all of the Patrons on Patreon for helping us make this possible.  If you'd like to go on an adventure with us every week, subscribe to our YouTube channel, AnimalWondersMontana.  Thank you guys.