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Dodie Clark (DoddleOddle) pops by to make her lifelong dream come true - duetting with Charlieissocoollike (and Jimmy0010 of course).

And it's Thursday, so we break out the Feature Tombola to see what nonsense feature will be waking you up.

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Charlie & Jimmy

 Introduction (0:00)

Jimmy: Good morning!

Charlie: I'm Charlie!

J: I'm Jimmy!

C: And today on the show we're sitting in a really natural position because we have a guest. Are you ready?

C & J: It's Dodie!

Dodie: Hello! It's Cereal Time!


J: Welcome, welcome. This is Cereal Time, we're here every single week day. If you want to get in touch with us on the show then you absolutely can do, we are 

C: But today is a very big day for us 'cause we have our first ever guest and it's Dodie Clark everyone!

J: Woo! Let's have a round of applause for Dodie, first ever guest.

C: Thank you for being here Dodie. 

D: Thank you for having me!

J: There's literally four people in the studio and one of them's you.

D: I know, yeah.

C: So I was first introduced to Dodie via a video that she made, a little song she wrote. It was something my mother actually showed me, and we're not going to show very much of it 'cause it is quite embarrassing.

D: Oh gosh.

C: But here's a little, a little taster of my first introduction to Dodie.

D (singing): Charlieissocoollike one day you'll be my friend, and we'll sing a duet and I will bet that my happiness will not end, but a million other people share this beautiful dream, so I'll never be Ms. Coollike after all, so it seems.

J: See, I don't think that's too embarrassing, I think that's fine. 

D: I am mortified by that. (Jimmy and Charlie laugh) I never want to look at that or hear that ever again.

J: We played my first YouTube video on the show last week and that was embarrassing.

D: I know! It was great!

J: So I feel your pain.

D: That was pure comedy gold! 

J: It was not Dodie, you're very kind.

C: We're going to do that to everyone on Cereal Time, just embarrass them.

J: Yeah every single guest we have, we'll just embarrass them. How are you feeling right now on a scale of 1 to 10 embarrassment wise?

D: I'm okay 'cause I haven't actually seen it, I don't want to watch it ever, so I'm just going to pretend it didn't happen. 

 Rhyming Game (1:35)

C: Well we're going to play a little game today based on what you talked about in that song, one of your dreams, Little Dodie's dreams, was to sing a duet with me.

D: My dreams. Yep.

J: I'm feeling a bit awkward now. I'm just here to ruin this.

D: Yeah who are you? I'm joking, oh my gosh join in.

J: There's no mention of a trio.

C: So the game we're going to play is we're going to try and come up with songs off the top of our heads. We've got some tweets that people sent in, with random words, so we're going to pick out a word, from a bowl, and try to sing a song. We're going to start easy, we're not going to do songs, we're just going to do like rhyming couplets just to get us in the mood.

J: You say we're going to start easy Charlie. I'm going to be terrible at this. Anything like this, anything word association, or coming up with rhymes, I'm just terrible. I can't think of words. But we've got the... Here's the bowl with random words.

C: Do you want to pick one out Dodie?

D: I would love to. Da da dah, da da dah. Ooh. I've just like revealed them all. Why did I have to pick this one! What even is it!

J: What what is it? 

D: Widdershins?

J: Widdershins!? What?!

C: Okay, alright.

D: Does anyone know what that means?

J: I don't know what that means.

C: I don't know, but let's have a go.

I don't know what widdershins are.

D: But I don't think they go very far.

J: It is something that you put on your car?

C: I don't know if I would go that far.

C: That wasn't that bad was it?

J: No that was good it was! (clapping)

D: (Cheering) We did it! That's great!
That was brilliant. Can I choose one? 

D: Yeah.

C: Go for it.

D: Duh duh duh!

J: Play at home, play along at home by the way guys.

C: Don't know how.

J: Don't know how, just sing along with us.

D: Just go for it.

J: Okay this is two words, hyphenated, it's 'flower-child'.

C: Do you want to start this one Dodie?

D: Okay. Um, uh, oh gosh! I don't know how. When I was younger - that's too many syllables! (laughing) We're gonna have to go for it anyway.

When I was younger, I wanted to be a flower child.

J: Uh... I grew up you see, in the wild.

C: I don't know why, but it was quite mild.

D: Um... And so on the phone, I dialed!

C: Oh Jesus. Not the best one 
J: Oh! Dialed? Wild? You OK?

D: Sorry, I went for it. 

J: Pick one out Charlie, go on.

C: Thank you.

J: So do I have to start this one?

D: Yeah, sure.

J: Okay this is pressure.

C: This time we'd like to do a little rhyme about iced tea. Off we go.

D: Oh!

J: Iced tea. Um...

Iced tea is my favorite drink.

D: Are we singing?

C: I'll pick it any day I don't have to think.

D: My favorite one is the color pink.

J: Leave it out, it starts to stink!

D: That's really good

 Song Game (4:21)

J: Right guys, I think we're ready for some instrumentation now.

C: Yeah, definitely, so let's have a go.

J: See I'm nervous 'cause this means singing and I have got the worst singing voice in the world. It's like my speaking voice but worse. Like the Birmingham accent isn't good for singing. 

D: That's true. Sing-ing

J: I'm good at sing-ing.

D: Let's do some sing-ing.

J: I'm genuinely quite nervous.

C: It's gonna be fine, don't worry about it.

J: But you're both musicians! 

D: Oh my gosh this doesn't mean I'm good at improvisation, oh my Lord, okay.

C: Okay. Now we're gonna sing a song about a goose!

(Charlie starts playing the Ukulele)
C: I knew a goose.
D: Wasn't a moose.
J: Shouldn't have let it loose.
C: In the caboose?
(All laugh)

D: Woohoo!

J: Yeah!

C: Oh dear.

J: We smashed that Dodie!

D: What's a caboose?

J: We absolutely smashed that. Isn't caboose slang for bum?

C: Yeah...

J: I think that's what a caboose is. (Laughs) Changes the meaning of the song quite a lot. Can I pick out the word?

C: Yeah, go for it.

D: Yes.

J: Okay. 

D: Oh no.

J: Are you still gonna start Charlie? 

C: Ah, no Dodie should start this one.

D: Oh golly, okay.

J: I don't know how to say that.

D: No! Why are we picking weird ones? Lu-lu-lugu-lugubrious.

J: Lugubrious. Lugubrious?

D: Does anyone know what that means?

C: Doesn't matter, does it?

J: Lugubrious I think it's probably pronounced.

C: Off we go, ready?

D: Oh gosh make sure I don't put it at the end. Wait I'm gonna - give me a bit of an intro. 

(Charlie starts playing) 

D: Okay.

I'm feeling lugubrious today.
J: (laughs) I don't know how to say.
C: What lubrugious means or how to pronounce it.
D: But I think we'll be okay.

(Charlie continues to play)

D: Are we still going?

J: Are we still going?

D: No!

C: I thought we could have gone further with that one but it's fine.

J: Yeah I wanted to move away from lugubrious to be honest. 

D: Yeah I am done with... Why? What does that mean

C: I don't think any of us said that word correctly.

D: Does anyone know? Please, let us know. Okay.

J: What is lugubrious?

C: Alright, next word.

J: OK, we're gonna have another go.

C: Now we're going to sing a song about a rug. Do you want to start this one Jimmy?

D: Okay

J: Um, yes. Okay. 

(Charlie starts to play)

J: Oh wait, hang on.

D: It's okay, you get an intro, it's all good. 

J: When do I come in?

D: Whenever you want!

J: I slept on the rug
C: (stops Ukulele) That's the end!

D: Hey! Haha Yay!

J: Yay!

D: That's a good one!

J: My new smash hit, out on iTunes now! 

D: My favorite!

J: Link in the description.

C: Wow. Didn't want to rhyme, just finish off the song, that's what you do when you're in control of the ukulele.

J: Ah, do one more? 

D: M'kay.

J: Should we do one final one? And let's try to keep it going as long as we can.

C: OK.

F: OK.

C: We are now going to sing a song about a beetle. Let's see how far we can go with this one. Are you ready?

D: Beetle meetle seedle leedle peedle...

C: Shall I start?

J: I can't think of anything that rhymes with beetle.

(Charlie starts to play)

D: Don't put beetle at the end, please.

J: Teetle? Turtle? Teetle?

C: (singing) The beetle was worried.

D: No!

C: (Stops ukulele) Just no, that's as far as we can go with that one, great.

D: Worried, sorry, morry, 

C: I could uh... 

J: Lorried? Corrid?

D: Corrid-dor

J: Give us another beetle related song lyric.

C: Okay. Beetle once more. I've forgotten the chords here as well (Strums). We'll just do that, how about that? (Begins to play ukulele)

D: Okay.

C: (singing) The beetle was having a lovely day
D: Along came his friend, said "Are you okay?"
J: I said "Yeah, I just said I'm having a lovely day!"
C: "Guys stop asking me I don't know what else to say! I'm having a great day."
D: He said "How are you?"
J: Beetle, beetle 
C: (Stops ukulele) That wasn't...

J: I thought we were doing a chorus! I was into it!

D: (Laughing) I think you panicked! Beetle, beetle!

 Feature Tombola (8:30)

C: Okay, it's Thursday, which means it's time for Feature Tombola. This is the part of the show where we don't know what's going to happen. We're going to spin the tombola. Do you want to spin the tombola, Dodie? 

D: Yes please! When do I stop?

C: We're going to pick a feature out of the tombola, and then just do whatever it is. 

D: Okay.

J: It's got a good spinning action hasn't it, the tombola. It's fun, isn't it. 

D: Right? This is so much fun. Okay.

C: Go for it. 

D: Is this like a...

J: It's quite stiff, yeah.

C: Yeah, it is quite stiff.

D: Oh okay that's fine. I thought I had to, like, screw it, I was going to break it then.

J: Have a rummage.

D: I was like "There's nothing in here!" Okay.Duh duh duh...

J: Today's feature tombola is...

D: A game of groans.

C: Oh dear.

J: A game of groans!

C: This is one of the ones I was hoping would never come up. Okay so, what I'm going to do is I'm going to say a word but I'm going to groan while I say the word. So it's going to be relatively unintelligible.

J: Oh and we have to work... 

C: First one to guess what the word is wins.

D: That's great. It's like talking underwater.

J: Dodie, it's you versus me.

D: Okay.

J: Guessing the word.

D: It's on.

C: Okay here we go, number one. (groans).

D: Peas?

J: Hello.

C: The word was fishing.

J: Okay.

D: (Laughing) That went well!

C: I'll try to be a bit clearer.

J: Groan us another one Charlie.

D: How was that fishing?!

J: What did you say peas?

D: (Laughing) Yes! I don't know why.

C: Okay, how about this. "humbulah"

J: Tombola!

D: Banana! Ah!

C: Tombola!

J: Yeah, one point to Jimmy. 

C: Good one. One point to Jimmy. Okay, here's another. 

J: Let's have one more.

C: Oh got to think of a word now. How about this: "llleh-muon"

D: Lemon!

C: Lemon it is!

J: Ooh! It's a draw!

C: It's a draw right now, so let's do, let's do a tie breaker.

D: Okay. Oh my gosh.

J: Hope you're playing along at home guys. Riveting stuff. 

C: (Groans) "phazce-buuk"

D: Facebook!

J: Facebook!

C: Oh Dodie got it!

D: Facebook. Is it Facebook?

C: Congratulations Dodie.

D: Thank you. 

J: Yeah, well done Dodie, congratulations.

 Outro (10:17)

J: There we are! Thanks for watching guys, give us a like if you liked this video, and hit subscribe as well, 'cause we are here every single weekday.

C: Please do and go check out Dodie's channel, right there, right now, is a video with the both of us singing a little duet of one of my old songs. Now, it's time for Twitter Quote of the Day. Said it nice and slow so I didn't mess it up.

J: "Twittqutoftheday". We thought Dodie, as you've been a wonderful guest, you can read out the Twitter Thought of the Day. 

D: Thank you so much. I would love to. This one's very uplifting. So, remember guys, "When you're feeling down, remember your eyelids are always clapping for you, as blinking is involuntary, and so is your awesomeness." Thank you Hannah Boysky. 

J: I like that a lot, I like that a lot. It's very uplifting. There we are. Thanks for watching guys, see you tomorrow!

C: See you tomorrow, goodbye!