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Hank's how-to-p4a video:

In which John briefly visits his house and films a BONUS VIDEO to get everyone ready for the 2014 Project for Awesome.

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Good morning Hank, it's Monday. Special bonus video!

I am in my home -- actually, I won't be in my home by the time you watch this but I am right now. It feels so good to be home with my family and my 2011 FA cup championship trophy... and my fox hat and my copy of An Imperial Affliction that Hazel read in the TFIOS movie - it's not a real book, it's just a prop, it's the same four pages I wrote over and over and over again. (0:20)
But mostly my family. It's just very nice to be home for a couple of days. In other news the Project for Awesome starts in five days, and Hank I want to make sure that everyone in Nerdfighteria is ready, hence the bonus video. (0:28)
First, quick overview for new nerdfighters: the Project for Awesome is that annual 48-hour event where we raise lots of money for charity and also lots of people make videos about charity.
By the way, if you're going to make a Project for Awesome video, I highly suggest you watch this tutorial by Hank, about how to make a great P4A video.
As Hank points out, one of the ways of imagining a good Project for Awesome video is that it's a kind of advertisement for the charity you're trying to get people to vote for at If you're not going to make a Project for Awesome video, that's OK there are still tons of ways to participate!
You can watch and share Project for Awesome videos and the Project for Awesome livestream and of course you can vote for the charities you want the donated money to go to at
Also, if you can afford it, I hope you'll consider donating via the Project for Awesome IndieGoGo where there will be some pretty awesome perks. I want to thank everybody who's donated their time and effort on this front from Natalie Tran to Troye Sivan to all the nerdfighters who made the nerdfighter art perks, like these amazing French the Llama paintings. (1:22)
There will be a lot of one-of-a-kind perks that you've never been able to get before and will never be able to get again, but more on that once the IndieGoGo starts. (1:28)
And lastly, how to divide up the money. So Hank, we asked for nerdfighteria's thoughts on this a few weeks ago. The biggest concern that we heard was making sure that the Project for Awesome can still be a place where small charities get important funding. (1:39)
So here's what we're going to try this year. If you donate on or before Day 1 of the Project for Awesome, your money will be split between Save the Children and Partners in Health, two charities that nerdfighteria has worked with a lot for many years. (1:50)
They're both rated extremely highly by sites that measure charity efficacy, and they both have great reputations around the world for doing good and efficient work to address poverty and disease. So this will allow us to decrease world suck; also, it will allow us to at least, like, two hundred and fifty thousand dollars in matching donations, which is very good. (2:07)
However, we're going to save a lot of the perks for Day 2 and after of the fundraiser, because that money will be split among charities chosen by nerdfighteria, which, if history is any indication, many of which will be small and will do a wide variety of kinds of world suck decreasing. (2:20)
Again, those charities will be chosen by your votes at, so vote carefully and thoughtfully, so everyone can give however they would prefer; I'm going to probably give both ways. You can do that too. (2:31)
I know this seems like a huge info dump and I haven't even talked about the fact that there's gonna be a 48-hour livestream that never stops and is gonna be tons and tons of fun, featuring lots of your favorite YouTubers. It's gonna be fun, if you're gonna make a video upload it noon Eastern Time on Friday. (2:42)
Hank, in the meantime you will actually see me again tomorrow.
Hank, don't forget to be awesome.