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In which John Green and Cara Delevingne discuss eyebrows, Nat Wolff's kissing, Margo Roth Spiegelman, Paper Towns, octopuses (or possibly octopi), and the meaning of life.

PROJECT FOR AWESOME: The fun starts Friday at noon eastern time!

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John: Hank, I'm here with the lovely Cara Delevingne.

Cara: And I'm here with lovely John Green.

John: That was a pretty good imitation.

Cara: I know.

John: You play Margo in the movie and I'm gonna ask you real questions by real nerdfighters.

What's it like to kiss Nat?

Cara: Oh. *laughs* Yeah, he's a good kisser. He's a really good kisser. I was actually talking about him with a friend of mine who's also kissed him. And we had a whole conversation about how he was a good kisser. Surprisingly good!

John: I wonder what friend that could be.

Cara: *shhhhh*

John: I'm just kidding I know.

Cara: Do you?

John: Yeah.

Is Margo someone that you can relate to? And how?

Cara: Very much so. I think that's why I got the part because a lot of the stories that she went through in the book and all those kind of things, I've been through before and a lot of the lines they've actually written in the script I've said before.

She runs on instinct. She does what she feels in the moment and doesn't really think about the consequences.

John: And you're like that too.

Cara: Yeah.

John: Are you an octopus?

Cara: Obviously.

John: Is John a good executive producer?

Cara: No.

John: It's true.

Cara: *laughs* He is.

John: What do I do as an executive producer?

Cara: You are so fun. *laughs*

John: What is John like in real life? Is he just like in the videos?

Cara: I would say so. Yeah, you're... but I think you're even funnier in real life, because you edit out all the beautifulness.

John: I knew a face touch was coming. I knew I wasn't gonna get out of this video without some kind of face touch.

Bacon or Nutella?

Cara: That's so hard. Both.

John: What is your opinion of my eyebrows?

Cara: I thought they'd be less coarse and they're actually nice. They're good, they're a good texture.

John: But they're not as good as yours.

Cara: What?

John: Well I mean, you have famous eyebrows. Literally. You maybe have the most famous eyebrows on Earth right now.

Cara: No.

John: Who? Yeah you can't even think of someone. It's you!

Have you read the book Paper Towns?

Cara: No.

John: Yes you have.

Cara: Of course I have. It was really good. I really liked it. I didn't actually...yeah, I didn't know how good you were. *laughs*

John: *laughs* Thanks man.

Cara: I thought you were gonna be - not to be rude - but like younger because you do it from a young person's perspective so well.

John: But I am in fact really old.

Cara: You are.

John: What is your favorite word?

Cara: My favorite word and my least favorite word in one is regime.

John: How did you feel when you found out you'd been cast for this?

Cara: I cried. I remember where I was, like the whole thing. I just remember freaking the freak out.

John: Where were you?

Cara: I was actually by myself, which is a bit sad, but I was in a hotel room getting ready for work, and I got called, and I just started crying. It was too much.

John: I knew that you were gonna get it from when I watched your audition.

Cara: Really?

John: Yeah.

Cara: That's so nice.

John: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Cara: President. Prime Minister. An astronaut!

John: An astronaut Prime Minister.

Cara: An alien-fighting Princess Peach with steroid injecting angel gun with wings. On a unicorn! Multi-colored. With golden eyes.

John: That's good. That's detailed. Someone is gonna draw that.

Cara: I hope so. Oh I want to be a lion slash monkey.

John: Describe your friend Nat Wolff in three words.

Cara: Rambunctious.

John: Yup.

Cara: Delicious.

John: Agree.

Cara: And nutritious.

John: Strongly agree. Yeah.

Cara: Totally.

John: He's good to be around.

Cara: And funny too.

John: But not... he's less funny than he is nutritious.

Cara: Yeah, I agree.

John: Would you rather the world contain a puppy-sized elephant or an elephant-sized puppy?

Cara: A puppy-sized elephant.

John: Yes!

Cara: Obviously.

John: What's your favorite fruit?

Cara: Passion fruit.

John: What is your favorite color?

Cara: Periwinkle blue.

John: And what is the meaning of life?

Cara: Love.

John: Thanks Cara. Thanks for being in my video.

Cara: Thanks John.

John: So there you have it Hank. Cara Delevingne likes my eyebrows and is an octopus. It occurs to me that I forgot to say "Good Morning" to you in this video so Good Morning, it's actually nighttime, but Good Morning!

And now having said that, I will see you on Friday, when the Project for Awesome begins! Links in the doobly-doo to all the Project for Awesome stuff! I'm so excited!