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Live from Youtube, it's Wheezy Waiter with a Saturday Night Live edition of Truth or Fail!!

Special Guest Host: WheezyWaiter -
Hello, I'm Craig, also known as Wheezy Waiter, and welcome to Truth or Fail, the game show in which I give you two facts and you must decide which one is true, that means true, or you fail. And no-one like a failer, or failure. Fail. And no-one likes a failure. Saturday Night Live, like it or not, has been an American television staple for the past 35 years. It's given us many characters such as Wayne and Garth, Pat, Coneheads, the Cheerleaders, Tracy Morgan, he's not real, right? We've also witnessed a lot of controversy like the Sinéad O'Connor Pope picture tearing incident or the Ashlee Simpson lip-syncing ordeal. And who could forget the infamous topless episode which isn't real, I made that up in my dreams. Let's begin. Pre-taped from YouTube, it's Saturday Night! Yah! Or whatever date and time you happen to be watching this. Here are the facts.

Fact one: There have been three occasions when SNL was on a five second delay as a precaution due to certain potty-mouthed characters.


Fact two: Jenny Slate became the first performer to use the F-word accidentally while broadcasting live.

Which one are you going to do? That one or that one? That one or that one? Don't ask me, I don't f(ding)ing know. Huh! I'm embarrassed. I'm OK now. That (shirt) was intense. Oh!