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In January 2014, Emily accompanied Curator of Mammals Bruce Patterson on a field expedition into the bat caves of Kenya. They were joined with Field Museum Media Producers Greg Mercer and Emily Ward to document the experience. This is the 1st installment in a 2-part series of highlights from the trip; there's much more to come!

Video created by:

Emily Graslie: Writer, host
Greg Mercer and Emily Ward: Field Museum Media Producers

Expedition team:

Dr. Bruce Patterson: MacArthur Curator of Mammals, The Field Museum
Dr. Paul W. Webala: Head of the Department of Natural Resources at Karatina University, Kenya; Field Museum Research Associate
Michael C. Bartonjo: Student at Moi University, Kenya
Sintoyia Taiti: Kenya Wildlife Service Ranger
Daniel Kyenze: Kenya Wildlife Service Driver
Aziza Zuhura: Database Technician and Preparator, National Museums of Kenya

With support from:
The Field Museum
Chicago, Illinois

Scientific research and equipment funded by:
JRS Biodiversity Foundation and Bud and Onnolee Trapp

Thanks to Martina Šafusová, Tony Chu, and Barbara Velázquez for translating. Without them, we'd just have to -wing- it.

[Music until 1:36]


 Let's Go.

 Bruce: I'm marking the location.

(Music 1:55-2:11)

Emily G: I'm ready! I'm only partially ready.

(Music 2:22-2:25)

Emily G: This is amazing. Is this one of the more crazy things you've ever done?

Emily W: Yeah

Emily G: Did you have any idea what you were getting yourself into?

Emily W: No.

Emily G: Me either.


Bruce: Try and set your feet without dragging your shoes so that we stir up as little dust as possible.

(breathing, footsteps)

Emily G: Oh.

Bruce: Careful on the left, here.

Emily G: Oh wow. Uhh...I don't want to go down there.

Bruce: Let's not do that.

Emily G: Oh. We're right, standing in a pile of civet crap. Look at this. They have designated toilets. That's not something I want to fall into, either.

Am I going the right way?


Emily G: No, no, no. Don't go that way. Yeah, you guys need to come down. (Bats squeaking) You can hear the bats. Just look how far you sink! Ugh...just walking into this.

Oh, geez. I got one of those flies in the eye.

There's a group of them somewhere in here. Straight across.

Emily G: Yeah. Oh, look at them.

Magnificent, huh?

It's just gorgeous.

(Credits Music)