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but for the most part when people are describing their imposter syndrome, they're mostly just describing a lack of self confidence about their own abilities. That isn't at all based in objective reality. there is an enormous amount of mediocrity in every industry and if you're the kind of person who is sensitive enough to the quality your own work to be doubting that you're good enough to be in the room and be focused on improving those perceived defects to be at the level you want to be. You're probably already way better than most of the people in the room. Just remember that some legacy hire executive whose relatives for like ten generations have all like gone to Dartmouth and become like ceo friends and like take each other golfing and like raise their kids on the tennis courts or whatever that guy who's become an executive just like 50 behind him and like cant even work a computer and is like borderline illiterate. Hes not out here questioning his credentials. hes not out here saying like do I really deserve all of these things that I have? No! He's not