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In which Hank discusses the particulars of This Machine Pwns n000bs ( and the Tour de Hank Nerdfighter Tour!

Also...he filmed this ENTIRE VLOG on a FREAKING CELL PHONE. I'm very excited about my new Droid. I really can't get over it...


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Good morning John, I have some very exciting news for me. Really, it's just exciting news for me. I'm filming this on my phone. This is my old phone, it's showing the wear and tear that comes with being a pretty freaking old phone. The eight button doesn't work, there are pieces missing. It was a great phone, I jumped into a pool with it, I left it on the roof of my car. All sorts of crazy stuff happened to this phone, it's been a great phone but it has now entered paperweight mode and I will be recycling it shortly and I have a Motorola Droid now. Which has 3G and a touch screen, and 5 megapixel camera and every other fricking thing you might ever want ever. And I am genuinely like stupidly excited about it. I mean I went from a phone that's 3 years old to a phone that literally came out yesterday, so it's been like Christmas morning here at the Green household.

But, that's not what I want to talk about, maybe I'm gonna do a review of the phone later on. But really what I need to talk about right now is that I'm going on tour next week and I haven't talked about it which is really lame. So I have to talk about that. But first, I wanna answer a few questions about "This Machine Pwns N00bs" and what's going on with it. the first question: "Does my order get a guitar pick?" I don't care if you ordered the bundle or just the CD by itself, we really wanna encourage you to pre-order the CD. Because that helps Alan at DFTBA Headquarters get everything packaged and shipped out at the right time. Whereas, if he gets all the orders in one day, it's like "BBLURGH", then it's harder for him to get things organized and sent out on time.

So pre-order, not just because you get a free signed pick but also to make Alan's life a little bit easier, which is something we should all be trying to do.

Number 2, "Do you ship to my country?". Yes, we ship to your country. We ship to everywhere there are people.

"Are the shirts going to be available outside of the bundle?" Well, to be honest, the shirts are starting to not be available even inside the bundle, so that's not a question I'm even going to try to answer. We have sold out of small and medium bundles, there are some large, extra large and extra extra larges still left. So if you are large, extra large, or extra extra large, you're in luck. Everyone else will have to wait and see if we reprint the shirts which we may do, but we haven't decided yet.

"Will the album be out on iTunes?" Yes, the album will be out of iTunes along with the physical release on November 16th.

"Hank, if I'm going to see you on this tour that you're doing, should I buy a CD?" The answer to that question is probably no, and I probably should've mentioned that in the last video. So if you are in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, Arizona, Portland or Seattle, I will probably get to you with the CD before the CD will ship to you. And you can buy it there, and have me sign it or just hit me with it. I don't, I don't know, what you'll want to do with it there. If you're going to go to one of the nerdfighter events, then you will probably get it quicker if you just buy it from from me, and I'm sorry I didn't mention that in the last video.

Which brings me to my last point. Yes, I am going on tour and I tell you my friends, nerdfighter gatherings have been some of the best days of my life. So I hope that everyone nearby these places will be coming out and sharing this experience with me, because it is so much fun. So I'm going to put up a graphic right now, and it's going to tell you all the places that I'm going to and then, as time goes on, I'm going to make videos for each one of the locations, telling you what the shows are, where the shows are and what's going to be happening at the shows. All you will have to do, is click on the place where you are and I will tell you more information about that event.

And that's all, I'm just going to leave this graphic up and play a little song. John, I will see you tomorrow.

"And I'm sorry that I'm not going to Canada. It turns out it's hard to go to Canada. It's kind of complicated, what with the forms and taxes, Canada is kind of scary and you've got lots of axes. Canada, Canada, oh I'm sorry Canada. Seattle's pretty close, but i know that's not the same. Canada, you know that I'm not mad at you. Canada, you know I'm not mad at you. Oh Canada, you know that I love you!" I'm sorry Canada, Vancouver was so close but it just did not happen. Maybe next time, maybe next time.

John, I'll see you tomorrow.