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In which Sarah and John answer questions about The Art Assignment submitted by viewers. Oh, and we also show a a few Intimate, Indispensable GIFs!

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Sarah: Hi, I'm Sarah Urist Green   John: And I'm John Green.    Sarah: And we wanna thank you all for your amazing responses to Toyin's assignment.   John: Yeah, there have been so many wonderful, intimate, indispensable GIFs [jif]   Sarah: Or GIFs [gif]   John: Or GIFs [gif]. We've seen artists explore the indispensability of the line.   Sarah: Or we've seen people showing the spinning wheel of their wheelchair.   John: Or, uh, this person who showed a metaphorical heart in an anatomical brain.   Sarah: And the responses to the first two assignments continue to pour in and amaze us.    John: So, in the hazy, distant past before Sarah had a cold and I got a haircut, we recorded a video for you where we answered questions that we'd been receiving about The Art Assignment, so we wanted to share that with you now.    John: Okay, Eric asks "How many episodes will be in each season, and how much time will be between seasons?" Good question Eric. We don't know. How- how far do you want us to look into the future? Someday, Eric, we're all gonna be dead.    Are you ever in an airport and you look at all the people in the airport and you think about how they're all gonna be dead?   Sarah: [laughs] No.    John: Really?   Sarah: Are you a terrorist?   John: No! I don't mean, like, that I'm gonna kill them!    Sarah: [laughs]   John: I just mean, like, I mean that time will kill them. Someone else asks "Are there gonna be any Art assignments for those of us who are really poor with no car in a suburban area? I'd like to participate."    Sarah: Yes, actually, episodes one and two were designed for you in particular.   John: Yeah, I- I think that you can do these, uh, in fact like, several people have done them in a really creative way, like that person who met their dog in the middle.   Sarah: Yeah, or their baby in the hallway.   John: It's really just a question of, uh, how are you going to use the resources at your disposal, use the particular life that you have, uh, to try to make the assignment happen. littlebitoflovelyness asks "Do the artists who feature create the assignments, or is it a collaborative effort with PBS?"   Sarah: We commission the artists to create the assignments, so they're coming directly from the artists. It's their ideas. It's what they've come up with for you.   John: Johanna7Mason asks "What do you suggest I do if I don't have access to doing the full assignment? Is there something smaller I can do that has the same meaning?"   Sarah: Well you can interpret these projects any way you want; there are no strict rules here. But, I would say that there's gonna be a lot of assignments, so you can wait until there's one that you really want to do if it doesn't work for you.   John: "What are ideas that you have for raising kids with good art appreciation?"   Sarah: Well I think you can talk about art with them. Kids like to talk about art, and they don't necessarily think of it as art. You can take them to museums, take them to art parks, um, talk about the visual world around you.    John: You can show them art Tumblrs and Twitters and stuff, like you don't have to go to a museum to see art. I think it's helpful, but, like, if you don't have a museum close to you, the great thing about the internet is that we have, like, super high-res art all over the internet now.    Sarah: Mm-hmm, and kids don't have any preconceptions about art, so they don't really have to unlearn anything. So it's really fun to talk about art with them. I remember once I took Henry to see a Lee Bontecou show, and he looked into one of them and it's like a big, dark hole, and he just paused and he goes "Is there a bear in there?"   John: (laughs). NZFPenguin asks "What is your personal definition of art?"   Sarah: I don't really have one, and I'm okay with that.    John: That's a great answer. Um, I, its- to me it's like your personal definition of writing, like, the harder you think about it and the more you get into it, the less it's definable.    Sarah: Right.   John: I like the old, uh, supreme court justice line about pornography. "I know it when I see it." Our good friend Hannah Hart asks "How do you respond to the statement 'I just don't like art' without being like 'That's like saying you just don't like sandwiches. There are many different kinds of sandwiches; find a sandwich that speaks to you!"   Sarah: Oh Hannah. You've read my mind.    John: That is truly, truly perfect. The sheath asks "So my drive to work is like a Picasso?"   Sarah: Well, I don't know, what does your drive to work look like?   John: Yeah, depends on your drive to work. RosieDesigns asks "Are there deadlines for each of these? I had no idea the episodes would be weekly, I'm trying to find the time to do it."   Sarah: No deadlines. We're gonna keep reviewing videos as they come in, so don't think that there is a due date.    John: Yeah, and we're gonna show our favorites, I mean, even if it's a year from now we'll still be showing our favorite Meet in the Middles and our favorite Stakeouts.   Sarah: Yeah, and we hope this is something that you can come back to again and again. Like, if you feel like doing a Meet in the Middle in the summer, go for it.    John: But also do it now.    Sarah: Hi, us from the future again. There'll be a new art assignment for you next week.    John: But in the meantime, please follow us on Tumblr, where you can see responses to art assignments every single day, there's a link below. Thank you so much for watching.