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Tessa Violet came by and we played a new game that I invented. We also finally explain my 2:30 clock.

Listen to Crush Here:
Tessa Violet: Is it always two-thiry?

Hank: It's always two-thirty. You wanna show everybody?

T: Why?

H: It's time to go to the dentist!

T: Tooth hurty. That exists just for this joke?

H: Yep.

T: Cool.

H: Good morning, John. I'm here with Tessa Violet. Musician and singer and songwriter and friend of mine.

T: We're gonna do a thing.

H: There's a Wikipedia page called "Wikipedia unusual articles". I'm obsessed with this page. I don't know who curates it or how it gets made. I found out about this list from Wendover Productions. He does a series on this page. But I thought that we would just take five minutes, scroll through, pick one each, and then teach each other about the bizarre reality of the world.

T: I'm thrilled.

("Crush" by Tessa Violet)
Makin' me feel like you're on my island. You're my permanent vacation. Touch, touch, touch, touch, touch. I could be your crush, crush, crush, crush, crush. Sorry.

H: There was once a place. I think it's still a place called Dahala Khagrabari. It was the only third order enclave.

T: What does that mean?

H: It sounds pretty creepy, right? 

T: Yes.

H: But it's not that creepy. But it is very weird. It was a piece of India within a piece of Bangladesh that was within a piece of India that was within a piece of Bangladesh.

T: Wow

H: So when they made the border between India and Bangladesh, there were lots of places where there were Indian people living inside.

T: I love everything about this. Although maybe it was bad for them. Was it?

H: Well, it turned out that it was complicated and difficult to manage. This one was 7,000 square meters. Little less than two acres. Difficult to, like, provide services for the people who lived there. They start to, basically swap them until they had no enclaves. And that was in 2015 so this was relatively recently that they, that they finally...

T: This is 2015?! I thought you were gonna say this was like the 1700s.

H: No!

T: I hope it all turned out okay. That's my thought.

H: What do you have for me?
T: I 've got a cool one. Tempest prognosticator.

H: Yep. That's probably how you say that.

T: That seems right. The year is the 19th century.

H: (laughs) The century is 1842

T: Specifically it's 1850.

H: Oh my gosh I was pretty close!

T: And this inventor, Doctor Merriweather, invents this thing to tell whether or not a storm is coming.

H: Oh.

T: And he uses twelve leeches and uh, as you can see it's set in sort of a round thing.

H: It's like a carousel of leeches.

T: Yes. Leeches, I guess, crawl upward and out of the water when they sense a storm is coming

H: Really?

T: The leeches crawl up and they knock, like, into a tube and they knock a whale bone out which rings a bell. And it was pretty accurate.

H: Woah. Now, of course, we've got all the satellites and we've got barometric pressure and all that jazz but we didn't have that so instead it was like "Well, the leeches know."

T: Yeah

H: The leeches have satellites. Their little civilization.

T: Yeah, I mean, you could say it didn't suck. I'm sorry to leech their own.

H: I'm don't know how to compete with that.

("Crush, like, throw you for a rush, like")

H: It's really pretty. Is this an actual picture of it?

T: This is a replication of it.

H: And those are real leeches inside?

T: I don't think so.

H: Where do you get leeches?

T: Now? I don't know. Then? From any doctor.

H: Yours was better than mine. That was so good.

T: I control F for frightening is how I found that.

H: (laughs)

T: Meterology by frightened annelid.

H: Annelid. Which is a worm. How's my book?

T: Oh my gosh, it's so good.

H: She got a copy of my book.

T: It's so freaking good. I'm not much of a reader. Reading is a bit of a chore for me. I very rarely finish books even books that I like. I've started Sunday, today is Monday, and I'm three-quarters through it and I was walking down the street reading it cause I couldn't put it down.

H: Thanks for joining me. Thank you for watching and for saving Tessa's new single "Crush" on Spotify or watching it on YouTube or wherever digital musics are found.

T: Yeah, go jam to that.

H: I like it a lot.

T: Tell all your friends to like it too.

H: I can't wait for the full album to come out. It's so good.

T: Me too.

H: John, I'll see you on Tuesday.

T: Bye.

T: I remember you reached out to me and you were like "Hey do you wanna host this show. It's trivia. Do you have a green screen?"

H: Really?

T: And I was like, "Mom! Hank Green emailed me!"