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Facebook Safety Checker to see if friends are safe:

I just heard from my friend and he and his family are safe. It is a relief but it does not make me feel less awful. Thank you to all of the first responders and bystanders who risked their lives today. My thoughts are with those who have lost friends and family members. I am doing my best to keep focused on sadness and not let it turn into anger at some unknown specter.

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Good morning, John.

As I make this video, there are lots of people killing lots of people in France, in Paris. It is impossible for me to think about anything except for that thing, and it is also impossible for me to have any- anything except feelings. Like, there is a time for analysis, there's a time for thinking, there's a time for trying to figure out why people are the way they are, uh, where... behaviors originate. But this is not that time. It is just emotions. It is just sad, fear, anger.

I have a friend who's in Paris right now, he hasn't tweeted anybody, he hasn't done anything on his social media so it's just terrifying. It is just the time for feeling. And I know that we all wanna analyze, that we live in that kind of world where we want to immediately take our world view and say, "If only we had been the way we should have been, the way that I wish the world were, this wouldn't have happened." That's going to be flawed forever, but it is especially flawed right now. And I think the thing to feel is what - like - whatever it is we should feel. Like, you know, I think if your response is to disengage, that is appropriate. If your response is to stare at live feeds from Twitter and Reddit, that is appropriate. If your response is to just be terrified for your friends, your family, yourself, or just people, because we are all people, that is appropriate.

There's nothing useful I could say. There's, you know, like... Hatred is not the correct response to hatred? I don't know. The world is broken but hope is not crazy? Yeah... that's good, that was a John Green one.

It's hard not to think about the effect this is gonna have, like, globally and on Europe, but I just think, like, right now I'm - I wanna think about the people who risked their lives to save people and to help people. I wanna think about the people who've lost people, and I wanna think about the people who've been lost. I think that's the thing to think about... That's the, yeah...

John, I will see you on Monday.