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In which Hank reveals which charities will be receiving over $14,000 each!
Good morning John and Merry Christmas. I have good news. We have finally come up with (and I have a pen here because I was doing calculations) the charities that are being funded through the Project for Awesome. We have, coming in fifth place with 915 votes: the KIND foundation. Kids in Need of Desks, thanks to an amazing video, a dark horse candidate out of nowhere. Really fantastic work. In fourth place with 1043 votes we have Now there are two things that are going on with Kiva at any given time: 1) Running the actual service of Kiva, allowing people to connect with entrepreneurs in the developing world. 2) We have the actual entrepreneurs who can be funded not through donations but through loans. And so what we're gonna do here is we're gonna split that in half, half of it going to go to running and maintaining, and the other half is going to go into loans for entrepreneurs. Number 3, with 1393 votes we have the Harry Potter Alliance. Nerdfighteria knows what it's doing. In second place with exactly 2000 votes we have - the one that I suggested! Thanks everybody! And in first place, with 2224 votes we have, the This Star Won't Go Out Foundation (yes!). Each one of these charities will be getting $14269 and 22 cents, because that is the $71000ish that we got for the Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck, divided by five. Each five gets a piece of that. And now in order to continue the celebration of this Christmas Season that we are in I'm gonna do a Truth or Fail on Christmas Carols. But first, here is the most interesting comment (as judged by me) from the last video, be getting a poster. And there is no poster in this video, I have noticed, so... leave an interesting comment anyway. You can't have my Christmas Tree. Hello and welcome to another edition of Truth or Fail, it's a very simple game-show in which I tell you two purported facts, and you click on the true one. Or you fail. Today's episode of Truth of Fail is so amazing you're gonna want to wrap it up and put it underneath your Christmas Tree for your family. Since we have just officially ended the Holiday Season ('cause I guess that's what happens on December 26th) we are no longer going to be hearing Christmas carols constantly. But I know you as a smart, intelligent and curious person want to know about these peculiar pieces of music. So today, we're doing Truth or Fail on Christmas carols. Round number one. The twelve days of Christmas. Now everybody knows this song, it's the one with the *sings* "Five GOOOLD rings". But did you know that every year PNC wealth management calculates the combined worth of all of the items that your true love gave to you. And the most expensive of all of the items this year was the seven swans a swimming, which if you purchased them outright would cost you $6300. Or fact number two, the entirety of the Twelve Days of Christmas is copyrighted and cannot be performed on this show. It was originally written in 1909 and the copyright has been extended so many times that it still exists to this day.