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Ashley M. Jones (she/her/hers) reads her poem, “It Is Entirely Possible For A Black Girl To Be Loved.”

Ashley M. Jones:

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My name is Ashley M. Jones, and I'm reading "It Is Entirely Possible For A Black Girl To Be Loved." I wrote this poem to fight against the idea that Black women are unlovable,  not tender, or somehow so exotic that loving them is an impossible adventure.

see me - Black as I am - and call me beautiful - no revolution necessary,

no brave needed,just loving me - it is not unusual to love me, - Black as I am

it is not because i'm so strong - so exotic - so 'walk on the wild side' - what side?

see my skin - it's not chocolate - or coffee - or caramel - it is inedible

it is nothing to see with colonizer's eyes - nothing to trap - with pity - or praise

nothing to bruise,to make purple with your power - my skin is soft like anything soft

it is a reflection of God - it is a heavenly mirror - don't you see that? you're there too—

Black as I am, I can shine anything back - even the sun - wants to cling to me