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Jacqueline Woodson reads Willie Perdomo's poem, "You Lose Something Every Day".

Jacqueline Woodson:

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My name is Jaqueline Woodson and I'm reading You Lose Something Every Day by Willie Perdomo and it's from his book called The Crazy Bunch and the reason I chose this poem is because I love Willie Perdomo's writing and this poem just speaks to such an understated truth about us and our lives and our world through the gaze of a friendship he had.

You Lose Something Every Day

It was Dre who once said,
You lose something every day

Your mind on the way to the store
The floor on the way to your mind
Your mind on your way to the clinic
The clinic on the way to one more

The mad in the way of your kind
The lyrics to your favorite song
The cure on the way to the camp
The finish on your way to the line

Your nickel in the way of a dime
The short to your favorite long
The loss on the way to the find
The skin that was yours to bare

The crown that was yours to wear
The floor you were forced to clean
The game that was yours to fair
The face you were pushed to mean

It was Dre who once said,
You lose something every day