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Over the past four and a half years we have  made hundreds of videos here on Journey to the   Microcosmos, and in that time we have seen  some stars rise to the top to become the   true celebrities of the microcosmos.

So, this year  we've taken some of our most popular microscopic   friends and put together a 2024 calendar featuring  highlights from some of your favorite Microcosmos   episodes. We've got your tardigrades, your rotifers,  your amoeba, and Hydra, but we've also got what I   think might be my favorite, the long-necked Lacrymaria, the sea monkeys with their dark past, and   a couple of discoveries that James was shocked  to come across like the Spirostomum and the Legendrea.   Each page features a little blurb explaining  what you're looking at and a fantastic photo   that showcases our Master of Microscopes James  Weiss's work as a microscopist.

We love getting   to make this show each and every week and we  are continually blown away by the support you   all have shown for it. So, if you'd like to bring  the microcosmos home with twelve dazzling photos to   show off on your wall, pick up your 2024 Journey  to the Microcosmos calendar over at   and if you'd like to grab some other  calendars from our sibling channels, Eons,   Bizarre Beasts, and SciShow, you can do so at All those links of course are in the description.