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In which John eats his Raisin Bran with water, orange juice, black coffee, lemon-lime gatorade, and cow's milk in an attempt to find the perfect way to eat cereal.
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Good morning, Hank. It's Tuesday.

So as you know, we have a podcast, "Dear Hank and John", or as I prefer to think of it, "Dear John and Hank", and on that podcast, I recently confessed that instead of pouring milk on my cereal, I use water. 

(0.10) Now, Nerdfighteria is generally a very supportive community but their condemnation of my cereal eating habits was swift and nearly universal. People sent in scientific studies supposedly proving you're supposed to eat cereal with milk. And then there was this vine which recreated one person's experience of eating cereal with water.

(0.26) But along the way, Hank, I learned that there is a secret community of people like me out there. According to one study, 13% of Americans put coffee in their cereal. Another 12%% use orange juice! I even heard of some people who use lemon-lime Gatorade, so today I'm going to taste test all of ways of moistening cereal.

Which cereal? Well I chose Raisin Bran because it toes the line between healthy and delicious. I mean, you know it's healthy because it has bran in the title but you know it's delicious because it has more calories, sugar and sodium than Lucky Charms. Speaking of which, I also picked up some Lucky Charms because it turns out it's healthy.

 Testing, testing

(0.59) Okay, so first off we have Raisin Bran mixed with delicious, safe American tap water. Note: only safe and delicious in certain jurisdictions. Ah! It's so good! I just love Raisin Bran with water. It is delicious!

That is just absolutely magnificent. Five raisins!

(1:13) Next up, we're going to mix up our Raisin Bran with some Florida orange juice... Ugh! No! NO! Two great ingredients that when mixed together just turn out horribly. For me the orange juice is one raisin out of five, and even that's a little generous.

(1:30) Okay, up third: Raisin Bran with lemon-lime Gatorade. In general, I'm a big Gatorade fan, and because I'd just had the orange juice, it was so much better by comparison that it was almost good, but it still wasn't good. Two raisins out of five.

(1:45) Fourth up, hot black coffee straight from my AFC Wimbledon mug into the Raisin Bran! I've got to say, for me this tasted almost exclusively like coffee and not at all like Raisin Bran, but whatever! I like coffee and it's fine in bran form. Three raisins out of five.

(1:58) And then lastly, we have Raisin Bran mixed with cow's milk. Agh! It's just disgusting and so rich! It tastes like I'm eating cake or something. I just- that's not breakfast! I'm going to give milk two raisins out of five.

By the way, Sarah just built a Louvre out of Legos and then Henry and I attacked it with a Clone army!


(2:15) So there you have it, Hank. According to a scientific study of my taste buds, the best liquid to pour on your Raisin Bran is water, followed in order by coffee, lemon-lime Gatorade, that stuff that comes out of the nether regions of a cow, and orange juice. 

Now, Hank, you said on the podcast that you tried cereal with water and you didn't like it- you're a milk guy- so we have an intractable disagreement. But I think we're going to continue to respect each other and to collaborate anyway, and there may be a lesson in that. Hank, I'll see you on Friday.