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I don't not watch movies because I don't watch stuff, I just consume so much stuff generated by YouTubers and podcasters and authors other independent creators that I don't ever really think about movies. I think this is also why movies make me cry so much...they're just a much more effective medium for conveying emotion. Character+story+people's actual faces+music+cinematography can sometimes just SLAM into me and totally break me down. So it's actually unusual for me to get through a movie without crying. I often can't get through a PREVIEW! Especially when it's family stuff.

I have been testing negative for a few days now and am back home, but here is my video from when I was trapped in a hotel room for a week!! It was not the best time, but I did get to watch a lot of great movies!!

The next day after this I watched Annihilation, which is WAY outside of what I usually watch, but I love Jeff Vandermeer books and they did a truly amazing job of capturing his bizarrity. I loved it, even if I was very scared for much of the time. I cried twice.

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Good Morning John I have not left this room in about a week  Like I have not gone out that door Which is you know not great  Luckily it is a child sweet  which means i have this  There's quite a long walk i can do Just from one end of the room to the other  I did actually spend a little  bit of time in the top bunk  just to alleviate some boredom And I also spent some time here.  It’s a nice little spot At first I was honestly like, oh, this ain't so bad, I’m gonna get a lot of stuff done  It turns out no, I have Covid And that’s meant not a lot of motivation,  and a lot of sleep  And doing covid tests, I’m doing one right now It’s also meant a lot of watching  I have a giant TV Look at this giant TV  It’s huge and I can connect it to my phone   I can watch anything that my phone can do.

So in the last like five and a half years since Orin was born, I think i’ve seen six movies  Parasite, Knives out, Little Women, Coco and Encanto  and Into the Spiderverse  And i decided I’d just go ahead and  double that in a matter of days. And so, since I have nothing better to do, here’s seven movie reviews in four minutes I started out with Dune and I was pretty fevery at this point  so I’m not sure you should take  my opinion super seriously,  I’ve also watched a lot of  Dune content over the years.  I sorta had the thought while I was watching it.

Why? Like, It felt a lot like  all of the other Dune things  I’ve consumed. If the answer to why is because movies look better now, they’re prettier, then yes, ok, I accept It looks very good, the vibes are very strong,  I’m definitely gonna watch the next one I cried one time during this movie.

Second, we watched Shang Chi which  I really loved I was really in it.  I did start to think I was a little bit over superhero movies  and their ability to turn every single plot point into a fight or chase scene. I know that that’s the whole  point of a superhero movie,  so it’s not on Shang Chi, but eeehh. I cried two times during this movie.  One was because of Katie the  other was because of a dragon.  Third, suggested by Sam  Reich was Derek DelGaudio’s  In & of Itself which was the  best thing maybe I’ve ever seen?  This a live-audience, one man show kept my attention better than Chang Chi  and its thousand intricately  choreographed fight scenes.  I did not look away from the screen for a moment,  it was definitely the best ninety minutes I have spent in this hotel room.

I cried maybe three hundred times and saying that was my favorite thing  was something because of number four, Everything Everywhere All At Once  Which I have heard lots  about and for the first like,  thirty minutes maybe i was like yeah yeah this is what i was expecting. They didn’t just make a  cerebral Sci-fi kung fu thriller  and they didn’t just make it hilarious and absurd  they also made it all about  the only thing that matters,  which is people loving each other and those rocks, the rocks, John. I was so worried that they were going to do this thing to me, but they didn’t do the thing to me  and they went and they went and got that raccoon.  Accurate account of number of cries  has gotta be in the double digits.

Number five, uh, Lighthouse,  I get why people suggested  that I watch it but I will remind you I’m trapped in a hotel room. Really good movie at letting you know what it feels like to be insane. My subconscious did put me to sleep during it,  like i had to pause and go back a while cause I feel asleep which worries me.

Like what about that did you find relaxing?  I did not cry during this movie. Number six, Detective Pikachu,  which I watched directly after lighthouse for some reason,  but in a weird way not knowing very much about Pokemon, a similar kind of fever drain. Friendly.

I was delighted.  I was not surprised by all  but one of the plot twists.  The guy that does the voice of Pikachu– A+ and I cried zero times, but it almost got me. It really did. And our final film was Palm Springs  which I did not know about until Craig Benzine told me about it.

A thing a lot of people  might hear about the synopses  of this one and they might be like… Well I’ve already seen Groundhog Day  And no, very different, but you know, also funny and touching and extremely clever.  A lot of conversations we’re  about to be having right now. I liked it a lot and I cried one time. John, I’ll see you on Tuesday.