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In which John chats with Turtles All the Way Down movie director Hannah Marks about dogs, thought spirals, car colors, and more. It is very hard to get 15 minutes of a director's time on a movie set, so HUGE THANKS to Hannah for doing this. Follow her on Instagram:
p.s. yes, there is an extended cut:

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Hannah: Was I supposed to be talking in the camera this whole time?

John: No, no, no, you can talk to me and the camera.

Hannah: Okay. And Hank!

John: The nice thing... Yes! Hi, Hank!

Hannah: I just want to meet Hank, though. I haven't met Hank.

John: I know!

Hannah: So I'm excited this video somehow involves him?

John: Yeah, he'll see it.

Hannah: Awesome.

John: Other people might too.

Hannah: Oh, that part scares me. I'm scared about the comments. You know I'm a little scared about the comments.

John: Oh, they'll be nice. I don't want to overhype them, but in general, our people are nice.

Hannah: I wouldn't be able to do this video if you didn't have such great fans because I would be too scared of the wrath of the comments.

John: Good morning Hank, it's Tuesday. I am joined by Hannah Marks, the director of the Turtles All The Way Down movie. And, thank you Hannah for directing this movie. You've only made one movie when you first interviewed to be the director. Hannah came into this meeting with these producers and studio people and she showed us what a thought spiral would look and feel like and it was incredible.

Hannah: I feel like that was the first thing that you and I really agreed on which was that her brain is the conflict of this movie, which we've really never seen before, and it's such a hard thing to tackle because it's invisible, right? It's not tangible.

John: So...

Hannah: We can talk about me directing you yesterday.

John: Oh God. So Hannah, what was it like directing me, John Green, the world's worst actor.

Hannah: It was bliss, total bliss. And joy. He was terrific. He needs to stop saying he's a terrible actor. He's a great actor. Spoiler, he does squats in the movie. He literally squats.

John: I don't do- I mean I'd better not do squats in the movie, I did squats in one. As a joke for you.

Hannah: Oh that's- No that's gonna be in the final cut. Actually I can't guarantee that will be in the final cut. It will be in the director's cut.

John: Well I'm gonna have one note for the studio.

Hannah: I joined TikTok just for John's account.

John: But now you're all in. You're mostly getting dogs. I have almost no dogs on my for-you-page.

Hannah: Well, can we even be friends then? My mom has really good advice for people. She said to not marry anyone unless they like The Beatles and dogs. What do you think about that?

John: Hmm, it's a good rule. I think that's pretty good, it reminds me of an important question though.

Hannah: Oh no, did I just set myself up for the Beatles question?

John: God, I mean everybody's seen it already.

Hannah: But I forgot the bit. Is there a bit?

John: Who's your favourite Beatle?

Hannah: Post watching this new documentary that came out, Paul McCartney. Before that, John Lennon.

John: So your favourite Beatle used to be John Lennon?

Hannah: I think he was just maybe the most famous. Not to take away from his sound.

John: Sure, he's my favourite Beatle. And then, do you have a favourite colour?

Hannah: Green. What is the Beatles bit? I still don't know.

John: I think you're confused because the bit is so bad that you can't believe that's the whole bit. But that is it. There is no second layer.

Hannah: I really like it, but do you want to know my real favourite colour?

John: Yeah.

Hannah: It's orange, and you know this because that is the cover of the book, it's the orange spiral. So then, this is really silly but for good luck whenever I was interviewing for the job for Turtles, I wore orange nail polish or an orange shirt. I know that's so silly but it made me feel better.

John: And the colour palette of this movie, without giving anything away, carries some of that forward.

Hannah: Definitely, I think there's pops of orange and teal because those are the two colours of Aza and Daisy's cars, which I really liked.

John: There are a million things that are amazing about having you direct the movie, but one of them is that all these little choices that we made, that like Julie, my editor and I made very consciously and carefully- to see those choices loved and cared for and expanded upon by you in all the choices that you've made around the movie has just been amazing.

Hannah: Oh, thanks you. It's just because I love the book so much. I mean, I came into this being such a huge fan of the book.

John: We gotta go. We gotta go. Oh my God, this is way too late, goodbye. Say Hank I'll see you on Friday.

Hannah: Me?

John: Yes.

Hannah: Hank, I'll see you on Friday. Will I actually?

John: No.

Hannah: I don't know how this works!