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Today we look back on our first 10 episodes of Crash Course Government and Politics! But rest assured, no lines will be flubbed - or at least Craig seems to think so.

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CC Kids:
Hi, I'm Craig and this is... wait, what am I saying? Sorry, and this is Crash Course Government.

OK, I'm going to do the whole thing in one pass. You ready for this? No flubs at all. I'm not setting myself up for failure in any way, right now.

Here's what the Constitution says about Congress-elesehumka.

In the House of Representatives, each election district chooses- election district, election district. 

Fifty percent of sitting sena- senata-senator-senators.

So why do we have two and why do the framers of the constitution make them different anyway? Let me do that again.

But why do we have two and why did the framers of the constitution make them different anyway? Let me do that again, 'cause I don't like it, the way I did it.

Focus Craig, focus. (breath)

You wonder why there are so few full - asimone

You wonder why there are so few cell phone carriers and cable companies.

You wonder- you wonder why there are so few cell phone cable? D'you wonder why there are so few self- ha!

There's a truck. A truck. Is driven-was once driven by James Madison and we're allowing you to hear it. As an example of history.

Just a moment. They're free to do that; our government allows trucks to drive by.

Which means that citizens are allowed to- (weird noises to demonstrate he messed up)

About who holds the office and how *mumbles*

A little shimmy, OK, uh hum.

*burps* Is that legal? Is it legal to burp while on camera? The government can- the IRS can charge me taxes for that.

(More weird tongue noises)

(weird noises) This one's gonna be so good guys. So, so good. You have no... No you might cry.

And what type of legislature to have. S-legislature? Legislatures? Leg-is-lat-ors. Leg-is-lat-ors. Yes. Couldn't agree on what type of legislatures to have because- Leg-is-lash-ure. Leg-is-lat-ure. Right? Leg-is-lat-ure. Equal representation, with leg-is-lat-ure.

Delegates from states with large populations wanted the legislators (headdesk)

So that the legislature doesn't have too much power, and I'm Leg-is-lat-sure that they don't.

Dang it. Why am I so stupid sometimes?

The job of the judiciary, which I'm going to call the courts, because I didn't even say that right. The job of the judic- juricirary. Judiciary. Judiciary. The job of the jud- hhh (defeated tongue noises).

This is called propotional- propotional (laugh). Propotional?

Large states psthgb (raspberry)

Weather's nice today. People are very still, so.

I was was not degalate- delegate (laugh). Degelated.

Why is it so hard to talk? I can talk normal, I can talk fine when I'm just talking to you, but when I'm, when I'm reading this thing, just all falls apart. What's happening to me?

Also, you may have noticed that John Green is a dreamboat.

This one's going to be smooooth. So smooth. So smooth.

A series of articles written by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay. And Stephen King. Aand... John Bishop.

Making sure that the government- that's as far as my teleprompter went.

You participate in politics when you blog or tumble or make a YouTube video comment ah it's scrolling too fast I can't read it.

I hit the button mid- mid-talk too, I didn't even notice. Didn't even notice. Didn't even notice it. Didn't even - yeah. This is advanced stuff right here. Wow.

We should listen to both sides of the argument. In the clone zone!

Left clone: And although 30 isn't that old- ah. Going too fast.

Center clone: Come on. Go back. Go back. Go back.

Right clone: They can refuse to appropriate funds. Appropriate frunds.

Judicial clone: The chief justice provides- presides. I screwed up a word there a little bit.

Camera person: A little bit.

Judicial clone: I'm a method actor. I'm staying in character right now.

Center clone: Is this the right... I should probably stop crossing my legs.

Real Craig: (brurp) That's for the thought bubble. Put that burp in there. 

Consists in giving to those who minister each department the necessary constitutional vic tele porten pop.

Thanks thought bubble. That brings us to our third big influencer- political parties. Wooo-hoo! (needs 3 tries to set off party popper) Yeah!

Or read about a senator threaten to filibuster mer mer me mer me mer. Mer! MER! MEP! Merp.

Congress also has committees for... hem hem. Hoo.

Get the oxygen flowing. K.

Oh, let's hope we never get a kangaroo as president. Look at the pocket on those kangaroos. Think of all the vetoes.

Camera person: That is... that is a dumb joke.

Craig: I almost said committee share, which would be... awesome.

Camera person: Every committee should have a share.

Craig: Yeah, every committee should have a share.

Veto gates are purely procedural. Procedural.

Saying legislation's real hard to say without sounding drunk. Legislation. Legislation.

The better representatives are at crafting their le- their message. And even b th fem.

Want me to do it again?

Camera person: Yeah.

Craig: K... Despite the fact that I nailed it?

One of the big things in American government is that information is very important and very powerful. I didn't even read that. I just remembered after reading it once. Wow.

By the end of this series, and actually before the end, you'll understand how our government works and how you can make it work... Beter. For you. And your community. I had- it was a dramatic pause.

Thanks for watching CrashCourse, I'll see you next week. (muttering:) Thanks for watching CrashCourse, I'll see you next week.

Maybe I should- maybe I should have a joke at the end of it. This time. Just for an option. You know?