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In which Hank and Katherine make your mind go pow.
Hank (H): Hello and welcome to "LEGO Harry Potter Hank and Katherine Years 1-4"

Katherine (K): End of year 3

H: End of year 3. We're doing the end cutscene here.

K: Little bit of..what's wrong, Professor Lupin? Are you...

H: He's hurt! 'Cause he got his ass kicked by a dog.

K: Ohhh. He was...ohh.

H: He's been through worse. Yeah, that's how LEGO hands shake hands. What's wrong with your hand? Do you got..breaks in it? Oh, poor man. Last time on this we, uh, we saved Buckbeak, we saved Sirius, we saved..and we killed a lot of Dementors. I did anyway.

K: Yup. Yeah, we vanquished the Dementors.

H: Oh, and you got yourself a brand new Firebolt!

K: Woo! Let us ride this thing all the way into the..ahhh!

H: New Mexico! (laughs)

K: (laughs) Land of Enchantment!

H: I'm goin' to Taos!

K: The end.

H: Oh, alright. Well, we started...

K: LEGO Harry Potter years 1-4, year 3, the end!

H: We started this just in time for you to watch the end. The end!

K: You know we don't have to watch the credits.

H: We don't have the credits, well we could have said thank you to Nick Daley and all of...

K: Thank you art...Garfunkel.

H: Art Garfunkel.

K: Hink dinkledy-donk.

H: Art...Art Carfunkel. Art Carbuncle

K: Hinkle dinkle brink. Carbuncle?

H: Carbuncle.

K: Hmm.

H: Interesting. 

K: Mhm. That's a word.

H: I bet you didn't think that Garfunkel had a rhyme. But it does. Carbuncle

K: Here we are, back in the Leaky Cauldron. So, excuse me!

H: Excuse me, Hermione. Why don't we? Hermione, why don't we ever hook up? Why don't we ever, why don't we ever hook up, Hermione?

K: Uh, what? I could....

H: Hermione, why don't we ever hook up? Hermione why don't we ever hook up?

K: Come on, buddy! No, that's the wrong way.

H: I didn't do that.

K: I didn't do it either. 

H: Hermione, why don't...are you gonna go underneath the...the staircase? Yeah, baby!

K: It's make-out time! Make-out time!

H: OMNOMNOMNOM! No, we're bad at this makin' out, Hermione, but it was fun anyway.

K: We just made somebody's mind go...pow.

H: (laughs) Omnomnom.

K: (laughs) That's how it goes, right? Stop walking on the call-y parts!

H: only have to walk, I was walking off of it! Give me...aahhhhhhh.

K: Ahhhhh

H: Oh my god. Just avoid.

K: Wow, just avoid that section. Don't go over there.

H: Okay let's start this..start up the...

K: Wait, what are we doing? Show me the...

H: We're doing Year 4!

K: I know, but show me what we do with the gold bricks first, you idiot!

H: Oh, it's really far. It's a long walk. We'll do it when the people aren't around.

K: We have to go somewhere?

H: To the Diagon Alley! I can explain it to you, we just did it, like three episodes ago.

K: Yeah yeah yeah, we...we....

H: That looks like the thing from...never mind.

K: Anyway.

H: Yeah. Ohh! Oh no.

K: Which one is this?

H: It's the fourth one. (laughs) I don't know. Ummm, well my brain isn't working. No this is the one's..this is the guy and he's a...

K: Yeah.

H: The old...

K: Goblet of Fire?

H: Sure, Goblet of Fire 

K: Doom?

H: Goblet of Fire, is it? Or is it...that's the fifth one.

K: Oh, I'm having a brain fart.

H: Phoenix? Order of the Phoenix?

K: No that'

H: No?

K: It is, Goblet of Fire.

H: Goblet of Fire. I don't know why I thought that was the fifth one.

K: I don't know why you thought that was the fifth one, either.

H: Oh, there's a muggle in the house!

K: You're wrong about everything.

H: I'm wrong about most things.

K: This muggle kicks ass!

H: Ahhhh, noooo not the...

K: Is that Barty Crouch Jr?

H: Yes. With the tongue.

K: Also known as David Tennant.

H: Yeah, totally, I didn't know that.

K: I know.

H: Huh. Harry Potter, why do you look so funny? Oh, it's 'cause you're not wearing glasses.

K: No glasses.

H: (imitating game voices) Aw, we're friends, ah, ehh!

K: What are you guys doing here? Why are you wearing the exact same outfits you were wearing last...

H: They're at the Burrow!

K: No, they're going to the frickin...

H: Right, but they're at the burrow.

K: Cup...thing! Ahhh here it is, it's a boot.

H: Hold on to this boot, y'all!

K: Hold on to this..hold on to this LEGO boot! Hurry up Cedric! Touch it!

H: Oh, Harry...almost missed it.

K: Wow, Harry almost missed it.

H: Oh my goodness gracious lord! We're going to dancy pie!

K: Heyy, wow, when they dance like that...

H: You don't like it? Too suggestive for you?

K: Mmmm, something in the middle going on there.

H: Something in the middle. Pipples. Ohhhh it looks so cool!

K: It looks so cool.

H: I would like some pumpkin juice right now.

K: You always want whatever food is being presented to you.

H: Yeah, I have a problem.

K: I think that's your problem.

H: Wha..when did we start this episode?

K: Look at the inside of this tent...I don't know, it feels it's been a long time, but we haven't done a dang thing.

H: It does. No we haven't, we just watched cutscenes. Oh, boom! Oh no. No, no no!

K: That is so..that's how this game goes for awhile at the beginning and the end of the...

H: Don't juggle those frogs, you fool! Wait...

K: Somebody just disappeared!

H: People are disappearing. Oh god, Ginny! Get your...

K: You and me, Hermione, Ginny! Which one am I? I'm Hermione!

H: I'm Ginny!

K: Okay!

H: Where's my cardigan?

K: I're wearing it. I need to raise this flag, man!

H: I don't have the capability of Expelliarmus..I mean, Expecto Patronum.

K: I don't think you need it.

H: Ooh, she casts fast. Just so you know.

K: Why did I just...why did I just?

H: Lounge chairs...

K: This is an elaborate stage.

H: It is, it's open. 

K: Yeah, there's a lot of...

H: You okay, sir? Can I help you at all?

K: I am not okay.

H: What is around your head?

K: Usually when I...

H: Are they pixies?

K: When I raise those flags something happens, but...

H: Nope. Not pixies. Uh, they're just there for bolts.

K: Apparently.

H: I need two bolts, um...

K: A bird just flew out of that...wait what's over here, what's over here? Stuff!

H: It looks delicious!

K: Why can't I get there?

H: I don't know. You have to make a tree, that's why. I think that that's the edge, but it's not supposed to look too edgy. Okay.

K: Made it out of LEGO?

H: Yes, yes. I mean, they make most things out of LEGO in this game.

K: There was something before that was 1 of 8.

H: Can't be that. Not gonna be enough things.

K: No, I think it had to do with like, the campfire, maybe.

H: Oh, man. Alright I made a tree.

K: Yeah it was puttin' out a campfire. Yup. Wouldn't have fires. Oh, god.

H: We're puttin' out campfires, that's, that's preventing..preventing forest fires. Oh look at those Death Eaters. Oh! Don't walk into that! It's painful.

K: That was a fire. I had to put it out first. I put it out.

H: Oh. It didn't look like a fire. Ahhh! I was flippin' the Pipple there for a second.

K: Because it was, um...

H: Ah, I did the same thing that you just did. What?

K: It was enchanted. Wait, did we do all this right here?

H: Yeah...

K: No?

H: No.

K: Clearly not.

H: Depends on your definition.

K: Look at..what's that? Right there! Look at this sunflower thing!

H: I don't know, I shot it and nothing happened. There's this thing with the hammer.

K: Where does it go? Oh my goodness.

H: There's a lot of stuff. There's a lot of ground to cover. All this over here.

K: You're just, just keepin' goin'!

H: Yeah, because that's where the game is, it's over there!

K: This is the game, too.

H: Nooo there's so many Death Eaters. Hi, Lemon. What are you panting? I just died again.

K: I have to go outside. Okay why would I raise that person up, that's dumb.

H: Uhhh, okay. I'm doing this flag, but..but..there's no reason to. It gives you like, two bolts.

K: No, I don't know.

H: Did I just make bolts up?

K: Yeah.

H: Really?

K: Yeah.

H: Why I did that..

K: I don't like that she's going out there.

H: Lemon's like, "I gotta pee, I'm just gonna do it on the carpet if that's cool with you guys?"

K: I think it's time for us...

H: Yeah I think it's probably time to end this episode anyway.

K: Wait, did you put this fire out?

H: I did.

K: Okay. It looks like it's still on. Woo! That was quite a...

H: It does. Ahhh, Death Eater. Death Eater. Thank you for watching this episode of "Hank and Katherine Play LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4."

K: We'll see you next time.

H: Yep.

K: No we won't, but we will...

H: But we won't see you, you won't...but you will hear us!

K: There won't be either of those things. Yes, there will be no seeing, but there will be hearing.

H: Next time. On LEGO Harry..."Hank and Katherine Play LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4." Twirl the bush!

K: The bush twirling episode. Next time.

H: Goodbye.

K: Goodbye.