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Sometimes, words are hard. Here are the (surprisingly few) moments that things didn't go great on the CC Mythology set.

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CC Kids:
CrashCourse Mythology: Episode Two?  Scene one, take one.  

Get all this good footage.  

(Offscreen) Alright.  We've got flashing red lights everywhere.

Good.  Alright.  

Philosophers were writing about how absurd the Greek myths are as far back as 6--thpfhthf.  Yeah.

Pickin' my nose on camera.  Yeah.

Hey, fun fact, though, the Western hemisphere has water too, and we have some ex nihilo creation stories of our own.  One of the most difficult and fascinating comes from the Mayans of Guatemala and is recorded in the Popol Vuh. VUH? vuh..bluh.  Pop--Do we wanna do it anglicized the way that they have it in the Encyclopedia of Mythology?  Pop--"pup-UL-voo?" yeah, "pup-UL-voo?" and not "pup-ul-VUH?" okay.

(Offscreen) And did you switch to ex nihilo

Though the Western hemisphere has water too, and we have some of our own ex nihilo creations.  One of the most difficult and fascinating comes from the Mayans of Guatemala and is recorded in the Popol Vuh.  Ehhh, I just don't like the way it sounds.  Okay.  I've just gotta commit.  Popol Vuh.  

Ancient, ancient software, like, service packs but for existence.  No?  Deep cut?  How many Windows--we got some Windows users out there?  

(Offscreen unintelligible)

Raw deal, raw deal.  

Alright.  Good?  This is CrashCourse: Mythology--

You hoomorist.  You humorist.  

(Offscreen unintelligible)

This is--now spoken for the first time.  

(Offscreen unintelligible)

The other god laughed and Thor skulked--skulked.  

Better than a romance novel.  Don't wanna shame anyone for reading romance novels.  

And thus offers a lot more opportunities for surfing.  One translation from the 19th century puts it this way.  Surfing.  Surfing jokes.

Is here, too, with much manahah.  

I could go for a cosmic breakfast.  No?  Not to the destruction myths yet?  Alright.  No cosmic breakfast, sorry.  I forgot about cosmic yogurt.  I was in a mood.  

(Off-screen) Non-cosmic yogurt.  

Do we wanna keep that?  

(off-screen) That's a lotta cosmic breakfast.

And a bunch of other supernatural beings, incl--yeah, right? Okay.  Just making sure this is no longer the quote.  

I would not mess with Aphrodite.  She made an entire tribe of men smell bad.  No, an entire tribe of women smell bad, so that their husbands would leave them.  Brutal, brutal.