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Let's review sex education brochures from the late '90s and early 2000s, sponsored by


Tampax, Kotex, Old Spice, and Always.  These are all tampon sponsored sex education.  Is that all we get during puberty?  "Time for answers", oh boy.  Okay, first up, we have, "Puberty: what's happening?  Girls, boys, periods, menstrual cycle, protection," feminine protection?  Page 23.  What does this mean? Are you gonna tell me about condoms?  Probably not.  You're not.  You're talking about pads, bummer.  Well, 90s, right?  

Okay, "All About Puberty.  Growing up takes time.  What do you think of your body?  Last year, you probably didn't give it a second thought." I love this stuff  Ohh.  At least somebody was doing something, right?  At least there was education happening someplace and we have the pituitary gland, hormones, images here.  "Most girls go through puberty between the ages of 9 and 16.  If you're a girl, you may already be able to see your body starting to change, but it's perfectly okay if you haven't started developing yet."  Aww, and then it gives an order of how changes happen.  This is with the gender binary and uh, you know, that has changed with time.  That's a good thing.

Okay, here we go.  "Body talk.  Girls' reproductive system."  Oh my gosh.  Look at this cool thing!  No clitoris, what's the deal?  Oh gosh.  Okay, but this is cool.  Another, I love these illustrations.  They're very helpful.  You know, not super inclusive, but still better than nothing, and look at this one.  It has little scissors, so that you can cut out a personal calendar and track your body fluids, which serves Tampax because then you will buy their products.  

How to use a tampon.  "Will I ever get my period?"  Oh my gosh, I wondered that.  I was totally teased about not having my period yet and I was like, 12.  What?  Oh, okay, "Is it easy to take a tampon out?  Yes!  The cord on Tampax tampons is sew up through the entire lenght of the tampon so that it won't come loose.  Just grasp the cord and pull gently."  Okay, am I bored with you yet?  Oh, oh, we get a penis.  

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Here's a look at the reproductive organs inside and out and I think it has a foreskin, so good job.  Is there a marker for it?  No.  Decent.  Mehh.  1995.  

Next, It's a Family Thing.  You and your growing girl, made by the same company as It's a Girl Thing.  Free Kotex product sample offer inside.  Where did I get these?  Oh my goodness, where are you from?  Okay, free Kotex sample, what day are you from?  What year?  Well, it says that this coupon expires 12/31/01.  Growing Day by Day.  A note about body image.  Studies show that adolescent girls are particularly vulnerable to developing a poor image of their bodies.  This is it.  Period.  Hair growth occurs under the arms and heavier hair growth appears on the legs.  You may want to discuss shaving with your daughter, although shaving isn't necessary for proper hygiene.  The key is to keep clean.  What!  So empowered.  Girls' weight increases about 10-20% during puberty.  Man, I should have read this as a child.  Maybe I did?  I don't know.  I don't know where this came from.   For further reading, here's a list of good books that you might want to review and provide for your daughter so that she can have a good resource available at any time.

Okay.  I get it.  This is for the caregivers.  Oh, nice, person of color.  This is for the child.  That's pretty cool.  How to facilitate a conversation, good job, time period.   This would not fly now, but it's pretty good.  

Alright, next.  Another set.  These are brought to you by Old Spice.  Well, the boys' one is.  The girls' booklet has more sponsors.  We have Always, Tampax, Alldays, and Secret.  Girls' booklet first.  What's happening?  Growing up and Out, Periods, of course.  They wanna sell their products.  Feminine Protection Chart.  That would be the Secret contribution.  Here we go.  Puberty means when you get older and you start finding more out about your body and how it's changing.  I like that definition.  This is a booklet about growing up.  Now that you're growing up, you'll probably notice that your body is changing in all sorts of ways.  I like the colors.  

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I like that it's more inclusive.  You know you are starting to go through puberty when you suddenly start to grow taller.  Maybe.  Discharge!  Hygiene tip, I wanna know that one.  After going to the toilet, we don't really say that anymore, always remember to wipe from front to back.  Yes.  This avoids you spreading any bacteria from your anus to your vagina or urinary opening, and possibly causing an infection as the openings are all quite close together.  Oh, good job, booklet.  Sweat and body odor, breasts, hair, periods, pimples and oily skin.  Look at this beautiful art.  Some girls and women hardly notice any discomfort during a period.

You know, this is gonna be really exciting to see the re-dos of a lot of this, because it's going to include people who identify as men, boys, non-binary, trans.  It's very exciting.  Periods, do we have them?  More art.  No graphics about the labia or the clitoral hood, pleasure, none of that is in here.  Where's masturbation and all of this?  What did they say about puberty again?  Puberty means when you get older and you start finding more about your body and how it's changing.  How about arousal?  Finding my clitoris?  Did you know, the first pads were sold in the late 1890s.  They were produced mainly for use by dancers and actresses.  Since then, pads have been available to women around the world, and not available to women around the world.  We need to make them available to more people.  

Don't worry, vaginal discharge is normal, all women have it.  Oh, goodness.  Protection.  Nothing about condoms, nothing about dams, nothing about getting tested.  This is all about the products that you can buy from their companies, to protect your clothes.  Your pride.  Oh, goodness.  I just bleed everywhere.  Questions and answers.  Why do we go through puberty?  I'd like to know.  All the chances you experience during puberty are to prepare your body to reproduce (have a baby).  If you want to!  Thank you, book.  

Okay, Puberty and Stuff About You, Boys.  Females have a different hormone responsible for their body changes called estrogen.  Not always.  Oh my gosh, look, look, look, look, look, look.  This is like one of the only, only, in any of the human sexuality textbooks that I have used in any of the brochures and any of the graphics online, where there is foreskin marked on a diagram and not just to show the difference between a circumsised penis and an intact penis, but just to be like, penis!  

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Ope, there it is.  Natural state.  Holy moly.  Check this out.  I think this is a fold-out.  Are you a fold-out?  Oh, nope, they're just stuck together 'cause you're, you're just old.  Here's a quotation.  "I'm so glad my voice stopped cracking.  It evened out more quickly than I thought it would." Reassurance.  Love it.  Sperm are made in the testicles, which hang outside your body in a sac.  S-A-C, I like it.  Scrotum, just underneath your penis, the testicles make loads of sperm, about 1,000 sperm per second.  Sterm is stored in the epididymis, which is the tube you can feel at the back of each testicle.  It's not gum.  It's not necessarily a cancerous lump or peanut butter, which is what I told my brother it was.  The average ejaculation contains more than 40 million sperm.  I used to be really worried about smelling bad, but since I started using an anti-perspirant every morning, I'm cool all day.  Old Spice advertisement.  This should not be legal.  How tall will I be?  Aww, all of these questions.  Do men stop having erections when they get older?  No.  If a man is healthy, he should be able to have erections all his  life.  Oh, dear book.  You were before Viagra, weren't you?  Okay, look, we've got a glossary as well.  Foreskin didn't make the cut.  Neither did anything about pleasure, although they get ejaculation.  Oh, yes and wet dreams.  The ejaculation of semen out of the penis during sleep.  Ejaculation, forceful sending out of semen from the penis, but how?  How might that happen?  You can take notes.  Dr. Doe says that ejaculation might happen from stroking your penis or other erectile tissue, which causes pleasurable sensations and may result in ejaculation.  

Two more!  It's a Guy Thing, made by Kotex.  I think that they just wanted to be fair.  Right?  They made one for parents, guardians, they made one for people assigned female at birth, and then we have the It's a Guy, for guys.  Let's see.  Oh, grow up.  Remember those words when you were little?  

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Well, forget about them now, because you are growing up.  You are becoming an adolescent and that's a great thing to be, no longer a kid and not quite an adult.  It's horrible.  Just kidding.  I liked it, not everybody does.  You and your friends begin to notice changes to your body and your personalities.  These changes may seem confusing and at times, strange.  This booklet, It's A Guy Thing, explains what you need to know about growing up and it also tells you what girls are experiencing.  I can imagine if a person lived without sex education in their school or from the people that they live with, their communities, that these booklets would be really helpful.  They are biased.  This one is from 1998.  Kimberly Clark Corporation created by Lifetime Learning Systems, but it says more than an abstinence system, right?  We have a whole lesson on private parts, shaft, glans, semen, foreskin, circumcision, flaccid, erect, nocturnal emissions, scrotum, testes, and then we go into egg.  What do they say circumcision is?  Circumcision is an operation on newborn boys which cuts away the foreskin.  It can also happen on adults.  Facial hair, generally develops in guys between the ages about 14  and 16.  Very formative.  Say hi to hygiene and bye to acne.  That's not necessarily how acne works.  Oh goodness.  I'm glad we've learned more and I'm also glad that this exists.  There was a starting point for the education that I needed to seek more answers.  Jock itch, a skin infection caused by sweat, the lack of air circulation around the external genitalia.  Boom.  Sperm, the male cell that joins a female ovum to make a baby, but it's a cell that doesn't necessarily do that, so there's a thing.  This makes me want to write books.  I don't typically want to write books or brochures, but now I want to.  Just to replace this stuff that's out there.

1999, Always, graphics, look at this.  Old school computer.  Lots of pussies.  Is this, oh, yes, dogs and cats, okay, here we go.  Your first period, of course, in here.  Your reproductive system.  Ooh, fancy graphic.

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Choosing feminine protection products.  How do we get this name?  Oh my goodness.  Okay, let's see if they tell us what we're protecting against.  When you have your period, you wear a feminine protection product, that's in quotation marks, to absorb or soak up the menstrual flow.  You can wear these products outside your body, pads in your panties, or inside your body, tampons.  I don't know if cups, menstrual cups, were available at this time.  They certainly weren't so universal or accessible.  Our options were tampons and pads, and now we have so many others.  Underwear, reusable liners, cups.  I used to use this product called Instead, which was like a diaphragm that was one-time, so you put it in, this plastic big, big, big thing, not small, cup shaped, and then it would catch the flow and then you throw it away.  More advertising.  Can anyone tell when I have my period?  No one can tell.  Ohh.  While you may be very aware of your period, other people won't be.  Also, with today's pads, most clothes give no clue you are wearing a pad.  Changing your pad frequently will help prevent leaks.  This is also before apps that would tell you when your period would happen.  Apps where you can share that information with friends and then people definitely know when you're having your period.  It's not necessarily a bad thing.  I like it.  I like when people know what's up.  One more definition.  Pubic hair, pu-bic, area where the legs join the body and pubic hair appears during puberty.  I appreciate it.   Ohh, this is good, book.  That was informative.  

Stay curious.

Here, puberty and stuff, meet butt plug.  Hello.  I wish that I was in your little pamphlet.  It would be nice for kids to know that pleasure is a thing that their sexuality can experience.  This is the one that does the mmmm.  This right here.  Mmmm.  So good.  Here are toys that are definitely not included in that literature from the 90s and early 2000s.  These are both anal massagers so you can put them into the rectum, hold them there, put this nice portion here that prevents them from being sucked up, and then there are multiple, on both of these, controls so that you can turn it on and off but also determine what kind of pulsation they want.

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They.  The person wearing it.  And they, the person who has an external remote so that they can control.  I'm serious about these.  Put this in the anus, turn it on, and then you can control what's happening in your partner's butt or your own with an external remote.  Do you see this little guy?  And you wanna, mm, hello, butt.  Hello, someone's butt.  Hello, my butt in a conference.  Mm.  Butt.  So fun.  Ohhh.  Yes.  Both of these are available at  You can get one that is eligible for 50% off when you put it in your shopping cart and you use the promo code 'DOE' at checkout and you can get free shipping to the US and Canada.  Oh my gosh.


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