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Good morning Maureen and Nerdfighters and John.

This video comes to you in three pieces of exciting news: The first piece of exciting news is that the sequel to Suite Scarlett is out, which I would have for you - I would show it to you right now - if it was anywhere in Missoula. There are a lot of advantages to living in a nice, small, college town in the middle of nowhere, but one of the disadvantages is that we never get books. Like, I had to wait two weeks to get my hands on Paper Towns.

So, I have called my local independent bookseller and he assures me that it will be there on Friday at which point I will be buying it. But if you haven't read the first Suite Scarlett then this is your chance to do it. I love this book, it's great, I'm a big Maureen Johnson fan, which is why it's pretty cool she's doing this with us, hi Maureen. -giggle- You can read the first chapter of this online right now.

Now, I'm gonna do a dramatic thing that everyone seems to be doing these days: -camera angle changes- There is still a lot that needs to be done for Haiti. I know that it's no longer a gigantic news story, and that the terrible-ness of it all is starting to wear off, but this remains something that the world needs to address. -camera angle returns to normal- The Harry Potter Alliance, which is a non-profit organization set upon the foundations of the Harry Potter Fan community, is doing something really freaking awesome for Haiti. They have got some of the most amazing raffle prizes in history and you can buy raffle tickets, for Haiti - all of the money goes to Haiti.

These prizes range from all of the Harry Potter books signed and authorized by J. K. Rowling with a note from her saying thank you for helping Haiti, to a guitar signed and used by Tom Felton, who is the guy who plays Draco Malfoy (which I bought three tickets for that, I hope I win), a copy of Deathly Hallows signed by the entire cast of the movie, signed books by Neil Gaiman, signed books by Terry Pratchett, signed books by John Green, artwork from Where The Wild Things Are.

Both John and Maureen will write a short story about the topic of your choosing if you win the raffle. This is something that I probably can guarantee will never be offered again. They will write a 1000 word short story for you about whatever you want it to be about.

If you win you could make John Green write Twilight fanfiction about how he wants to french kiss Edward Cullen. You could do that! That could be you!

Maureen is offering the same prize and, I mean, she actually does want to french kiss Edward Cullen, so that wouldn't be as interesting, but... -shrugs- I, having seen this amazing gesture from John and Maureen, wanted to do something similar, so I have decided that I am auctioning off a hit song. Now when I say hit, I mean small scale, but hit. You can buy raffle tickets for my raffle and if you win, I will write a song about you...or whatever you want me to write the song about, but maybe - probably about you.

I will call you on the phone and we will talk about what you want your song to be about, and then I will write the song, and then I will go into the studio and record the song, and then I will make a music video for the song. I'm serious, I want this to be a very good song. And I want it to be on my next album.

And it could be about you, if you go and buy raffle tickets. Now here's the deal: the Harry Potter Alliance, the Harry Potter community, and the Nerdfighter community together have already raised $86,000, which is enough to charter two cargo planes to go all the way to Haiti filled with aid supplies. Now, what we want to do is get to $105,000 so that we can get three cargo planes and name them Ron, Harry, and Hermione.

That's what we want to do, and we really hope that we can get there, so at the very least please go check this out. There are so much unique, never-gonna-get-it-again kinda stuff on this list, it's so exciting, I'm so amazed at the power of these communities, thank you everyone for helping. The last exciting announcement is that if you are in Indianapolis right now you can go see John Green.

John will be doing two events at the University of Indianapolis this Monday, one at four o'clock and one at seven thirty, and you are invited to both. So if you're in or around Indianapolis, go hang out with my brother; 'Cause I can't, and I want to, so you should go do it. Maureen, I will see you on Friday.