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There are a lot of different things going on at VidCon, and it occurs to me now that I didn't even mention the expo hall in this video, which has an arcade, merch, a silent disco, games, and display booths from dozens of exhibitors! There's so much that I forgot literally the BIGGEST thing we have.
So you're coming to VidCon!  Maybe you have some questions.  Maybe you don't.  But we're making some videos to talk about the things that you might have questions about.  You should probably watch them.  This is one of them!

VidCon is three, instead of two, days this year.  Thursday, Friday and Saturday with registration actually opening on Wednesday at noon just so people can get registered early if they're around.  We got a whole video on registration.  So watch that.  Seriously, watch it, because it will help you and it will help us.

Throughout the conference there will be many things going on.  These things include, but are not limited to: question and answer sessions, panels, signings, photo lines, mainstage performances, mainstage concerts, festival concerts, open mic, other things.  And this video we're gonna talk about all those different things are, so that you can know which one you might want to go see.

The mainstage is our primary showcase of the amazing talent of online video.  It's a fast-paced showcase of music and comedy and sketch.  One place where the majority of VidCon is in the same place at the same time to enjoy the same thing.

Panels are, like, live discussion things.  People talk and there's an audience, and oftentimes the audience asks questions.  There's a moderator usually, who asks questions of the panelists.  Panels are generally an opportunity for people who are involved in online video, either making it or supporting it in some way, to just talk about some specific topic.  Usually a panel is more about a topic than it is about individual people.

Evening concerts take place in the same place as the mainstage.  So they're on the mainstage but they happen at night.  And they're concerts, where people play usually half-hour long sets.  Usually concerts start out with more acoustic music, and then it builds into the more rocking stuff as the night goes on.  On Saturday night, in the Kia mainstage arena, instead of having concerts, we are going to be having VidCon Prom.  It's a dance party.  Fancy dress is not required, but it is encouraged.

All the stuff I've talked about so far have been inside, but there's also some outside stuff, particularly the festival which has food trucks, one, which is important.  Cause, don't forget to eat.  And it also has the festival concert stage.  There will be festival concerts going on throughout the day, and even some in the nighttime.

Creator Q and As are when a creator just stands in front of their audience and talks about their lives, themselves, what's going on with them, what motivates them, what they worry about.  Sometimes these discussions are moderated by someone who will go out into the audience and ask questions of their own.  Sometimes it's just the creator, like flying by the seat of their pants.  Please respect that these are not signings. You will not be able to get anything signed in the Q and A.  There's too many people.  And, like, if there's a mad crush at the end, it could be dangerous.  So the person will just leave the back, out of the back door.  And say goodbye, thank you, and then signings happen in the signing hall.  Photos also happen in the signing hall.

Open Mic.  We have found over a hundred different performers, who are going to be showcased on our open mic stage.  Very short, one song or one thing sets.  5 minutes, that's all they get.  Each session will be hosted by a different YouTuber and it's just an amazing opportunity to see how much talent there is out there, and maybe some of the next big things that are coming in online video.

Signings.  There's a whole signing hall. And there are a number of procedures.  The thing to keep in mind is that there are both signings, and photos in the signing hall. Those are two different lines.  There are traditional signing lines where you get something signed.  Then there are photo lines where you get a picture.  This actually turns out to be so complicated that we've made an entire separate video about it.  So, please if you're interested in signings and photo lines, watch that video.  So that you can know, what we're thinking.

And finally, we have Disney Day, which is Sunday.  Now this isn't technically a VidCon event.  But VidCon ends on Saturday, and it's Anaheim.  We're like a block away from Disneyland, so let's go there.  This is not included in the VidCon ticket price, but we do have a discounted thing with Disney that they gave us, so that people can get a little bit of a cheaper rate.  It's just an opportunity to go to Disneyland with people who love online video.  Cause why wouldn't you want to do that.

This includes some creators, by the way.  But keep in mind, they may be running to get to their Fastpass time slot, at face, space mountain, so don't.  Understand that sometimes they might not be able to stop and talk to you, because there are places to be.  It's Disneyland.  We all want to enjoy it.  So yes, there's a great deal going on.

Just like Disney, lines are long at VidCon.  So if you want to get your registration quickly, you might want to show up early, if you want to definitely get into a signing line or get into a particular Q or panel or whatever, you might want to queue up a little beforehand.  Your VidCon pass, yes, gets you into VidCon, but it doesn't guarantee that you'll be able to get into any particular piece of content.  We do our best, to make sure that the most popular things are in the biggest rooms, but sometimes we're wrong.  And the most popular things end up in a room that's too small, or there just wasn't a room big enough.  Space is a physical reality, that we have to abide by, because of physics.

Thank you for watching.  Especially because, the more aware you are of how VidCon goes, the better time you're going to have and the easier it's going to be on our staff.  So thank you, and tell your friends to be also informed, the way that you are.  To watch this video and our other videos on how to VidCon.

Thanks for watching.  I'll see you soon.