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A weekly show where knowledge junkies get their fix of trivia-tastic information. This week, Mike tells you about some truly strange podcasts!

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Hey there, I'm Mike! Welcome to the salon! This is mental_floss video and did you know that in 2014, two men started a podcast in which they watched and discussed the film Grown Ups 2 every week for a year? It is called 'The Worst Idea of All Time Podcast', I think a very appropriate title. They got through a year of Grown Ups 2 and they have now moved on to Sex in the City 2. And that is the first of many podcasts with unusual premises that I am going to share with you, today.

[introduction music]

'U Talkin' U2 to Me' is a podcast hosted by Adam Scott of Parks and Recreation fame and famous comedian Scott Aukerman, and the premise is very simple. Every episode is a discussion about the band U2... sort of. U2 have even done an interview on the show. I wonder what it's like to hang out with Bono. I wonder if he always wears his glasses. That's what I'm curious about.

A similar podcast, 'Analyze Phish', is no longer being produced since its host, Harris Wittels, passed away. But the premise was him trying to convince his friend, Scott Aukerman again, into changing his negative opinion about the band Phish.

And of course there is a podcast about Taylor Swift. I mean, there are probably thousands, but this one is known as 'Taylor Talk'. The hosts analyze her songs, tours and her personal life. They've been at it since 2011.

'One Bad Mother' provides a place for mothers to vent about their parenting mistakes, embarrassing moments, and of course, some positive stuff here and there.

At this point, there are almost 2,000 episodes of 'Trucker Tom's Podcast', and yes, he is an actual trucker who produces the show about driving and politics as he travels across America.

'I Was There Too' features interviews with actors who were in successful movies like A Few Good Men or Groundhog Day but were only background players, or had just a couple of lines.

In the 'Calvinist Batman & Friends' podcast, Calvinist Batman chats with guests about religion and culture.

Similar movies are compared in episodes of 'War Machine vs. War Horse'. Episodes include School of Rock vs. Pitch Perfect and Shrek vs. The Brothers Grimm.

'Improvised Star Trek' is... exactly what it sounds like; an improv group makes up stories that are supposed to exist in the Star Trek universe. If they need help acting these out, we know who they can call.

And if you're more into Star Wars than Star Trek, check out 'Star Wars Minute' in which the two hosts talk about the Star Wars movies in each episode. But, clear your schedule because there is an episode dedicated to each minute of the franchise.

'A Talking Cast!?!' is also talking the one-minute-at-a-time approach, but its hosts are discussing the movie A Talking Cat!?! which is a ridiculous children's film from 2013 starring, of course, a talking cat, though, probably not as interesting as a talking puppy cat. [Talking Puppy Cat makes some music]

There are a bunch of podcasts dedicated to very specific hobbies, like the 'Model Railroad Show', all about modern railroads, 'Subway Knits', featuring discussions about knitting on the subway, or 'For Amusement Only EM and Bingo Pinball' podcast, a very long title for a podcast about pinball repair.

Similarly, 'Arcade Outsiders' podcast is for arcade and pinball game collectors and 'Autograph Weekly' is hosted by people who collect autographs. And of course, keep a look out for my new upcoming podcast: 'Mike Lists the Titles of Podcasts'.

'Should I Worry About This?' is run by two self-described professional worriers, who go through possible scenarios and tell you whether you should be worried about them. Examples include Vitamin D deficiency, pathological liars, and getting accidentally... blown up.

'Drunk Jays Fans' is worth a mention just for the awesome name. It is a podcast dedicated to the baseball team The Blue Jays... and also, I imagine, drinking.

Another podcast with an excellent name: 'Denzel Washington Is the Greatest Actor of All Time Period'. The hosts discuss, what else, Denzel Washington's movies. They recently had special guest Spike Lee on the show to discuss Denzel.

There are a few podcasts dedicated to conspiracy theories such as 'Stuff They Don't Want You to Know' which is all about history's unexplained events. If you want podcasts hosted by genuine conspiracy theorists, you can check out 'Jungle Apocalypse' and 'Coast to Coast'.

And of course, for every podcast on conspiracy theories, there is a podcast about... writing utensils. If pens are your thing, you might like 'The Pen Addict' or 'The Anderson Pens' podcast. Or if you prefer pencils, check out 'Erasable'. I wonder what the dry erase fandom podcast would be like.

'Dial-A-Stranger' has over 100 episodes, although they haven't made one since 2012. They collected questions from their listeners and phone numbers from other listeners, and then they would call the numbers and ask the questions.

Comedians tell horror stories about their worst bathroom experiences and embarrassing moments on 'Doodie Calls with Doug Mand'. I mean, everybody has a bad poop story, but for some reason, I feel like comedians would have especially bad ones.

Speaking of digestion, 'Juicing Radio' is a podcast all about the benefits... of juice. If you prefer water to juice, you can check the 'Water Values' podcast in which "water utilities, treatment, resources, reuse and more are discussed". Now I'm really curious about the 'Water Values' fandom.

'Doughboys' has two hosts which review various chain restaurants, like TGIFridays, Long John Silver's, Chili's and more. Similarly, 'Mike and Tom Eat Snacks' is a podcast in which actors Michael Ian Black and Tom Cavanagh review snack foods.

The 'Renaissance Festival Podcast' records music from acts that play at Renaissance fairs for their listeners. It is not required that you eat a turkey leg while you listen to it, but it is highly recommended.

If your thing is episode by episode recaps of random TV shows that you keep re-watching for some reason, I have got the podcast for you. 'Go Bayside!' is all about Saved by the Bell episodes, there is the Full House podcast 'How Rude!', and 'Gilmore Guys' is hosted by two men working their way through every episode of Gilmore Girls.

And finally, I return to the salon to tell you there is a podcast about podcasts, of course. 'For the Love of Pod[casts]' has a host who talks about everything from the technical aspect of podcasts to why people love to listen to them.

[outro music plays]

Thanks for watching mental_floss video which is made with the help of these nice people. Again, my name is Mike Rugnetta, you can check out my Youtube channel, PBS Idea Channel... here, we'll put a thing... somewhere. Let us know which podcasts you listen to in the comments. Hopefully one of them is my podcast, it's called 'Reasonably Sound'. We'll put a link to that also... somewhere... OK  bye!