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In which John discusses some changes to 2012 (that is, twenty twelve) vlogbrothers, including a location for the evil baby orphanage and--SORRY--a slight reduction to two videos a week so we can devote more time to the community and its projects (and also so I can hopefully get a better stomach).


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Good morning Hank, it's January 2nd, twenty-twelve. Five years ago today, I uploaded my first vlogbrothers video. In honor of that anniversary, here's a terrible jump cut. So slow. Hank, I hate change, but when I look back at the last five years, I can't help but think that things have changed for the better. For instance, I used to not have a kid who could say 'Awesome.' Henry: Awesoooome. Hank, five years ago today I would never have guessed that there would be a nerdfighteria, or a Project for Awesome, or In Your Pants jokes, or an evil baby orphanage. There still isn't an evil baby orphanage, but there should be! We just need a time machine. Hank, speaking of which, I have found the perfect location for the evil baby orphanage. Did you know that the Philippine island of Luzon contains a lake, which contains an island, which contains a lake, WHICH CONTAINS AN ISLAND?! THAT'S THE ISLAND ON WHICH WE SHOULD PUT THE EVIL BABY ORPHANAGE. You know, once we get the time machine and collect all the evil babies, etc. Right, Hank so I hate change, but it being the new year, it's time for some changes. Change number one: In the past, we have referred to 2007 (two-thousand seven), 2008, 2009. Hank, I would like to propose that we switch it to twenty-twelve. Why is this important? It's not. However, it's a way to save some syllables and also we didn't, like go through all the 1900's (nineteen hundreds) calling everything 'nineteen hundred and eighty-six'. At some point, you make the change, and now is the time. Twenty-eleven sounded weird; twenty-ten sounded weird; twenty-twelve sounds great! Change number two: for the past several months, Your Pants has been down due to Russian hackers, but Your Pants is coming back this week; huzzah! Change number three I think we should say 'huzzah' more often. Not so much that it's a thing but enough that it's like a secret thing. Change number four: two vlogbrothers videos per week in two thousand twelve - ahh, don't throw things at me, I'm sorry, aahhh.. Hank, every week you'll see me on Tuesday and I'll see you on Friday. This is primarily because I'm still sick, and one of the things my doctors want me to do is scale back on work a little bit, so I'm gonna try to honor their wishes. But Hank, the other reason is that in trying to make three videos a week, the thing that we've let slide is all the project-based-nerdfighter-increasing-awesome-and-decreasing-world-suck stuff that we love so much. And remember in two thousand twelve there will be more vlogbrothers content than ever, because we're going to teach you biology and world history on our channel CrashCourse - link in in the dooblydoo - and today, TODAY, Hank is launching SciShow, his show where he talks to you about science and he's very funny - WILLIE I'M TRYING TO MAKE A VIDEO. Also because the first episodes of Sci Show were filmed in November, Hank has that hideous goatee that so many of you inexplicably liked. Sadly, Hank, you failed to film an episode with that epic policeman mustache. Nerdfighters, let us know in comments what you would like to see more of from us in twenty-twelve and also what you would like to see more of in the community. So I know change sucks, but nerdfighters, I hope that you understand. Hank, DFTBA, I will see you on Friday. I'm gonna go play with that guy. It sounded like I was talking about God, but I was talking about Henry. He's upstairs.